1. There’s a reason why Hannity and Trump got along so well for so long, it’s as if they were in a competition to see who could lie to the American people more consistently than the other

    1. @Bird 🇺🇦 Brain You’re supposed to support the current thing with a pride flag. Ukraine is old news.

    2. @Boycott Groomers Sorry to disabuse you of your pretensions, but Ukraine is a current topic of interest. Ukraine will fight until it ousts the last invading orcs.

      Slava Ukraini and Heroyam Slava!! 🇺🇦🇺🇦💪👊

    3. @Dog SenseHe should have asked Brandon’s ( ballot harvesters ) instead , they had a few million votes to spare

  2. Every time I start scratching my head that just now Republican lawmakers are shocked by these revelations, I remember that most of these guys are not that bright.

  3. He sounds like he is panicking. Out of breath, spewing words a mile a minute so there’s no silence to betray his fear and dread. He’s drowning and he’s terrified. God it’s satisfying to see him so desperate.

    1. @David Paz wow are you clever. Imagine you found out the world is facing food and fuel shortages. And you figured this out all by yourself?? Bravo!

  4. If some Republicans continue to hold on to the idea of Trump it gives the impression they have nothing of substance to hold on to about themselves.

    1. @Cryst C O the be sure there are better presidential.options than biden, similarly , theres no worse choice than trump

    2. @Cryst C O you rather have a guy who does nothing but tweets on his phone all day, can’t be trusted with top secret information and has the thinking capacity of a 12 year old?.. you must set the bar pretty low.

    3. @Javier Torres He’s more of a 5 year old. You are giving him more credit than he deserves. He even mentioned in one of his books that he still feels 5.

  5. Just amazed that it took all this for folks to “be amazed” at the news coming out of this…

    1. @M Hall , seriously, I think you are not a very good American with snide remarks like you posted !

    2. @Mr Rey and how do you know there have been zero corroboration on her testimony?
      They still need to question under oath the other people that were present at the scene and actions she described.
      Maybe just a wishful thinking?
      Just asking..🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    3. @Renaissance Man by all means, that would make a world of difference!! Haven’t heard yet……not even one.


  6. Funny how pretty much every single former Republican Congressmen speaks out publicly against Trump, but every single one that is still in office either is quite or defends Trump.

    1. Because they bought each other-they were either given their jobs by him, or they made hefty campaigne donations.

  7. I can certainly understand why Hannity’s wife DUMPED HIM! The guy loves Trump more than life itself.

  8. I like this land, this part of the world. It’s where I was born, raised, and have worked and raised a family. But I hate the country for allowing a government that sponsored amazing growth and prosperity for a few decades after WW2 to shoot itself in the foot as often as it has in the past 40 years. People don’t matter at all anymore. Headlines matter more than substance, and the only bleak substance offered is horrible tripe.

    1. @Rob the party can’t do anything unless they have the numbers, so vote for the Dems and you might be surprised even pleasantly surprised otherwise it’s going to get really bad.

  9. Geez , when I’m reincarnated ….I want to come back as a ” talking head ” on Fox ……it must be great to NEVER be wrong about ANYTHING ………to always be sure that what your guy did is ALWAYS right ……and what the other guy did is ALWAYS wrong …….what a world !!!!!

  10. Hannity should be held as liable as Trump is. Time for all of the “swamp” to be exposed and go to jail!

  11. Indict, convict, and finally imprison these traitors. Otherwise, their next insurrection just might work.

  12. Stunned they knew exactly what they were doing, “, shocked, I’m simply shocked gambling going on” Or are they stunned, that abyone would dare tell the truth?


    1. @A S Did they? Where did the secret service agents say this didn’t (or did) happen? Where did you get this information? Can you please provide a source?

  13. She knew that testifying honestly would be tantamount to painting a huge target on her back, yet she chose to do so anyway. The personification of courage. Good on you Cassidy.

    1. @Mark Carter dont really accommodate the views of someone that doesent know difference between threw and through.

    1. It was during Alexander Hamilton’s lifetime, so no. I know he was Sec. of the Treasury, but he was in it for the public service and lost money while he served.

  14. Sean Hannity should be subpoenaed to testify for the January 6th committee.Then subpoenaed to testify for the DOJ grand jury .He knows plenty really Ingram ,Jeanine, Carlson, all need to be subpoenaed too .

    1. Yes! Also – Grimace & Olivio Rodrigo as well! Oh – and the kid from the 6th sense movie! Subpoena all of them! Make them talk! The truth will come out!

    2. Agree with you, ANYONE who had any knowledge of this plan should expect to be subpoenaed in the criminal trials, too. I believe the FOX News people answered some questions. Not exactly sure on that or who might have talked.

  15. What did Hannity know? Wasn’t he involved in the meetings at the Willard? He should be investigated!!!

  16. All Hannity can do is rationalize and use pat phrases, like “obsessive compulsive rage against Donald Trump”, but never any specifics that address why he feels Trump did no wrong.

  17. Hannity must have forgotten we’ve all seen and read his texts,tweets and emails to meadows

  18. Some of those “lawmakers” ought to be shaking in their wingtips that they will be swept into an investigation and prosecution by the DOJ.

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