1. Enticing or seducing persons into a conveyance and transporting them to unknown locations is criminal as per Code of Federal Laws. It is covered under kidnapping.

    1. @Deer911 are you lying to yourself? Of course you can prove your statement? Ooops! Guess not, I notice a lot of people asking you for your proof….you disappeared. Now why would that be?

  2. Sending these people from border states to non border states, is problematic.
    But LYING to a Man , who’s desperate, about a job , a home etc is so bad it’s borderline evil, imho.

    1. @Electric Gigolo they where not lied to they spoke to many of the migrants and asked who wants to go to Massachusetts.that is why most of them collected a 2500 check and has met up with family and friends in the mass area.there are only ten people left at the army base who are waiting to get in touch with there family in the area.do your research

    2. @B Bodziak they are already shipped of the vinyard.most of them are with family and friends in the area.they asked the migrants if they wanted to go to mass.

  3. Republicans want to help asylum seekers? Since when? The vilification of legal asylum seekers has been one of the ONLY Republican talking points for years.

    1. @david greene The important question to ask is why the GQP refuses to sit down with the opposition party and develop a reasonable immigration plan? Ask them why they won’t work together to get this done. This is all on Congress….both parties have kicked this can down the road for decades!

  4. If you’re willing to relocate to gain employment you’re going to be a hard worker.
    Messing with the lives of willing workers is just evil.

    1. @VHTesla why do so many men fall in love with Trump. Nothing against gays but his supporters don’t go for it, publicly.

    2. @Katherine DeMott Not sure if that question, rhetorical or actual, has an answer.

      Btw, there’s that rally where he said he’d “kiss the guys”…and the crowd went quiet:
      _””I’ll kiss everyone”: Trump claims he has immunity at first rally since COVID diagnosis”_ — Guardian News (2020-OCT-12)

    3. @Keith Perdue I recommend BOTH the Videos exposing/explaining the GOP and the Rise-of-Fascism AS WELL AS the Failings of Democrats that Youtuber Some-More-News made.

  5. “This is a Humanitarian crisis caused by human -hands- _arrogance.”
    Fixed it for you, Mister Mayor.
    And also: “The Freedom Caucus would much rather have issues than solutions:”
    Most accurate summation of the GOP I’ve ever heard. Thank you, Doctor Comstock.

  6. This is abuse of authority and misuse of tax payer money. This should be investigated and someone must be held responsible.

    1. Good this is sooooo funny 😄 😆 🤣
      FJB He could have stopped this but noooo let the illegal immigrants flood our borders.
      I say leave them in all the sanctuary city’s.
      We don’t want them.

    1. @Working Mamma We all have the right to register and vote for whomever we want to vote. We all have the right to freedom of speech and religion. If accused of a crime, we all have Constitutional rights as well as rights within our laws. We all have freedom of movement as our circumstances allow. We are free to live where we want, or can afford. Honestly, I can’t think of one right that is denied to any of us.

      So by anti-democracy do you mean anti-social and anti-opportunity equality? If so, I don’t agree. It’s not an anti-democratic GOP. It’s simply reality.

      The poor do not have the same educational opportunities as the wealthy. They do not have equal employment opportunities and earnings capacity. They do not have the same opportunities as the wealthy. The poor are not viewed as equal by the wealthy in our society or any other. Most of us are like worker bees going to work every day to feed the queen bees of our society. For the most part, we are comfortable with that – as long as the queen bees don’t try to tell us how to live our lives, that we don’t have a right to raise our children according to our own principles and beliefs, for example.

      It is what it has always been and will always be. We can’t change it because the hierarchy that demands the poor serve the wealthy will always have greater power. Not fair? Maybe not, but it is the reality.

  7. Oh God no, not my Arizona governor! This was already outrageous, but now it’s personal. There’s really got to be an overwhelming Blue Wave this fall.

    1. I’m in AZ too. We gotta vote blue. Hobbs, Kelly, Mayes, Fontes and others. The right has such coo coos on the ballot that it just boggles the mind. I’m gonna encourage anyone I can to register and vote!

  8. They treated living, breathing human beings as objects hoping for political gain. It’s dispicable. They should be punished–and I’m hoping criminally.

  9. To treat human beings like pawns is despicable, and pretty sure an investigation is going to show its wrong/illegal to promise them homes and jobs and use public funds to do that.

    1. @Banic and then your argument that “he did it because they did it” is so childish and mentally petty, that is actually is an embarrassment to a 7yr old.

    1. @Intruder1111 laugh now chuckles! You won’t be once the GOP get done with your country. Don’t go running to anyone else’s country when the racism hits the fan, ok? We democracies will want to see political affiliations first. No cults allowed

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