Former GOP senator slams Trump's 'big lie' 1

Former GOP senator slams Trump’s ‘big lie’


Former Republican Sen. William Cohen condemns President Donald Trump's rhetoric ahead of the deadly Capitol riot and calls for Americans to have "controlled anger" about the "moral rot" that he says set into society. #CNN #News


    1. @The Truth Is Out Now 777 It wasn’t Democrats who desecrated the sacred space that is your Capitol. That incident caused tremors around the world.

    2. @Gaple Most people in the United states are racist. That includes every race and Democrats and Republicans.

  1. No White House, no DOJ, no Rudy Guliani or nobody wanting to represent Trump in court or impeachement hearings. Time to call in Cousin Vinny, Donald.

    1. You best be worried about obamagate ! Whoops ! Conspiracy theory came true! What a disgrace to hear what’s on those documents but we all knew !

    1. @Todd Devaney Humm, well then why would he give more funding to historically black colleges than any other president in histor, set up opportunity zones in black communities, had the lowest unemployment rate for black people in history, did you forget that trump denounce the Klan long before he was president. Stop letting cnn warp your mind bro.

    2. @ursaltydog .
      NO !
      You’re Wrong !
      Nobody from the GOP comes even close to the to rotteness and stinkyness of jo bye dun. AKA sleepy Joe.

    3. The current senators collectively have insufficient courage, unless induced by finances or political opportunity.

    1. @MSBLS721 I was disgusted too. That is why Richard Spencer supporting Biden made my voting decision so easy.

    2. @Jay N_81 obviously you saw who the FBI just arrested for inciting the riots. The democrats have been planting operatives in the Trump campaign since the 2016 election. Pull your head out

    1. trump supporters had pipe bombs and loaded rifles and pistols in the capital hiding behind the pillars inside the capital

    2. @big homes yeah there is video evidence for antifa there. You just believe everything cnn and your boyfriend tell you

    3. @Samantha Samuel
      No not the .001 % out of 100,000+ MAGA patriots Who get overly excited and did something illegal. We’re talking about the 75,000,000+ MAGA patriots, the most in history & the most votes in history for any republican president movement which is going to treat China Joe Biden the exact same way you treated Donald Trump for four years.

      Give China joe hell –
      Resist obstruct and impeach. Not my president!

    4. @kim ama why would I be concerned? The new president doesn’t have a rotting syphilitic brain. He’s already doing a better job than Trump.

    1. Jerry, you don’t just get to make up imaginary friends and then blame them for everything. Its no where near crazy enough to get out of Seditious conspiracy charges or felony murder charges… If you want to try to get a lesser sentence than forty years for your crimes, you need to give states evidence on your co conspirators to the FBI.

    2. Remember when Republicans were calling BLM radicals. So what should we call those Trump supporters who stormed in to the Capitol building?

    1. @Lorne Armstrong Trump Lost – the popular vote both times. Trump lies incessantly, 24,000 times in Four Years…

    2. @anita windbigler you mean the insurrection where the terrorists didn’t know the right room to go in, only broke one window, and the rest were let into the buildings by police and stayed inside the velvet ropes
      that insurrection?

    1. @Maximus Decimus Meridius ya I heard e=mc2 is just some crap a liberals kid made up with a bowl of alphabet soup and the stomach flu.

    2. @D D Lincoln wanted to give the slaves freedom so they would leave. He was assassinated because the left wanted uneducated votes.

    1. If he was a good man he’d be telling you about how the FBI had multiple sources of intel saying there would be a problem on that date at that location. Mind you this was well before the speech the left claims incited it. That’s what he’d do… if he were actually a good man.

    2. Maye he started out as a good guy but I’d bet money he is stinky dirty, we will know soon as truth will be revealed …you keep trying to make us a racist country but it is a lie

  2. I’m sick of hearing from ‘former’ Republican Representatives. What, so they suddenly become honest when they leave? It’s the morally bankrupt cowards in power right now that need to be saying this. These guys will say anything when there’re no consequences, it’s disgusting.

  3. Growing up in the 50s and 60s in Texas , my heroes have been those white
    people that treated us as equals and stood up to those that looked down up on us .

    1. On the eve of MLK Jr day I’m proud to say I follow his lead, it’s about the content of people’s hearts not the color of their skin. God bless

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