Former House impeachment manager fires back at John Bolton: He didn’t have the courage to testify

Rep. Jason Crow, who served as an impeachment manager during President Trump's impeachment trial, says John Bolton lacked the courage to testify before Congress 'when the country needed him the most.'

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    1. @Land of the Free Do you have any links to the sources you used for your list of right wing horseshit? By the way, the Benghazi investigation was run by Republicans. I bet you didnt know that did you.

    2. Fact check Democrats and CNN then you are a failure, too. Trump lies because he is a politician who wants US improve. Democrats and CNN lie because they need US to fail.

    1. @Pam Deshane The jobs are still going to China. Trump and his family make their stuff in China so I guess you voting against Trump too🤔

    2. Pam Deshane You talk about leaders standing back and watching death and destruction. You mean like Trump dumping allies like the Kurds, leaving them open to Turkish assault which, in less than a week, left 100’s of Kurdish fighters and civilians dead and displaced more than 100,000 people? And who benefited? Turkey, Russia, and the Iranian-backed Syrian government, that’s who. Or his leaving the Paris Climate Accord? Or perhaps you enjoyed watching our leader withdraw from the Iran Nuclear Deal, moving us closer than ever to war with Iran. Look, I understand your fear. Fear of losing what you’ve got, or not getting what you want. I’m uneasy too. But these protests are meant to force us to the table, so we can be a part of a solution. Yes, they are messy, but they are the means of much needed change. Get involved in your local government so you have a say in the history we are writing. And remember, nobody is trying to take anything away from you. This is not about taking away, it’s about giving more.

    3. Let’s see what kind of crowd our candidate pulls in! 🙂 I’m a democrat, too! What’s astounding is that US intel does not discuss the news clips of Joe Biden bribing Ukraine officials since most of the rest of the world has watched these clips. It seems critical that one running for president of the US who committed criminal acts as vice president, would be under intense scrutiny. Why is proven on camera criminal behavior of no interest? There were numerous other democratic candidates! Why are we stuck with a criminal? Why scrape the bottom of the barrel? What kind of “journalist” is so ignorant and incompetent that he refuses to cover facts? Looks like more from gossip TV. We need to require the party give us someone legit! It’s going to be embarrassing when every media outlet plays these tapes a week before the election! Find the BEST democrat!

  1. Bolton is a traitor to America for holding out information when it was needed, months ago, all so he could profit from a book. It is disgusting. He should have stood up for America many, many months ago!

    1. Shameful. No one should buy that book. No company should entertain corrupt people by letting them make money of information that mattered to the nation, by hiding it for book sales.

    2. Cowardly & disgusting is how I’d describe the blatant, Democratic coup to remove Trump by any means necessary. It’s more disgusting than Nixon. Who’s purview is it? Incompetent FBI’s? Not complicit Mueller, Comey, McCabe or Wray’s.

  2. Is that not the republi con default? They blame others and never take responsibility while they do nothing for the people and steal from the people.

    1. I told you the Senate would use Bolton as escape goat. that is why the book isn’t banned.
      People should just remmember to vote them all out, all aside from Mitt Romney who pleaded them to reconsider in a really american speech.
      So don’t be guillable by this suddenly it is all Bolton Fault. they would have aquitted Trump anyway.

    2. @eltorocal I understand you hate him for saying the American Middle class is the ones who earns 200k annually.
      But that is the truth. and he did spoke up for America and doing whats right.
      Same while Mccain has many faults. including starting whole Syria war while Obama didn’t dare, in the end he is still a Warhero and Decent man in my books.
      They both represented the American interest. even if I disagree with them both.

    1. I am a Democrat but, I know Democrats lose because they’re stupid. Bolton basically agrees with Nancy Pelosi on the impeachment. There was zero chance of a 2/3 majority in the Senate voting Trump out. Working to get Trump voted out was the smart move. Right now Trump needs to discredit Bolton and this idiot is helping to do that. Why can’t Democrats think before they talk?

    2. At the end of the day, Bolton is still a Republican, through and through. Republicans have always been ‘Profits over People’.

    3. Since he *probably* released classified info (any president can classify just about anything) the government can take all the monetary proceeds, and if trumpf is re-appointed (was never elected and won’t be again) he can go to jail.
      Should have done the right thing Bolton

    1. State one reason? did you get paid to say this?or just repeating what fake media says? grow up because Trump is the best president we had for years, it was a mess since the bUSHE

    2. @Bunker Baby dRumph You sure hate this country don,t you? he is the bestThis country was a mess since Bush,s they started the destroying they wanted NWO bush poppy started the war we did not need, was involved in JFKPEDAPHILES>child laundering.Harvesting BODY parts. Facts not lies fake news will not tell you this military tribunals. are not advertised. more warrents are out for the rest. that’s why they want trump out there scared of going to prison educated yourself on the truth.. Trump will go down as the best president this country had since Reagon. He is getting all the money laundering,child trafficking, harvesting Body parts.Crimes against children drugs Kidnapping which all of them were involved in. Try investigating truth, These are facts not lies Thank God for President trump KAG. WWG1WGA.

  3. That interview should act as the final offramp to any Republican who doesn’t believe their party is being co-opted into fascism by a cult leader. 

    1. This completely moronic and the same narrative the Dems and Left have been pushing for almost 4 years now.

    2. Why? Clearly Bolton only cares about the money so it casts into doubt the veracity of anything he says

    3. They are suffering stockholm syndrome, they have fallen in love with their captor in a controlling and abusive relationship

    1. Can you imagine him after the election? He’s doing nutty things now, what will he be like after he doesn’t have to worry about reelection?

  4. I don’t think Bolton’s testifying would’ve helped anymore than an final outcome, same sorry ending.

    1. Jeremy Backup They not only betrayed their oaths of office, they betrayed their quite specific oaths to try the case and render judgement with impartiality. Andrew McCabe was fired for displaying a lack of candor. What are we to make of the “candor” of these 52 Senators?

    2. Not testifying and bringing Trump’s transgressions to light, gave cover for the Senate Repubs to vote down removal.

  5. *A true patriot would have testified… A selfish traitor would rather wait and publish it in a book… :/*

    1. @jm8373 I’m sure we will find more details as time progresses, but for the moment, while the book is pretty damning, you shouldn’t need this book to tip the balance. When Trump talks about reducing the number of testing, that is crime against humanity.

    2. @RobertL so now it’s up to 18,000, maybe you should name a few. You obviously are taking someone’s word for it because you do not know of 18,000. Adam lied about the whole Russian collusion hoax. Also lied about the Ukraine scam trying to divert attention from his and bidens corrupt dealings with Ukraine. Will probably all come out soon.

    1. @Wick Interesting that the Turks were getting their arms from Russian, don’t you think???

    2. @Margaret Nicol
      I’ve long thought Turkey should have been kicked out of NATO for years; They are not aligned with Western countries.

      It looks like they’re beginning to start using their geographical position to start influencing global policy now;

      They’ve been warming up to Russia for a while now & it’s pretty obvious they’re just seeking to benefit from both sides.

    3. @Bandi Saleh When you say ”civil war” who would be fighting who if the US were not sticking their noses in? Democracies do not need proxy wars by the US for the US’s benefit. no-one elses.

    4. @Bandi Saleh your a fraud. Like agent Orange. You may , be, call yourself, Kurdish. But you are a trader trumpest.

    1. You should care that it doesn’t become political (even though there may be plenty incriminating material). The country is not too far away from the edge of civil war. That really bothers me… we need a strong US in the world, but please one that can at least pretend on paper to be forward thinking, democratic and open to science…

  6. The Senate had zero witnesses at the impeachment trial , the senate trial was a fraud if you can’t have witnesses

    1. bill
      The very same thing they did with Anita Hill and Christine Blaisey Ford- no witnesses so no facts. It was just another whitewashing by Trump and his gangsters!

    2. The Senate trial was flawed because Nadler and Schiff didn’t do their jobs properly and McConnell was not prepared to do it for them

    3. If it was a regular court it would have have been thrown out sooner and Adam Schiff would be facing charges.

    4. @Robert Clawson WHAT are you talking about? trump is incompetent. He is hurting this country just admit it. Bolton isn’t a demacrat He is a staunch Republican. He said Putin plays trump like a fiddle

    1. @Nanny Of Many in this situation I think they should make exceptions to the new lynching bill

    2. @Robert Clawson they provided all the evidence for Trump to end up in jail. However, you and 30% of people are too stupid and blind to see it.

    3. Ultimately, Moscow may not have anything to say….too many opponents on his team who can’t stand the smell of Donnie

    1. Amanda Turner
      Yes you’re right Bolton is a snake he also
      wrote a kiss and tell on George W Bush.

    2. @james mack ⬅️know’s he’s on the Losing side….only has fucked up things to throw….

  7. Yeah, he’s no patriot, but Vindman did “the right thing” and look what he got in return from America.

    1. The difference between Bolton and Vindman is that Vindman was a military officer sworn by oath to follow the President. Vindman had zero political clout. All of these Generals and Admirals speaking out against President Trump are retired. Some have a little political clout. None of them showed up at an impeachment hearing to turn evidence against the President. Sometimes doing the right thing involves great personal sacrifice.

    2. @Jimmie Cox Exactly. He was protecting the nation’s values by putting his interest at the very last. No wonder he is purple heart medalist.

    3. @Amy Falkenrath LtCol. Vindman knew he was putting his career on the line before he spoke to Congress. He challenged his Commander in Chief. At the end of the day, Trump is still the Commander in Chief and Vindman is still a LtCol. As soon as Congress was finished with LtCol. Vindman, they sent him right back into the Lions den to work down the hall from the Commander in Chief he just testified against. I’m not saying what happened to him is right or fair. It’s just the way things work in the military. There’s a saying in the military, if you want to go after your boss, you better have all your ducks in a row.

  8. Despite his service I can’t help but think this man is a traitor. He turned his own back on our country for money and a book deal.

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