1. The man who liked to say “Your Fired” on his Faux Reality TV Show was fired unanimously by a sweeping majority of The American Electorate & that is the difference between Faux Reality vs Real Reality. Get over it SnowFlakes.

  2. Don’t want to get Vaccinated well then “Your Fired” like Donald Depends tRump used to say on his cheesy faux reality tv show!

  3. By the way – investigative journalist (Nicolle and Ari of MSNBC immediately come to mind) – the Human Rights Organization needs some LOOKING into.

    1. Former president of HRC (the yellow equal sticker people). He appeared in NY’s AG’s report and apparently was helping Cuomo defend himself while leading HRC (he was legal council for Cuomo before joining HRC). This is problematic for them so they fired him. He’s over here gaslighting.

  4. What’s the remedy here. If he gets the job back how will he work with the board. I see no evidence of racism

  5. Time to stop using tweets as a means of communicating. Political policy, decisions at executive level ought not be ‘tweeted’. Alphonso David has clearly been muscled out – even with Human Rights. What’s wrong with this human race? Or the American part of the Human Race??

  6. Any god damned details on what actually happened to spur this guy’s departure? Makes me really suspicious that none of that is mentioned. This guy is good at making speeches about diversity. What was he supposed to be doing on the job, and did he do it?

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