Former Minnesota officer Kim Potter expected to take the stand | USA TODAY 1

Former Minnesota officer Kim Potter expected to take the stand | USA TODAY


Defendant Kim Potter is expected to take the stand in trial over death of Daunte Wright
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Potter, a 26-year veteran of the Brooklyn Center Police Department, is charged with first- and second-degree manslaughter in Wright’s death during a traffic-stop-turned arrest in April.

Prosecutors say Potter was "reckless" and consciously took the risk of causing harm to Wright and others. Defense attorneys say Potter mistook her firearm for a Taser but would have been justified in using a firearm anyway because she was attempting to prevent the injury of another officer.

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    1. She has to be, she’s being accused of a ridiculous crime. Daunte Wright created the dangerous situation that led to his death. Potter shouldn’t even be charged and I guarantee she’s not convicted.

    1. That wasn’t fake crying.
      She’ll come across as very sympathetic to the jury, and the prosecution will seem very negative while failing to make an actual case and wasting days of their time on useless things.
      Potter can actually be found innocent of the particular criminal charge while still being on the hook for a civil case, along with the city. But even then, if what Wright did would have made it justified to shoot with a pistol to stop him, if taking off in the car would endanger the other officers, then it doesn’t matter whether she mixed up between a taser and a gun at all.
      But that doesn’t mean the jury will acquit. I just think that I’d bet a few hundred that they will.

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