Former MP Pearnel Charles vs St. Thomas Residents Land Dispute in Jamaica | TVJ News - April 21 2021 1

Former MP Pearnel Charles vs St. Thomas Residents Land Dispute in Jamaica | TVJ News – April 21 2021


There are some disgruntled residents in St. Thomas, Jamaica, who say a tremendous tourism opportunity has been taken away from them. Caught in the midst of this controversy is former MP Pearnel Charles.

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  1. If the man owns the land and he wants you to leave, you must simply respect his wishes and leave. Nothing in life is free. Him being a politician, or even wealthy, doesn’t disentitle him to his land. You made your money from the venture and now it’s time to go. So go and stop making a fuss.

  2. Purnell is very clever …I heard about this before …mmmm…u kno wen u dont have the financial means to fight it’s quite sad that people love tek tings that dont belong to them and bcos u dont have the means to fight u cant do ah ting…sad …

  3. Everybody wants to us badness to do as they please. Regardless of how Mr Charles acquired the property is besides the point. If he owns the land he owns the land. Jamaica is suffering from a serious case of ENVY. Remember that’s one of the seven deadly sin.

  4. Pearnel Charles is such good man. Whatever I achieve in this man give the opportunity I remember going to his office in Kingston the ministry of labor and he said I like when young people ask me for job not money because I give today u are going to want tomorrow. He give me farm worker card .blessed my pearnel Charles

    1. Good huh?? you remember the gang of five how did he get that land he’s a maggot just like every politician in Jamaica..

    2. @daw dawiskid Extremely true, from Pearnel Charles to Pj Patterson all criminals that stole Jamaican lands.

  5. It’s those same so-called workers same from the video his sister and his cousin and everybody crime GameStop

  6. PARNELL CHARLES, is a good man, he has this land long time , he want to help St. Thomas people. Some people are bad minded, this man work so hard to reach wear he is today .I remember when he use to come by my house every Sunday morning, we would walked out the whole Eastern St. Thomas, when I reached home I was so tired , but we was looking voters. And at that time I was Just leave school .people was there before him and they didn’t see that land , they didn’t interested but Mr. PARNELL CHARLES, see the furetrue of St. THOMAS, and he brought the land. He came from so for,but his interest was to busines .Now people is get bad minded of his place, Put them under manner.

  7. This man buy him land fi how much heap a money and hear how uno a gwan like uno help him pay for it. Jamaicans bad mind bad eno c why we nah reach nowhere

    1. It is not a good statement for an MP to make about poor people who have cut his cane and others and have been impoverished by cutting cane for generations.

    2. @Beverley Smith you have no idea how THIS MAN WORK HARD
      to have what he has, NIGHTLEST
      SLEEP he has. SOME times his wife and children’s don’t see him for day ,because he knew that he want for himself and his family .Please leave Mr. Charles a lone, PEOPL born and grown up in that parish .And they didn’t see what he see,if Mr Charles didn’t buy that piece of property my uncles would get that place.I

    3. @Veronica Gray You obviously miss the point I am trying to make. The injustices meted out to the people of eastern St.Thomas over the years has been considerable.
      The land occupation is what the people are use to as they have lived on the edges of Sugar Estates for generations and planted their grounds, built their houses, small shops on Sugar Estate lands.

      This type of land occupation was laid down long before Pernal Charles was born. The poor did not have the opportunity to fight in a court of law for rights such as adverse possession, due to their low income levels.

      Today the whole situation has become exsaserbated by Covid -19, lockdowns, the current global economic/financial crises which is impacting JA and the lack of opportunity for land purchase or ownership, employment and or income generating opportunities amongst the poor in the East and this is what is causing the problem.

  8. The MP has a point. When these people eat drink & make merry, where do they defficate & pass off other wastes? These young people just want to find the easy way out.

  9. Rich with so much land , and can’t even give some sufferers a chance to survive. I want to see him carry it with him when the good lord calls him home.

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