Former NCB Bank Manager Andrea Gordon Admitted to Stealing $111M | TVJ News - April 29 2021 1

Former NCB Bank Manager Andrea Gordon Admitted to Stealing $111M | TVJ News – April 29 2021


Former manager at the National Commercial Bank, Andrea Gordon has pleaded guilty to stealing 111 million dollars from the bank over three years in court today.

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  1. Most regular people mek over 500,000 a year and satisfy compared to 11 mill a Year so dat a rufly a million every month she could have started her own bank

    1. My mother always said if you can’t satisfy with sml things you can’t satisfy with large things but in this case she can’t satisfy with neither small or large they must throw away the key when she get her sentence she too redeye and greedy

    1. Yes true so much money!
      Sometimes you fond your money in the bank missing .she is greedy look how much she gets

    2. That is the truth. Stealing is WRONG, however, if she took only $500K, and invested it in a good IPO, she could have accrued the same volume of proceeds in a few months and not have gotten caught.

      Greed is one contributing factor, but her curiosity of how the bank hadn’t caught on yet was what got the better of her.

  2. She ain’t the only one , there are others but it’s just a matter of time. Corruption starts at the top, end at the bottom.

  3. Wickedness!!!!Alot of us ban our belly to save for rainy day and you making 11million annually and still a thief. Justice needs to be served

    1. A the same think mi sey some people in American not making so much .we need to be satisfied with wat we have

    2. So me sah to. So many people suffering and living paychecks to paycheck and this wicked woman working 11mil/year and STILL not satisfied.

  4. That why mi no envy nobody fi nothing them have….the things people will do to achieve material wealth it’s just crazy.

    1. 100% right I tell two son dont watch the hype people, just focus on your path because at the of the day we do not how they got there money

  5. this lady is crazy ,like i said take away everything that she owns even her clothes leave her with the only clothes she wore to court

  6. 53 and a teef. She nuh easy. Imagine over 30 years you work there and before yuh just chill wid yuh $11 M. But no yuh greedy and now yuh shall spend time in jail when yuh coulda relax pon a beach.

  7. So the bank think it’s 35m buts it’s actually 111m it goes to show that they making billions n not even notice

  8. Imagine that my mom is customer of ncb for over 30yrs and couldn’t get 1 million dollar loan yet she tief over 100 million while making 11 million a year. Greed and red eye..smdh

    1. True Shellyann,she was well paid because of greed ,she had to go down,work there for at least 30 years My God,God don’t love ugly

    2. I am sooo confused. She was working 11mil/year??? and still needed to steal money? It makes no sense to me. Kmt. Smh.

    3. This lady already done live her life already so let she walk free cause the bank take too long to findout

    1. I agree the firm that does the annual audit. of the NCB group should be fired and sued for false presentation of unqualified annual audited report for the periods in question

  9. She was still not happy with what you were earning, some people working so hard and also qualified and getting less, i think you should pay the price.

    1. I agree. She was almost making a million dollar monthly and still couldn’t satisfy. This is just pure greed. There are many who are living on way less.

  10. Miss Gordon started out as a cashier. That makes sense.
    Someone who graduated from the Wharton School of Business school would have known that this wasn’t a “smart” way to steal money.

  11. Confesicate all her property put her back at stage 1.imagine how many poor people she rob go prison gal ro thief

  12. Gal you good your ting up., that’s why me nuh grudge people for what they have cause you don’t know how they achieve it

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