Former Officer Kim Potter Charged With Second Degree Manslaughter In Daunte Wright Case 1

Former Officer Kim Potter Charged With Second Degree Manslaughter In Daunte Wright Case


Ex-officer Kim Potter, 26-year veteran of the Brooklyn Center Police Department has been charged with second-degree manslaughter after the shooting death of Daunte Wright. NBC’s Morgan Chesky reports. Aired on 04/14/2021.
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Former Officer Kim Potter Charged With Second Degree Manslaughter In Daunte Wright Case


  1. This needed to happen. A 26 year Veteran Police Office should know that her Glock is NOT her Taser. Their weapon is always carried on their dominant side as well.

    1. @Llynnyia It’s interesting you bring up Tamir Rice. Have you taken the time to watch the video? You mention somethings you think are “key.” You leave out some other things.

      You say “toy” gun – look at the gun he had. It’s a replica 1911. I own one and have shot many of them. I could not tell the difference in the moment. The sights look a little funny and the proportions are off. You can’t see that all in a split second. Could the cops? FYI, 1911s have manual safeties.

      You say he’s 12 years old – First guns don’t magically not shoot because of your age. Second, he was 5’7 and 195 pounds. He was slightly below average height and above average weight for an adult male. Could the cops tell he was a child?

      You don’t mention the fact that he threatened multiple people with the gun before police arrived. He followed one person down the sidewalk with the gun point at the back of their head. He then pointed the gun at multiple other people. Why leave that out?

      Here’s the key fact that you didn’t mention- the gun was in his waist band as cops arrived on scene. What did he do? Pulled the gun out as police drive near him. Why leave that out?

      So to summarize – An adult sized person with a very real looking gun threatened multiple people with said gun and then pulled said gun on police as they arrived.

      What do you expect to happen?

    2. @V – maybe because you dont do the type of research i do? watching/reading local news they are there. and its 1000 total not 1k unarmed and fleeing for thier lives from individuals in an institution, proven racist by several studies. including one i already linked.

      whats really intresting is how you cherry picked that info and didnt get the point of the whole article.

    3. @President XI It was definitely a mistake, but unfortunately it’s a mistake that needs accountability. All of the facts have to be looked at and a reasonable person make the right decision.

  2. Considering the number of officers who have gotten away with their crimes we know just because they are charged does not mean justice will be done.

    1. @President XI Even the white ones. Daunte was half white even if the media wants to portray him as “black”.

    2. Charlie Hunt
      I agree. On the other hand they do not out number the number of Criminals, some who have done insane and animal like behaviors who have gotten away with their crimes
      So let us hear about the Criminals also, you think? .

    3. @Dale hauk do you really believe that. Could it be that they already had cuffs on him and there were four of them who could have easily cuffed him hand and foot and put him in the police car or waited for a wagon to take him away.

  3. Any law enforcement officer who “mistakenly” shoots a gun is not only incompetent but criminally negligent.

    1. @MrSpeedDemon72 Let’s use some Whataboutism to justify some kids’ death…… because you have no idea what would have happened had he driven off. But he likely would not be dead.

    2. @Andre Desrosiers The DA is bowing to political pressure. I doubt this will go to trial. If it does, she’ll be acquitted.

    3. @Dolores Reynolds You’re not even being realistic. Police are not only permitted to use deadly force, they are expected to use deadly force when the situation calls for it. The only question is, Was this one of those situations? I think it was. I think a jury will agree.

  4. They thought that they could come up with a new excuse like the I FEAR FOR MY LIFE .AN STAND YOUR GROUND. BUT THIS ADMINISTRATION HAS ONE ITS YOUR GOING TO JAIL AND BE CHARGED

  5. I would like to know if it is the usual practise for officers to point a taser at a person’s heart. I would have thought that even a taser can be lethal, in certain circumstances.

    1. Great observation! Yes, tasers have been lethal. By using her sights to aim the weapon means she recognized it was her Glock. This as well as aiming for center mass according to LEO pistol qualifications.

    1. @Bill Sbac
      Nice try my privilege deplorable. He was initially stopped for having an air freshener and expired license plate. Only POC are stopped for that infraction.

    2. @Jason Dixon
      You wouldn’t knows brain if to found one my uneducated hillbilly deplorable.


    3. @TheAnonapersons You’re right. He had a warrant for arrest (for gun charges, no less!), but they should have let him keep on going. We don’t need cops.

    1. Dave McMillan
      really? Tasers did not begin to be used until 1993 . As for a criminal trying to flee the scene I am sure that is true. So how many times were you used in court as a witness to this being seen? I mean after 1993 because tasers were not used before that. I would also like to ask the same thing to the 69 likes you got. Nothing excuses what
      the officer did, yet you do know they Wright was charged with robbing and choking a woman? As I said though it does not excuse what she did and she should be held responsible.

    2. @Alex Hamilton he’s not talking about the use of tasers, dafuqk. He’s talking about the abuse of force, disdain and lack of respect for life that we have endured. From sprayed with water hoses because we wanted equal rights to mobs attacking and lynching our brothers and sisters for just existing. We don’t have to resist, we just have to exist. There isn’t enough gigabytes on YouTube for me to educate you on the experience in America. We live in a different America. All whyts aren’t evil. But the majority just stands by and says he should have just complied. Please stop trolling. Thank you

  6. This just goes to prove how fast the system can act when it wants to, even against officers of the law. Hopefully this is the new norm, equal accountability across the board.

    1. Jason Vegan
      I agree. yet does the behavior of the person with an arrest warrant on him have any responsibility in causing the actions of a police officer? I realize there are rare exceptions to every rule. Yet if someone is stopped by the police, isn’t it recommend that they follow the police officers commands? Because if you don’t. You decide to resist, try to flee, or make really stupid decisions in your behavior your options have gotten down to 3. go to jail for a longer sentence , go to the hospital, go to the morgue.

    2. @Michael Cortez Useless non sequitur, so sorry! I’m smart enough to have not been shot by the police. Smart enough not to have resisted a lawful arrest. You should learn to stop your limited reliance on “intellectual dishonesty and intellectual laziness” those make you a legend in your own mind and are timeworn.

    3. @Carmen Peoples Six entries above this I offered my opinion about sustaining her rights to her pension. Please indulge yourself in reading it. Thank you very much.

    4. @Ruffian sorry Pops but I see no expansion from you on WHY SHE DESERVES it. There are consequences to actions and I believe part of her punishment should be no pension. Why should taxpayers financially support an ex-officer awaiting trial for TAKING ANOTHER HUMANS LIFE? Money is a tool for our modern society and I believe she now needs to find other means to attain necessities for whatever time she has left on this Earth. I was just trying to understand your perspective but you’re not delivering. Disappointing but whatevs.

      Also, it’s clear you can be a better person by your continued disrespectful comments. It’s easy to sling insults, it’s difficult to evolve. Peace be with you.

  7. This makes me think about that poor soldier in the suv with 2 guns pointed directly at his face not 12 inches away while both his hands are outside the window. I was appalled and in disbelief. All for a license plate. F—-NG UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

    1. @FDM 215
      He lied about everything called it in as a felony stop. I license plate issue is not a felony stop.

    2. That man was REALLY doing absolutely nothing to get treated like that. He was doing what he was absolutely in his rights to do, not stop until he was in a safe area. And fully complied even after being sprayed in the face. He did everything perfect, the cops did everything wrong..

    3. For someone who has had 26 years in the force, her actions were absolutely “reckless”. She turned a so-called traffic violation into an unnecessary stressful situation for the young man, she fatally shot !?

      There is “no excuse” for her deadly actions. Police should NOT be allowed to carry guns when dealing with traffic incidence if they can’t deal with the problems at hand. Tasers should be more than appropriate in dealing with these situations

  8. If, as a ‘trained professional’ and trainer of future professionals, you can not remain cool, calm, and collected enough to tell the difference between your service weapon and your non-lethal equipment, then you are not qualified to carry either.

    1. There is a reason for every accident. What about a Senior Commercial pilot with 25,000 hours making an error and killing hundreds.

    2. @R L T Reason or no reason, the police need to face the same accountability as everyone else. We hold them to a higher standard, that includes being accountable.

  9. She should just stand up and say “It’s my fault, I did this horrible thing to the family and the community, I’m so sorry, please forgive me and I accept full responsibility of the killing.”

    1. @Polar Opposite No she resigned to keep her pension. If she was fired her pension would be forfeited.

    2. @Cameron McCollough I do not think half her pension will go to the victim’s family. Cops have implied immunity and cannot be held personally liable for their wrong doings.

    3. @Oluwaseyi A I don’t think she would because it would not make sense. The kid was trying to drive away.

    4. @freesia F I have never seen a cop using a taser say “taser, taser, taser” That seems like it could be a cover for let me shoot you for kicks and cover my Butt in tandem.

    5. @Loralieisa M civilly maybe but not criminally. The State will always help with monetary compensation which is becoming ridiculous because of indiscretions from the these officers

    1. Where’s the accountability for the cop who killed a white Trump supporter 1/6 and no charge ?

  10. Regardless the victim’s race, age or gender, there’s no way that an experienced police officer could have mistaken her service revolver for a taser. Absolutely no way!

    1. @Jim Yarbrough high stress. She is a 26 year vet she should have been the calmest officer out there .that’s why you hear marine in super high stress situations say’ STAY FROSTY ‘

    2. @Julian Searcie Curious , describe to me how to differentiate an auto loader (a term I’m not familiar with) from a semiautomatic

    3. @Julian Searcie I don’t recall having stated a perception . Did you mean design and purpose of weapons.?

  11. Much love and prayers Brethren God bless Humanity Amen
    our condolences to Daunte’s loved ones. May God comfort you in this time of mourning. Amen

  12. 26 years training other cops and she can’t tell her gun from her taser. That’s horrifying to know someone could be this bad at their job and yet still have it for nearly 3 entire decades

    1. @T R “if it was a white meth addict, I wouldn’t feel sorry ether” you are so stupid I actually feel really sorry for you

    2. @Laree Cooper almost all of these stories involve the victim resisting. Don’t resist and no one gets hurt. You can’t control what the cop does but you can control themselves. Everyone of all races should teach their kids this.

    3. @Jordan Summers I wonder if it was protocol to say “taser taser taser” when using a taser, or in this case a gun. She made sure she resigned ASAP to keep her pension. They should not accept her resignation and fire her instead. Her pension funds could be used to at least partially to pay for the lawsuit her victim’s family will file.

    4. @Laura Walker To bad more of the victims didn’t value their lives and habitual criminals and drug users!

  13. Minnesota needs to have a higher bar for who they let become a police officer, because it basically sounds like they’ll give anyone the badge of power there.

    1. Why don’t you go show us how it’s done. Be that person you expect others to be but won’t.
      It’s easy to be a arm chair quarterback

    2. PhatpersonVids I agree. perhaps someone like Robocop? 😀 On the other hand perhaps they need training to everyone to don;’t react stupid or talk back when a police officer stops you.
      Follow their commands to the letter. Now lets say they Mr. Wright followed the police commands. Would he still be alive today? Would officer Potter have avoided her mistake?
      Now I know it is armchair quarterbacking. Yet that is how we get to where we are. Coulda, woulda shoulda

    3. The United States of America needs to have the HIGHEST bar everywhere for who they let become a police officer.

  14. Taser!, taser! ,taser! Her defense and not guilty has already been established. Sadly she will never get what she deserves for taking that young man’s life. She also has trained someone to think they can get away with murder

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