1. @takecare A it’s ok whatever failure attributed to democrats is automatically overturned into a success, ask Pelosi how Joe did, everything is perfect!!

    2. 72,570 afgan people killed by USA army .why not you weep ?
      1,50,968 Iraqi killed by USA army .why not you weep?
      Why why why why not you weep?

    3. @Ali Mujhtaba you are talking to the same people from the country who lost 650,000 people to a virus and don’t particularly care.

    4. @Nick Chimchal everything isn’t perfect at all. Biden did what he said he would do, in the time he said he would do it. This was always going to be the result, regardless of which President ended the war. Btw, Biden has completely owned this, he’s not blaming anyone else. Do yourself a favour though, read a book on Afghanistan. I don’t care about the political affiliation of the author, just read a book.

    1. Mess in Afghanistan begins with Carter and Reagan. G.W. Bush OBL hiding/killed in Pakistan not Afghanistan. Same 0 same 0 don’t matter Democrats/Republicans President’s. Trump only US President in history who didn’t start a new war. Same 0 same 0 Trump/Obama favors Drones attacks. Drones not designed yet to recognize innocent people including children and those Drones are deadly fast than human can run especially human with small little legs. Dejavu Kabul fall of Saigon. Nixon!.

    2. World are watching/listening Americans at home blaming/attacking each other like children fighting for candy. Wow Factor!.

    3. Atleast he’s not mentally ill. And yeah did u see the video on how Biden was touching young girls in an awkward manner

  1. We ALL know that Stephen Miller is a racist little troll. I totally believe Olivia; and what Stephen Miller said on Faux News the other day aligns exactly with what Olivia is saying.

    1. Hey Jaxoff lazily, The sad thing is Trump couldn’t remember the items from his dementia evaluation; he just described the things he saw at the time in that TV interview: the person sitting in front of him, the woman and man off camera, the camera and the TV monitor. He’s pathetically stupid and a calm liar. @John last

    2. @Ann van de Kew
      Lol trumps not in office anymore, I guess thats all the dumb party has, huh an ex president. I would talk crap about the old president if the person I voted for abandoned American citizens behind enemy lines. Lol you aren’t very smart are you, overlake

    3. @Ann van de Kew
      You were in the military for 8 years and were 9nly a lieutenant. Lol how pathetic. Must have been a real P.O.S. I mean who doesn’t get promoted in the military, you must have been a real trash soldier. What were you killing to many of your patients.

  2. Stephen Miller is a ghoul and represents the worst part of America. I wish I could say this behavior is surprising

    1. Yeah let’s change the subject and pretend like this idiot is not going to cost thousands of American lives

    1. It’s time time vote democrats out nationwide. They have utterly failed at home and abroad. Murder and crime are up in every democrat city after idiot democrats defunded police and called them racist, the border crisis is getting extreme, inflation is through the roof and democrats want to give themselves 5 trillion to spend. Hold democrats to account

    2. @Luke_SkyWanker at least they didn’t shred documents like Hillary Clinton did!!!
      Trump did not commit a quid pro quo!! The president of the Ukraine and his foreign minister both said so!! They even went as far as saying the received more aid than expected!!

    3. The sad thing is Trump couldn’t remember the items from his dementia evaluation; he just described the things he saw at the time in that TV interview: the person sitting in front of him, the woman and man off camera, the camera and the TV monitor. He’s pathetically stupid and a calm liar.@Dan Wright

    4. Hey Hairy Nosepicker,
      Oh, your feefees got hurt by my post. So sorry for you. Love your channel image; is it by an Impressionist? Is it by Monet, titled ‘White non-college educated male’? Or is it abstract, maybe Pollack’s ‘The Imbecile’? (snickers and sincerity;’,. ) @Dan Wright

  3. What, I ask you, about Trump in the last 5 years would EVER make anyone think he would of done a Goddamn thing about the refugees?
    Name one thing, I’ll be waiting.

    1. @RuBaron715 there’s been no evolution of the democrat party and there’s no evidence of evolution. Dolt.

    2. @Robert Hartford So you want to ignore the truth and lie. Exactly what I would expect from your petulant behavior.

    3. @Cory A Check your diaper cause somethings full of it, and if you don’t wear a diaper that just leaves you! 💩

  4. What I learned watching this is Stephen Miller’s wife is just as deceitful, and possibly as racist, as he is.

  5. This was The Don the Conman’s play book at all times, domestic or foreign, with Steven Miller writing the racist script.

    1. Easy for you to say. Wars against Fascism & Communism got results. Stick to your poetry. And remember the Civil War. Without that one people like me would still be 3rd World.

    2. @Huh? Yeah but this is 21 century, they can launder 10mil for every 1mil they spend on warzones plus make billions in no bid contracts, blowing up and rebuilding, and Afghanistan is full of rare earth minerals needed for computer components. This had nothing to do with what they said it did, 911 or anything else

    3. @Huh? No, none of this is easy to speak of. And, yes, wars bring results. War, however, is but a series of cruelties. Always is and always has been! And the Afghan War for the US and its Allies was no different. I first observed during my military service in the late 1960’s that, in Viet Nam, we Americans were intent on supporting the status quo, as we have once again in Afghanistan. In each case, the ‘rebels’ we sought to destroy were rooted not in animosity toward the US but toward the corrupt national leaders. And, each time, we sided with the corrupt against the masses as a matter of policy [They were “anti-communist” or anti-El Queada, or whatever!]. I recall vividly an interview with a young man from a rural village who, when asked why he might consider joining the VC, told us that….”I’m a laundry boy and, if the government wins, I’ll always be a laundry boy. BUT, if the VC win, I might be more.” In each conflict, we sided with the corrupt who stole from their people not just riches BUT HOPE. And, in each case, we forsaked hope and attempted to keep the past upon its throne. I hope you remember this.

  6. I have looked after a few Afghani refugees. I’m an Oncology RN . They are gentle people…..came to Australia to get away from the Taliban.
    A taxi/ cab driver said he saw his uncle and cousins murdered by the Taliban…..he could not believe that his people killed his people. Afghani killing Afghani. He said he had to get his family out of Afghanistan,he didn’t want his children bought up in that atmosphere. A good hard working man.

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