Former pentagon official discusses UFO sightings in Canada and the United States 1

Former pentagon official discusses UFO sightings in Canada and the United States


Joy Malbon speaks with former Pentagon official Chris Mellon about sightings of unidentified flying objects, including some in Canada.

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  1. Remember the olden days when if you mentioned UFOs you were called a weirdo and a conspiracy theorist? LMAO

    1. @NN True, but the real question its why the screet?
      Like you got old news even photos/videos of this things all over the world. Maybe is something “natural” , but its a lot strange because almost all UFO’s do the same. And dont seen to be agressive, move like something inteligent… lets see the future to try to understand a litle better

    2. @NN If no country on earth is responsible for UAPs, which the Navy believes, then they’re alien.

  2. “Scenic places” are likely less interesting to alien probes than large moving organisms. For example: battleships and fighter jets.

  3. Legitimately excited that mainstream news outlets are finally giving this stuff the time on air it needs.

    1. @ricky spanish you’re not being an a$$hole, but I do question that any human-designed craft can defy the laws of physics as we know them. Drops from space to sea level at hypersonic speeds in milliseconds with no sonic boom? That ain’t natural.

    2. @ricky spanish You say, “travelled millions or billions of miles….”, but the piece you leave out is the extremely advanced capabilities they demonstrate. Perhaps they have defeated Einstein’s theory that travel beyond the speed of light is impossible, as one example. Their ability to move defies all physical laws we have used for engineering. I could go on and on. The main point is that the technology cannot possibly originate on this Planet. No one has completely re-written our physics textbooks, or we would know about it.

    3. @FOOJ FOOJIYAMA LOL. The fun thing about the UFO’s is that it stretches the imagination like Ironman, et al has done, but appears to be non-fictional. Just blows my mind.

  4. They know exactly who that is. The shadowy apex of our leadership knows who they are, why they are here, and they have an understanding with them. There is a deal with the outsiders, It is simply not a deal we are privy to.

    I won’t be waiting on this to go anywhere any time soon, even world leaders aren’t high enough in the chain to know.

  5. Tom DeLonge DOES make fetch happen, apparently. Maybe I should have bought those $200 shares a few years back lol

  6. Love how the government is pretending like no one knows anything and nothing has been done. Lol

    1. They know but they can’t do anything lol so they just let it slide every time cause they haven’t 9/11’d nor do they have large plots of oil… most politicians want to probably die rich before something goes down…

    2. LOL, u gov is leaking this copperfield stuff. Dems, just as bolsheviks likes to fight shadowphantoms.

    1. I suspect this is an inter dimensional phenomenon. Aliens yes, but from a different dimension. Either that or the entities have anti gravity propulsion systems.

  7. “Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.” – Arthur C. Clarke.

  8. Pentagon is trying to figure out how not to divulge what they know about UFO’s, and that will be the report.

  9. I’m scared they’ve been here a long long time, like maybe as long as we’ve been here or longer. Sightings of them are bipedal, two-eyed and human like. According to scientific literature on evolution, the chance of another human like form is very very slim.

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