Former Pentagon official: Real question is, what are we really dealing with? 1

Former Pentagon official: Real question is, what are we really dealing with?


Luis Elizondo, the former Director of Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program at the Pentagon, discusses the Pentagon's new task to investigate UFOs that have been observed by US military aircraft.

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    1. This -> is artificial intelligence, a robot not made of wire and metal, but of flesh and bone, created by manipulating the human genome…

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    3. @Saved By Jesus you’re brainwashed Jesus and the Bible are fake and was used to conquer lands the white used it to conquer Mexico for example and america with there bullshit religion

    4. Just because we are not the only inhabited planet in the Universe doesn’t mean aliens are visiting us.

    1. We’re being steadily conditioned to take a more relaxed view of what is likely to be a drastic alteration of our view of the universe, and our place in it.

    2. It is some form of technology, therefore artificial and not a natural phenomenon. At the same time their capabilities go FAR beyond anything humans can build today and bare in mind that the sightings go back many decades when our technology was even less developed. I leave it up to you to speculate who actualy operates these air-water-crafts. If not aliens it could be time-traveling humans from a distant future as well.

    1. @Freddy Dorsey Every government job requires you to take the Oath. Every private Militia requires the same. To uphold the constitution. Its very simple and stated very clearly to anyone with basic knowledge of reading. If a militia does not conform to that oath they are not protected legally.

    2. @kelperdude That’s a complete lie that is continually perpetuated by the wealthy. In fact, America works more hours than any other nation. We are overworked. If I offered you a job for 10 cents an hour to do manual labor, would it be justified to call you lazy when you inevitability turn it down? It’s a bit of a hyperbole, but that’s exactly what’s happening. The wealthy have more now than any other time in history. They have the wealth to pay their employees substantially more without offloading the costs to consumers through hiking prices despite what they claim. These same people complain about immigration, and then they proceed to hire immigrants in a willfully ignorant way and at below market wages. They then weaponize their own dirty dealings against us by saying we’re “too lazy” to take those jobs. Are you kidding me??? Speaking from experience, manual labor is difficult, but it can be more tolerable than these low paying and humiliating customer service jobs. Many, such as myself, wouldn’t mind doing manual labor or some of the other “tough jobs”. You have an opportunity to get some sun and stay in shape without taking the time and effort on your days off to go to the gym. What I won’t do is compete for these jobs with immigrants that are willing to take below market wages. I have nothing against them for this, and I support and respect their strong will to provide a better life for their families. It’s the employers that disseminate shitty rhetoric and screw over Americans that I have an issue with.

    3. @kelperdude Democrats do have terrible solutions though that are mostly symbolic and fail to actually materially improve the lives of their constituents. Republicans have many of the same issues as well. Both parties use each other as scapegoats and are complicit in the failings of our country. The government serves multinational corporations and their elite shareholders. This is evidenced by the continuous actions politicians makes that seem to work against what we want on both sides of the corporate political duopoly. Healthcare for all is incredibly popular, but what had happened???

  1. I mean this is creepy as hell… But I’d be lying if I said my 12-year-old Saturday morning cartoon watching self isn’t squealing with joy lol

    1. I don’t find it creepy. Thousands of observations over many years or even decades and encounters with military personal (a situation which is more likely to escalate in violence) and yet all they do is to play a bit and then they fly away if the airforce comes to close. I think they are more cautious with us than we with them.

    2. @Proboscis Lol! What are you talking about!!?? I am Tesla’s investors and Elon Musk fan boy!! I don’t care about politics! It’s about the future and technology, stupid!

    3. @But please At Tesla’s speed. Right back at you with more stupid. Is it a Tesla’s investors and Elon’s fan boy thing to push Dajjjal + Allah?

  2. Well, I mean… in this day and age I do hope there are aliens out there; “intelligent lifeforms” would be quite useful on this planet at this point.

    1. @Freddy Dorsey you saw that it is going to take you away from YouTube, right? Definitely suspicious

    2. @William Crowley I salute alright..a bit too professional..but hey there always got to be one adult in the room… got it daddy-O

    3. @William Crowley so wtf we going to do about this alien bullshit..I have thought about it for a long time..I got money for a clone but my sons refuse to raise I cut off their wife looks at me like I am crazy but she knows I’m can get it done in India

    4. Some are ET, but there has been an earthborn ocean dwelling civilization living right beside humanity since the beginning

  3. Let’s see which Fundamental religious group will be the first ones to save their souls

    1. @TheHate FuLL1 I’ve read it.. More than once… The arrogance, ignorance and assumptions by you should have you reading it some more yourself

    2. @Thyalwaysseek hmmm, I don’t know about religion. I just follow the gospel of Jesus Christ in the Bible. That’s it. There is nothing else.

    1. @Anakin Nikana I saw a large triangular craft fly directly overhead. It was black ,about 100+ feet wide , and close enough to hit with a rock. It came from the 188th air national Gaurds direction which is only a mile in a direct path from my house. It had an amber colored light on each tip .
      The light were unique in that they were very soft , like the light from a window with the blind down. No glare and no sound. I think its “cloak” was malfunctioning because this was right over a city with almost a 100k population.

    2. @Chaos a propulsion engineer on YouTube (Fran lab) suggested these could be some kind of projection. She also had some other very interesting ideas about what they are.

    3. Also , I reported it to mufon the next day. The sighting was on 12/16/2018 .
      Arthur Lawless , a mufon investigator interviewed us and confirmed many others have has similar encounters.

    4. @Anakin Nikana uh. Because the UFO’s don’t make any sounds. That’s how they know they are silent. What an absolutely silly comment on your end

    5. I’ve posited the hologram theory before. This would have to be in combination of an also new radar affecting tech, since these objects affect radar as well as optical sensors. A hologram alone cannot be detected/affect radar sensors

  4. Ya know, all the wasted time wondering what’s in space, when the irony is, we have no respect for life on earth.

    1. @Silly UROPID This is so sad and true it hurts.. Evolution of humans did not end, it just started.

    2. Amen brother..the US is suppose to be the model of civilization..but look at us..our people live in poverty..our children die because idiots fighting over colors and drugs..we defile nature and nobody can mind their own damn business..we have a sex trade perverts ruining our country..Trump, Gaetz,and others whom we haven’t caught yet.. derailing progress for the Future..Nazism is not the answer

    3. @Freddy Dorsey God bless you.
      I expected trolls..Never expected good folks would agree.
      This old grandmother despaired of late all the cruelty I see.
      Y’all give me hope.
      Thank you

    4. @MG Massey ..I am 59.. I am mom went to Ole Miss in 1967..a young white lady baby sat me while my mother was in class getting her master’s..never was I mistreated or spoken down to..I know from experience that their are good people in this World..we are the silent majority..the human species will move on to bigger and better things..but right now..we at the crossroads..God bless you and yours

    5. @Freddy Dorsey my beautiful brother of chocolate you know, had I not been witness to Alabama of 1956-1966, and saw the tenacity and courageous lives of all of the folks back then fighting for their rights, I’d never have had any perspective.
      Witnessing that gave me the courage I needed to survive the evil in my own family
      I owe my life to my brothers and sisters of chocolate hues.
      “The first shall be last and the last first”
      I know love and Jesus and the good folks will win in His time not ours.
      Thank you for speaking with me

    1. If???? So your one of The Americans blinded . wake up bro ..they said it’s real decades of information ?? What else u need an alien in your living room .smh

    2. Yes,cool. But the Pentagon is already treating them as a threat and hostile. If they were to land, the military would be there to shoot them up. All the while,scientists would be wanting to examine and find out just what they are.

  5. They are doing the same things that we do with our satellites. The only difference is that they are scientifically a lot more advanced than we are and have more advanced equipment. If they wanted to hurt us they would have done it a long long time ago.

    1. They are coming to buy guns, fireworks, cheeseburgers, cocaine and hookers. They just want to experience good ol’ Americana.

    2. I am sure, like humans, there some with good intentions and others with not so good intentions. Hopefully we only meet the kindhearted ones.

    3. My thinking exactly! Yet those “geniuses ” at the Pentagon can’t figure that out?! We send craft to mars and the moon, send craft into deep space to take pictures. And that’s ok. But if another lifeform does it to us,they’re hostile and a threat to national security? They’ve built a craft that maneuvers and flies faster that anything ever seen,silently. Don’t they think they’d have weapons far superior to anything we’ve ever seen? Pentagon people aren’t really too bright!

  6. Here’s the gist: We don’t know where they come from. Likely as not they’re not extraterrestrial so much as ultra-terrestrial (or inter-dimensional). They might not even be crafts or objects, maybe lifeforms in their own right. Either way, this is really exciting… better not be psy-ops.

    1. @Miriam English I’m familiar with this material and tbh most of it tends to throw blanket statements at anything that doesn’t fit the narrative; like “They just got light-headed from the altitude and hallucinated” or that old chestnut; “Mass hysteria caused everyone to think they were seeing aliens when really it was just owls….” The simple fact is that – if it WAS that simple – there’d be no mystery to solve. ‘Perfectly normal explanations’ do not apply. Best wishes to you, thanks for replying. (Here’s my motto; keep half-an-eye on the skies but for the most part, just watch where the hell you’re going.)

    2. ​@NO CASH I’m familiar with this material too, and the point truly is that there is no mystery here. I can see you didn’t bother checking the video or the playlist I linked to. Do yourself a great favor and check out at least the video to save yourself further embarrassment.
      And if you find yourself reluctant to do so, then ask yourself honestly why you would resist an unsensational explanation for these.

  7. The fact that Obama admitted to them being real and then saying theres more that he can’t say… Makes you wonder what he really knows, and what more our government knows but wouldn’t tell even Obama…

    1. @Proboscis or they are Canadian geese viewed at from over 3-4 mile with forward looking infrared going near supersonic and analyzed by closet UFO fanatics on cable news. Other videos are just planes and structures out of focus. Never seen a video or picture close to definitive.

    2. @Jay Mag Can’t expect the Military to show our adversaries real Sensor capabilities, be they FLIR, Satellite Imagery, Radar etc. I am betting they have High Definition Video , Radar and Infrared.

    3. @wills movies Possibly, but it would be nice if x pilots and x dod workers wouldn’t stroke anymore conspiracy theories right now. Epically with these garbage videos for evadance.

  8. They have been checking into this for over 70 years and aren’t quite ready to give their opinion of what they think it is?
    (Cue- Twilight Zone music!)

    1. @Sonofspam64 Because their still beating around the bush..they have much to hide from us that they should have told us a long long long time ago.

    2. @Black Girl UK Ministry of Defence has several clear images of a large saucer shaped object called Calvine photos. They were supposed to release them recently among loads of other stuff, before the whole process got stopped and delayed by several decades, imagine that, I think pending until 2070s or something. However, you can find an accurate recreation of it as Nick Pope has seen a photo and actually had it in his office. A clear photo of a black triangle emerging from the ocean and zipping off vertically seen and photographed by a US navy pilot exists, and it is really wanted to be released in the public.

    3. They need to doctor some more videos and find better actors to produce the fake propaganda material.

  9. I do not get, how some humans can be so narrow minded as to think there is intelligent life solely on planet Earth.
    I do believe many of our fellow Universelings are having a good humored laugh over this.
    Intelligence other places is probably more intelligent than Earth’s…

    1. I don’t disagree with the premise that there is other life on planets aside from earth. To think that there isn’t is kinda egotistical, but I do believe thats a possibility, but one that is much less likely. What I disagree with is that these are aliens, because of just basic logic.

      A. In order for them to traverse to our earth they would have to have the technology capable of at least traveling 4.8 Ly. Meaning that is the minimum requirement for them to reach us. To them we are not even cave men, but monkey’s throwing pebbles at one another.
      If they are here and hostile, I highly doubt they would feel even remotely threaten by our weapons.

      B. If they were friendly why not have introduced themselves at this point.

      C if they were studying us, why on earth would they risk sending a random ship that has been seen multiple times to the same location.

      Simply put I’ve lost all hope for humanity if they stoop to that level of idiocracy plot.

    2. Yes we have highly advanced species traveling to earth and not only did they chose this time in our evolution when we are highly militarized and dangerous to reveal themselves they still only reveal themselves on grainy hard to make out footage taken on a potato. I think the only narrow minded people are the ones gullible to swallow this psyop without question. Yes there may be other intelligent life in our Universe but there is no evidence they are visiting us.

  10. I knew this was going to come out sooner or later. And people did not believe me 10 years ago about the triangle in the sky no noise and gone in a second. Well now!

    1. @Michele Conner Start an UFO religion. There’s no shortage of gullible prospects and with the
      right story line, a lot of money to be made. Science? “We don’t need no stinkin’ science”

    2. And people with any brains still don’t believe you because this is nothing but a government psyop, all these unusual objects are the military’s own advanced tech.

    3. @Mike Barry we have a UFO religion already.. Christianity, Judaism,Islam,Hindu, Apache, Cherokee, Lakota,Celtic,etc.. every one of the saw signs in the sky and worshipped them

  11. If aliens visit they got to be as broken as we are. Shouldn’t take much observation to see how f’d up humans are.

    Plot twist. They are here for the Dolphins

  12. “ we’ve been studying this for 10 years but we still don’t have enough data to say anything about it“


    1. @REE H. No but the humans in control of our world play to a script and this is part of it so don’t be so easily led astray by these distractions.

    2. Watch the Joe Rogan interview with Bob Lazar on youtube.. Without sounding like a conspiracy guy, the government knows exactly what they’re dealing with.. They may not understand how it works or where it comes from but I’m pretty sure they know it’s not a new man made craft.

  13. Whoever these little green men are, they’d do a better job of running the country than Trump did.

    1. The reason they are here is they cant afford gas to get back to mars with Joes new green deal

    2. There are no green men. Time to update your old fashion stereotype. There’s something living in our atmosphere

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