1. I think that kneeling on a neck of someone even though they are saying: “i can’t breathe” and still on their necks after they pass out is more than a “use of force”

    1. @Dilbert Doe resisting or not, they got him flat on his belly with his hands handcuffed behind his neck and 4 other officers on his body…what kind of threat was he at that point? Why did Chauvin still need to have his knee on Floyd’s neck?

    2. I’m very conflicted on this being prior Law enforcement myself. My years of training and expertise are in an entirely different state and our use of any type of neck pin/restraint is extremely limited because of the very thing that happened in this incident, and has been for many years prior to it ever happening. The move that Derek used was changed in my state to where the knee is placed at the shoulder at an angle following the shoulder blade toward the middle of back. It is only allowed to be used until such time compliance to place restraints has happened and continued verbal direction is given to cease resisting to get the person out of that position as quick as possible due to what is called ‘in custody sudden asphyxiation’ that can easily occur when not only on the belly in wrist restraints, but especially so the longer they are pinned against the ground.

      Being that Floyd did have drugs in his system and was assumed to be under the influence at the time, should have made officers more aware of the fact this could happen and take necessary steps to get him out of that position as soon as possible. Even with the length and level of resistance they encountered, I have to say in my honest opinion and experience…..he was left in that position too long. The officers failed at giving proper direction by becoming distracted by the surrounding population which the officer(s) not assisting in restraining should have been solely responsible with while those restraining Floyd should have continued verbal commands and in effect adjusted their tactics upon realizing he had lost consciousness/stopped responding at all.

      This is also taking into consideration that a person who is losing consciousness, or has lost consciousness, and is in an altered state of mind due to possible drug use may become violent again. However, when you have 4 officers, this means that one to each arm and leg once in a ‘saftey position’ (on the side or sitting upright) is achieved they should be able to control the restrained individual at that point by being able to more safely use their own body weight to restrict his limbs while not causing risk to the ability to breath and more capable to effectively use pressure points. Anyone PPCT/DT certified can attest to this, especially so when these tactics in most states have at bare minimum of a yearly refresher to help build muscle memory for these types of situations.

  2. All of the cop’s killed Floyd, cause anyone of them should have said stop he’s not breathing or moving. Barney Fife from Mayberry would have known better.

  3. The man was handcuffed , on the ground, unresponsive, and the EMT had to tell the officer to move off of him?’ Damn that’s cold blooded.

    1. @Willis Ryan Quit pretending to take the moral high ground. I can take it too, and say Floyd was morally defective when he ate his own drug stash. I really think it is moral that justice prevails and a cop doesn’t rot in jail because a Junkie died of an overdose during an arrest. The knee hadn’t even touched George’s neck and Floyd was screaming about not being able to catch his breath.

    2. @Willis Ryan dude your argument is drug addiction is a disease so regardless of what crimes are committed you should treat them better than non drug addicts? Dude my mom was on meth till I was 16 I have no respect or empathy for drug addicts. They make their bed they can lie in it.

  4. I just feel at the end of the day that supervisor those paramedics they’re not going to risk their career 4 Chavez they have families that they have to take care of

    1. Who’s risking their career and for what? I don’t understand what you’re trying to say?

  5. I don’t understand, when he had stopped talking, stopped responding what did they think had happed? Did they think he was asleep? Those officers must of known he was dead but didn’t want that crowd turning on them or to play like they didn’t know later down the line.

    1. They knew he was dead. And you could see the urine released from his body drain toward the sidewalk. The officer kept stepping in it.

    2. One of the officers was so dumb and used his thumb trying to check for few seconds Floyd’s pulse. But everyone who learned first aid that you shouldn’t use your thumb for it. The officer on his legs, also saw the moment Floyd got unconscious. It’s so obvious on the footage

  6. They should have never put their knees on anyone’s neck and it shows that the officer had his whole body weight on Floyd’s neck he should have never died but the police officer would not let up even when he said he couldn’t breathe.

    1. @No Name It’s the “Boy who Cried Wolf”

      After you’ve said I can’t breathe for the 48th time and you’re still breathing fine, it becomes harder to believe you when/if you’re telling the truth. Is he really unable to breathe, or when I lift my body up to let him stretch out, is he going to jump up and try to escape again.

    2. @Kiefer Catron okay so Chauvin was an Angel . He didn’t do anything wrong. Someone said not to forget Floyd saying he couldn’t breathe before being on the floor. I responded that anxiety can make you not breathe. I didn’t say that should get him out of jail. When did I say that? Are you drunk right now?

    3. @Kiefer Catron okay so because it was hard to believe him, let’s keep our knees on people’s neck. Got it!

  7. So many witness even the mob know that leave no witness in this case there’s plenty of witness he will be found guilty if not then let the summer riot begin

  8. The paramedics literally tried to check for a pulse as Derek’s knee was still on George as they’re checking (No Pulse was found)

    1. @Mark T I have been riveted to the trial. I actually read the toxicology report. If this country is going to burn down because of a junky dying in police hands, I want to know more than the average Joe. Don’t hate me.

    2. @President Tater Skin at least he minds his own business, not a YT bum and a frost troll like you.

    3. @John Smith He is a murderer, Floyd didn’t overdose on his autopsy is says cause of death is asphyxiation and was ruled a HOMICIDE

  9. The most beautiful thing about this trial is people from all backgrounds and every witness has contested that this is wrong and that he was murdered I have not seen one witness yet be on the side of innocent for Derek Chauvin side I don’t see it happening

    1. Man, whoever you are, you don’t know how a trial works. This is the prosecution phase of the trial. That means that the state is bringing up witnesses that support their viewpoint. Then the defense gets to call it’s own witnesses and make their client look good.
      Even though this is the prosecution’s witnesses we have seen stuff that makes Floyd look terrible:
      Opioid addiction, counterfeit money, addict buddies, him screaming to avoid getting into the cop car. The cops have looked good: timely calling the paramedics when they figured out he wasn’t just trying to trick them with claims of being claustrophobic. In the video, Floyd ASKS to be placed on the ground and they protect his head as they place him on the ground. Wait until the medical experts testify that he had 3 times the lethal dose in his body because he swallowed his own drugs to destroy evidence. Live a JUNKY’S life, die a JUNKY’S death. Chauvin is innocent and should not be held responsible for the death of a junkie that caused his own death.

    2. @Kate Moon Try it at home yourself. Very drug free ask someone of Chauvin’s weight to knee on your neck for 9 minutes. No drugs needed. Then come back to tell us it doesn’t kill anyone.

    3. @Kate Moon Just wait till the State calls the Independent autopsy that proves Floyd died from asphyxiation. We’ll see who the jury believes.

    4. @Kate Moon
      There is no way in hell Derrick Chauvin kneeling on that man’s neck for 9 mins didn’t contribute to his death. You really have to ask yourself do you really think that George Floyd still would have died had Chauvin not been there?

  10. The man was handcuffed , on the ground, unresponsive, and the EMT had to tell the officer to move off of him?

    1. Oh well didn’t you know? A cuffed man on his stomach can get sooooo violent! Oh the horror. These people defending that cop are ridiculous

    1. then why do police use this tactic all over the united states and why are they trained this way ? ive watched the training video hundreds of people everyday in this country get a knee to the neck and dont die, he couldnt breath long before he got a knee to the neck fentnyl( lethal amounts here ) cause shallow breathing problems ..everyone ignores this.

  11. They were all in this together choking the poor man to death. Why the hell didn’t he not kick the other guy . Why did he just watch him being murdered. They were all in this …hand in hand..none should be spared . No one

  12. Chauvin had a sadistic look, even after death he still continued with hands in pockets, like he was fondling himself.

    1. @Aaronyes I need therapy after seeing someone murdered like that. why did he continue kneeling on a dead man’s neck with hands in pocket with that sick look on his face , its a fact some killers get off as they feel drain

    2. Watch the video. He was wearing black gloves that blended in with his pants, LOL. The smug look is to not engage with the black nationalist in the hostile crowd calling him “Bum” over and over. The knee is on there extra long because after a criminal has been subdued, there is the possibility of him getting re-energized and causing harm to himself and others again. Floyd was 6 foot 5 and huge! The knee to the neck is a standard procedure to restrain someone.

    3. @Kate Moon “standard procedure”!?!? LMAO, NO. No it certainly is NOT! Where tf did you hear that.

  13. I can’t stand listening to the defense lawyer they don’t have a leg to stand on just that he had a history of drugs. Anyone would have died from what happened to him.

    1. Sad To Say But Really The Defense Lawyer Is Just Doing His Job. This Is The Defense Attorneys Biggest Paycheck & Well His Job Is Literally To Make Guilty People Look/Sound Good.

    2. @Chris Rezendes If people think you’re talking about Michael Baden, then why are they giving up-thumbs to your post?

      Besides the problems already outlined, and Baden being discredited as a celebrity quack (see his Wikipedia page for extensive details), his “independent autopsy” was hampered by:

      * No access to toxicology reports
      * Being limited to looking at an already cut-up and autopsied body, missing key organs
      * Largely relying on video, while having no access to critical bodycam footage that was yet to be released to the public

    3. Yeah, Floyd had a history of criminal behaviour. Does that mean the cops should be judge, jury and executioner? They were kneeling on his chest, that’s why he was struggling to breathe, but the knee to the neck would have been limiting blood supply to his brain which is why he passed out. Continuing to kneel on his neck after that point would cause brain tissue death. Tell you what, get a few friends to pin you down in the same position with the same level of force and get back to us about how it felt. Seriously. We’re all ears.

  14. If he didn’t mean to do it why didn’t he ask Floyd if your done resisting. Now we’re gonna get you up and your gonna go in the car. He said none of that he said nothing to him the whole time with his knee on his neck. I just find that strange.

  15. Opioids happened to kick in the same time Derick asphyxiated George Floyd. What a coincidence???

  16. Let’s just say that “to protect and serve” was really never meant to be for certain classes of folks in this country.

  17. Just find Chauvin guilty & put him in prison Gen-Pop for 1 Month!
    Let’s see how tough he is when the Inmates give him a Welcoming Party ! 🐷🔫.

  18. When a person is handcuffed behind his back, there’s very little he can do. There is no justifiable reason to apply such excessive force and for so long. He basically killed him, then left the rest for the ambulance workers to worry about.

  19. Now every murderer’s defense will be that the victim had high cholesterol / cancer / diabetes, or had smoked a blunt, so it’s possible that’s what killed them at the exact time of the murder. 😂

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