Former President Obama warns misinformation threatens democracy | USA TODAY

Former President Obama sends a warning on social media misinformation and condemns Trump over election conspiracy theories.

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In an hourlong speech at Stanford University, Obama said "people are dying" and democracies eroding because of misinformation and disinformation on social media, citing Russian President Vladimir Putin's rise and unnecessary COVID-19 deaths as prominent examples of the threat.

The former president called on tech groups to find a "north star" and "redesign" themselves to focus less on "making money and increasing partisanship" and more on solving the information crisis he said they helped create.

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  1. Hilarious …the primary misinformation guru talks and warns the teachers and purveyors of the same to watch out for the dangers of misinformation. This is sociopathic

  2. If you want to know more about what’s going on in Ukraine, check out these independent channels and journalists:
    Patrick Lancaster,
    the Grayzone,
    the Jimmy Dore Show,
    Richard Medhurst,
    the New Atlas,
    the Last American Vagabond,
    Max Blumenthal,
    Aaron Mate,
    Scott Ritter,
    the Duran,
    George Galloway,
    Gonzalo Lira,
    John Mearsheimer,
    Glenn Greenwald,
    Alex Cristoforou,
    Alexander Mercouris,
    Anne-Laure Bonnel.

  3. So true Mr. President! But it goes both ways in the political realm! It’s ashame! Please pray for America!

  4. NBC’s current National Security Reporter, Ken Dilanian, was previously fired by the Los Angeles Times as a CIA collaborator. E-Mails obtained by ‘The Intercept through a FOIA request show Dilanian submitting pre-publication drafts as well as altering lead stories based on CIA input. They further show Dilanian discussing slanting public opinion in regards to Drone strikes. (Sept 4 2014 ‘The Intercept, HuffPost, Politico, Los Angeles Times)

  5. I propose that each American get 1 email, only 1, kinda like a social security number or home address. They can say whatever, whenever, wherever. Except like this you can hold everyone accountable to what they say and most importantly keep foreign entities from interfering in American media

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