1. @Mike Rodriguez yeah I’m pretty content, because I think people like you are full of BS. You seem bit naive and fearful – the two go hand in hand. Good luck.

    2. @PositiveLastAction bleh. I cant believe the crap you put up with. You probably think im a trump supporter too… freaking liberals…

    3. @PositiveLastAction thats exactly what the British told the tea party. And look what happened at congress last month… this country is going into a dark place. All because nobody can talk. Just two sides calling eachother fake not realizing they are both right and wrong. But yeah. Sure. Spend on those ludicrous taxes, let our country join one sided deals, let a company completely own this country like we constantly do, let our politicians abide zero laws and live the lives of royalty, while you and I sit here and chat it up about how stupid this all is.

      I might be whining but at least it beats… the lack of whatever it is you’re doing… just denouncing all you hear because… the news didn’t say it? Yet?!?

      You probably have no idea the good this country has done to fight the opioid crisis… your too busy hating on trump.

      You probably have no idea how much troops liked trumps support.
      You probably think they liked the guy the got their friends killed! (Obama)

      You probably didn’t even know, that Biden never answers his own questions.
      Talk crap about trump all you want but his answers gave more affirmation than the puppet we have now. His rhetoric was just that of… a 3 year old.

      We gotta clean the forests. California’s problems are all brought upon by themselves.

      I used this rhetoric on purpose. But bottom line is its true xD
      Because you’re blind.

      Well not because you’re blind. But because so many are like you! You dont… read! None of what we tout are fake news its just local news most of the time. And thats why this country is so divided. Because a local story will happen that raises everyone’s eyebrows. And then it’ll raise their eyebrows even further when they see that NOBODY ELSE is talking about it… there’s a massive amount of corruption and you just…. watch avengers movies and talk crap about cyberpunk.

      Not you specifically but… sheep

    4. @Mike Rodriguez lol whining doesn’t beat what I’m doing by a mile. I’m living a productive, fulfilling life and enjoying it immensely. You sound washed up and worn out. I feel bad for you pops.

      Get some help and good luck. 🍀

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