Former press secretary Grisham writes Trump's White House engaged in 'casual dishonesty' | USA TODAY 1

Former press secretary Grisham writes Trump’s White House engaged in ‘casual dishonesty’ | USA TODAY


Trump's former press secretary, Stephanie Grisham, is publishing a tell-all book, "I'll Take Your Questions Now." Here's what to expect.
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Stephanie Grisham, one of Donald Trump's former press secretaries, says in a forthcoming book that Trump and his aides forged a culture of lying during their four years in the White House.

“Casual dishonesty filtered through the White House as if it were in the air conditioning system,” Grisham writes in "I'll Take Your Questions Now: What I Saw at the Trump White House," according to The Washington Post, which obtained an early copy of the book.

The book, to be published on Tuesday of next week, offers anecdotes of Trump's volcanic temper, his sexist comments about women, and his demands to aides that they simply deny the numerous allegations made against him and his administration, despite any evidence to the contrary.

Grisham, also a former chief of staff to first lady Melania Trump, writes about how Mrs. Trump became dis-engaged from the administration after reports of her husband's past infidelities.

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  1. MSM 2016: Russia installed Trump with election interference
    MSM 2020: Our elections are so secure you elected a potato & you’re racist

  2. I love how they never say anything until they have a book to sell…almost like they are making it up because they know idiots will pay for it.

    1. It’s actually the opposite. Why speak up and try to help the country, when you can be quiet and make a bunch of money? Capitalism in action, people just want their capital and don’t really care about the country. If they just told everyone the story for free, what idiot is going to pay them? Who buys the cow when they can get the milk for free?

    2. @rr bernhardtYeah I’ve been watching them in action my entire life so I’m pretty good at spotting them in the wild. They do things like make halfwit comments because their program doesn’t allow any actual independent thought, only dogmatic adherence to the status quo.

    1. @Minh Nguyen So! the sooner everyone gets a vaccine the sooner all this bullshit ends, like what the governor of Alabama said the unvaccinated are the ones holding the country back its just common sense nothing more! but you can’t fix stupid

  3. It’s always funny to me when someone trump fired for incompetence gets paid booku bucks to write a book and then really has no juicy info

    1. @rr bernhardt actually rr b if you dig a little deeper she was already on her way out and tried to save face by resigning, probably so she could then write a book lol

    2. @MTS: Where on Earth did you find evidence to claim she was already on her way out? Are you Facebook friends with her, or something? Hell, she was one of Trump’s longest serving staff members, and pretty much every one of them A) resigns in protest or B) gets fired. She took “Option A.”

    3. @rr bernhardt def not Facebook friends with anybody, there were rumors floating prior to her resignation of certain people being unhappy with her job performance, granted they were just rumors.

    4. @MTS: Thanks for clarifying, but an outgoing president doesn’t fire people 10 days before he’s replaced because of rumors about poor performance from a person who has served for practically four years.
      I truly appreciate your honesty, though. It’s refreshing in this era when people say anything that pops into their heads to support their opinions. Have a great day…

  4. Here’s a no-brainer. Democrats AND Republicans have been equally dishonest with the American people for a long time. It’s just people are trying to pick and choose who’s more dishonest when the real answer is both groups.

    1. @BBQ BEER FREEDOM Who’s writing everything we read? Who’s giving us all our current stories? Why are they giving us the information we receive and current stories?
      Everyone I know uses Google as if it’s a God and deny what they see with their eyes.

    1. @Donald Rhodes I find every thing Trump said as true, except Mexico paying for a wall. I’ve never heard Demented Joe say one truth yet.

    2. @HotRod Mama49 Oh sit down virtue signaler. Biden sniffs kids hair and did the same thing to women. Obama droned women and children to death for 8 years and gave an enemy to the United States a crate full of untraceable cash to TERRORIZE us and other nations, so save your prudeness.

    1. @Trumptard Crybaby What are you talking about. Name one metric for measuring the success of the country that is Better under Biden than Trump?

    2. @Randal Savage everything you said are facts. Imagine being a biden supporter. It must be hard to admit that you were so wrong. Failure after failure.

    3. @BBQ BEER FREEDOM LOL Yet it’s the majority of leftist mainstream media and all of social media who keep bringing him up. Stay distracted. You earned it.

    1. No fraud has been found because he’s constantly running away to vacation. Wait long enough, Ol Joe’s gotta come back to the White House at some point.

    2. @Pennywise I haven’t seen trump say anything since the presidential debate. Only trump related stuff I see is from these anti trump news stations. Kinda funny actually. Otherwise I woulda forgot about him

    3. @Pennywise I’m sure one of the left hand scholars will correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s somewhat of a double entender. The fraud referring to Joe Biden of course as the context at the end of the sentence suggested.

  5. That’s funny because I remember how the whole nation was promised $2k if Georgia elected Democratic politicians. Talk about lying.

  6. Casual dishonesty?? Biden: ” There’s no crisis at the southern border”. ” We will not leave any Americans behind in Afghanistan”. “The infrastructure bill will not cost Americans anything”. “Our allies were in complete agreement with how we got out of Afghanistan”. The entire US “news” media is an embarrassment to this country.

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