Former RCMP officer shares his battle with COVID-19 from ICU 1

Former RCMP officer shares his battle with COVID-19 from ICU


One of the 500 British Columbians currently in hospital with COVID-19 is a former high-ranking RCMP officer who's sharing his story.

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  1. Looking at the like/dislike ration, I can tell the super compassionate pro-life family-orientated conservatives have been here.

    1. So why does Trudeau keep bringing in all these International flights.All planes should be grounded.Not a few destinations.ALL.

    2. @Donna Collingridge He’s bringing them in? He’s personally bringing them in? Every one?

      Also your defense of how conservatives don’t care one bit about victims of COVID19 is “bu bu but Trudeau!!!”? Oof

    3. @Jay Ray 1.4 trillion. Where’s the money. Liberal corruption and liberal fools go hand in hand. Cost of living sky rockets during what should be a slow period and fools don’t see what’s coming. Lol

  2. Its hard for him to find energy but he’s okay to take a tv interview on his cell phone from the icu LOLOL. Stop this dangerous and deadly flu by staying in your closet.

    1. There are so many suggestions that the virus is not real. This interview with someone in the hospital suffering from COVID-19 is apparently not enough evidence for you.

    2. @Amelia Bedelia Or just get your unlicensed unapproved shot that is only designed to lessen symptoms not prevent infection while they use you as a pin cushion until 2023 LOL.

  3. He was so lucky to survive the virus but he don’t even know the extent of damage that virus caused him to fight for his life.

  4. I wonder when we see the public inquiry into the Nova Scotia shooting. I have no sympathy for any RCMP, until we get answers.

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