1. Working hard just puts you in the position of being a workhorse that does all the thankless heavy lifting, while the slackers get to take on the interesting project with reasonable timelines.

    2. @Perry  maybe the bosses recognize the slacker’s ability to delegate in order to be freed up? I was the workhorse and know the bosses don’t recognize it. They want one thing- the employee who makes them the most money. If you save them $1000 / day for a year- document it over time & bring it up at your review. Otherwise if the slacker’s showing the boss a $50k 2x per year he’ll get the credit

    1. I think it’s climate change saturation next month and for the following three or four years. Charlie Chester told me that.

  1. Ms. Pao’s outlook on the different ideologies of millennials and gen Z (vs. her own generation) is very encouraging. As a white male millennial, I’ve often “felt” that this difference exists, but it’s hard to know if my personal outlook is obscured by my demographic.

    1. As a Generation Xer, if there’s one thing that annoys me most about Millennials and Gen Z, it’s your predilection for prefacing your statements with the words, “As a ‘___’ ‘___’ ‘___.'”

    2. Just remember that “Average ” is a statistical, mathematical construct Never describing individuals of the measured Set.

      No one is average, and every individual differs from every other in so many ways that we can never find, even in identical twins, absolute similarity- and the differences are NOT microscopic or miniscule, but blare out like brass fanfares or intense guitar solos.

      There are NO “millennials”, ” hippies”, or generation anythings.

      Zeitgeist refers only to prominent social issues and attentions, attitudes of a moment or of years. It includes social fears affecting MOST who live during that moment, and journalists dubbing a moment, an incident, or what is really constant changing, as some kind of “generation” or other artificial divsory meme word, are not educated, nor remotely close to individuals, who, again, differ completely and enormously.

  2. Beautifully said: it is about ethics, inclusion and diversity. When you look at the state of the planet we need to work together with kindness and respect. It is the right thing to do and it’s effective. At Animal Save Movement we are working towards global and local representative organizing teams to save animals, the planet and people’s health.

    1. My first investment with Mr Steven gave me the assurance that has made me invest without the fear of losing, I got four of my friends involved with him already

  3. It’s unfair on how things have turned up to be due to the recent world pandemic things has been so difficult,
    This isn’t good in the sense that it ends up addicting the civilians financially in different angles of life.
    We see complains here and there on social media from different people in different parts all round the world

    1. @Paula Luis
      All covid deaths are fake numbers like your fake antichrist who plays with preschoolers in the park urinal with uncle Joe

  4. The serpent bloodsuckers are popping out of the woodwork to destroy humanity for full beast system Demonic tyranny

  5. 4 you …..
    لحقيقة في دقيقة .. ” الحموشي وشوف تفي وراء مقتل عدنان نعيمة إلهام وخطف الحسين وابتسام ” مع الأدلة

  6. I’m white and I’ve never said a racist thing in my life. I’m afraid there is more of a misunderstanding today than racism between races and the media creates this gulf, fake media.

  7. The biggest myth is that tech oligarchs are savvy businessmen who got to where they are on their own merit. Silicon Valley exists thanks to big government spending.

  8. Personally, I think the biggest myth about tech is that it is indispensable. It might be if you build your life around it. But that’s not the only way to live.

  9. There are so many challenges in this life but how you deal with those challenges is what really counts

  10. The work hard and you’ll make it is a myth to just make you work harder. The “growth mindset” is a ploy to make you work overtime more.

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