1. yeah after years of bigoted rhetoric, from confederate flags, outright lies, to hurting the economically disadvantaged, to anti-LGBTQ+ stuff, they have not been listening to the people for a long time now.

    2. @SuperSpyKindaGuy Sanders and if all that kills/killed the GOP than thank God for Donald J. Trump! I can see the daily show tributes to him already. What a great patriot😏

  1. So if republicans are going to rewrite the history of the insurrection, does that mean they are going to resurrect the lives of the people who died that day?
    Because their will be no rewriting of the insurrection without a resurrection of the people that lost their lives on Jan 6.

    1. @deb Sane people know that’s not possible but TRUMPS MORONS THOUGHT THEY COULD BECAUSE OF HIE LIES!

    2. I mean the fact you’re waving the confederate flag on UNION soil, in UNION buildings kinda loses your right to downplay it as “just some riot.” The flag is the flag of a group of losers who lost a war. It should never have been allowed to be used after the civil war.

    3. Agree. What about resurrection of the dead COVID victims? Remember, Republicans said it was a hoax!

    1. @Johnny Young you’re projecting. It was Republicans who attempted to overthrow a legitimately elected president with an insurrection.

    2. Biden DOJ nominee Kristin Clarke actually promotes cop killing and was a member of the May 19 Communist Organization (look them up) that bombed the US capitol building on Nov. 7, 1983. She calls Susan Rosenburg, who was convicted of transporting the illegal firearms and over 700 pounds of explosives for that bombing, a hero. You people are hypocrites to the core.

    3. @Geno McCoy Where would you go? There is no place on the planet that will be safe if America goes bad.

    1. @Sally Williams to quote another user “This is why you dont engage, every point of evidence is fake to them, every counterpoint a lie, every logical conclusion just makes you a “sheep”

    2. I said it once and i’ll say it again , republicans are like the dinosaurs they will become extinct in the near future. Always fighting , always backstabbing each other and finally following a false prophet that all he taught his followers was chicanery ways behind closed doors …

    3. @deb wake up, Deb…… F*cker Carlson is the biggest liar of all….and he’s lying for the loser former liar in chief. Never has this country seen so many people deluded by a madman who has openly lied to them. Wake TF up, Deb.

    4. @deb On the contrary. Americans LOVE President Biden because he’s working on our behalf. You, unfortunately, are deluded by a nutcase. Wake the F up, Deb.

  2. Problem with the GOP is they’d prefer a cruel lie over an uncomfortable truth.
    Trump lost.

    1. @VJ’s M Russia was no hoax. They have been hacking and attacking us for 4 years. Putin told the world he helped trump win in Helsinki and Manafort was proven to have been feeding the strategy to Putin. But Fox told you it was a hoax and trump is a super hero so sleep comfy, little one.

    2. @ben dover Biden is president if we go over a cliff, which I think we will, it will be your doings not ours.

    3. @Robert Jackson whether they been hacking and attacking us is speculation that had nothing to do with our election in 2016 Fox didn’t say it was hoax- everyone said that (Clapper ) came out and said that there was nothing that interfered in 2016 our election
      Sounds like a sore loser just like Hillary
      BTW why are we worry about Russia your boy Biden’s best Friend from China released a virus (Covid)that has killed who knows how many and is still around here

    4. @darena12 I don’t watch fox…
      Clapper came out and said that there was no interference. So I believe him NOT you and everyone else.
      45 million well spent

  3. Who wants to be affiliated in the history books with people giving up America so easy because of A Russian Intelligence operation! …GAWWWD FFS people !

  4. Cool. Let me know when the current GQP members step out of their fantasy world and join the rest of us in the real world where the Stable Genius was fired by America for being the worst president in history.

  5. “Until Republicans return to reality and become responsible, they should not be trusted with power again.”
    That’s been obvious for some time, the same warning others like me have been advocating, but it’s good that Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney is amplifying that message. More Americans need to understand this.

    1. Pelosi should have expelled the seditionists. Dems are too soft. Look what the R’s are doing nationwide to voting rights. Elections in 2022 are going to be meaningless.

    2. @Trey Sharpe sure they did. How’bout them cyber ninjas, huh? As long as you believe the lie, you are susceptible to the con. Did it never occur to you that maybe they are CREATING the fraud?

    3. @Robert Jackson ~ Unfortunately, Pelosi doesn’t have that power as House Speaker and Schumer doesn’t have that power as Senate Leader. Democrats are working to pass HR-1, a new voting rights act; Republicans state voter suppression laws will be challenged in court; and Democrats must keep turning out in force to vote to prevent Republicans from holding office until they can once again demonstrate themselves to be _LOYAL_ opposition.

  6. Maybe Congress and Senate representatives should have a basic science test and a psychiatric evaluation before going through elections…….

    1. @TheBase1aransas republicans hate democracy, and by extension, America and the Constitution.

    2. @TheBase1aransas my god, you’ve cracked the case. How could everyone be so blind? You’re so smart.

    3. @TheBase1aransas  errr ‘scuse me – soooo did Biden or trump win the election please?

    4. @TheBase1aransas 3 counts already completed of Maracopa county. Now a conspiracy spouting company who has never done an audt before, is conducting an audit, using trump voters only as counters, not wanting to reveal their process, having observers sign non disclosure agreements, only OAN allowed to have cameras present.
      How would you feel if george soros was allowed to run an audit of a county trump won, with only democrats counting, etc etc etc. Would you trust the results if they differ from the previous 3 counts? Because there is no way i would.

  7. For Fox News, I would enlist the Taliban, oops sorry, I meant a Tele Ban. They’re headless already.

  8. We are all beyond frustrated, because we have all been hijacked by the big lie, and trumpo’s conspiracies adopted by the republican party. Rich how Tucker Carlson says: “let’s be honest”… when there is not one honest bone in that body!

  9. I guess it’s time for him to use those intelligence-gathering skills on domestic enemies now.

  10. We need to call the Fox moderator by his full name – Tucker “Clickbait” Carson which explains a lot. There are several good suggestions. If everyone used the same “term of endearment” it just might stick. The “former guy” has used this tacit often.

  11. Reasonable man. It takes a lot to step away from an identity that was good to you for a time, for the sake of preserving humanity. I respect him

  12. RIP GOP grifters. This is fundamentally why we need leaders that understand science, current world events, history, math and truth.

    1. The truth? Biden DOJ nominee Kristin Clarke actually promotes cop killing and was a member of the May 19 Communist Organization (look them up) that bombed the US capitol building on Nov. 7, 1983. She calls Susan Rosenburg, who was convicted of transporting the illegal firearms and over 700 pounds of explosives for that bombing, a hero. You people are hypocrites to the core.

  13. Keep this common sense news coming. It is refreshing and desperately needed. Thank you ✌️

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