Former Republican David Jolly Says Current GOP Lacks Ideas and Dignity | MSNBC 1

Former Republican David Jolly Says Current GOP Lacks Ideas and Dignity | MSNBC


David Jolly discusses the current state of the Republican Party with Geoff Bennett, lamenting what he calls his former party's lack of ideas, policy, ideology — and dignity.

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  1. The GQP is destroying themselves, people are leaving the party in record numbers. Hatred and outright bigotry of the conservatives is not something people want to stand behind.

    1. @lacoste Indict, Convict, Sentence and Imprison “The Drumpf”.. and the GOP will hang themselves… much sooner.

    2. @eltorocal It’s over. Find a new hobby. I suggest cryptocurrency. I invested in Litecoin before Christmas when it was at $80 and now it’s at $350. Get yourself a wallet at Binance, subscribe to all the crypto channels and start investing.

    3. @lacoste Cowshit for brains… investing in something you cannot see, touch, or collect when that system fails.
      Oh, and I’m sure you kneel to that “great gig-in-the-sky”, and his “son” the “dirt rib”… and that “ghost-thingy”, don’t you?

    4. @eltorocal You don’t have to keep it in crypto. Binance gives you a crypto wallet and a real wallet for real currency. You can invest in a coin when it’s low, and exchange it for USD when it’s high. You can day trade or long term.
      In the future, every company will have a coin. The Stock market won’t even exist. Everyone will trade through their coins.

    5. If you take the time and get a wallet at Binance, and post your address here in the comments, I’ll send you 10 USD in litecoin to get you started.

  2. Who needs ideas, or plans when voter suppression will hand them back the keys to the kingdom. Even if these draconian voter suppression laws reach scotus, expect no help fr them. Thanks manchin and sinema, not

    1. Case in point: republicans in South Carolina want to bring back the Electric Chair and Firing Squads for death row inmates.

      And no, I am not joking.

    2. The Democrat’s good idea is inflating the national debt till there’s no turning back. The Dems parasites don’t care.

    3. @jerome dupree So Republicans have never wasted money on things such as immoral wars, needless bailouts, corporate welfare, etc? By the way, I’m not a pro-Democrat. I’m just an anti-Republican.

    1. CNN just caught funding fake net neutrality comments ! So who’s the liars bud ? Fake news leader

    2. @FactsarenotdirtyFwords CNN caught funding fake net neutrality comments ! Who’s the liars bud O it’s the fake news leader ..liberal liars !

    3. @Brent Nuckolls told to you by whom?
      Just because a website that anyone can create or one makes a video is not a fact.
      If one only believes the source then maybe look at history to form an opinion.
      Example is Trump told us the virus will disappear magical last April. Fact is Trump in front of multiple cameras told the public.
      Fact that was a known lie as he had a medical team telling different.
      Feeling are not facts.
      History teaches as people will.
      History is not something that might have happened it is something that did.

    4. @Brent Nuckolls Yea and they would need to do it a million more times to catch up with FOX, Hannity Carlson, Pirro Ingraham and company. One producer that probably got fired doesn’t represent the entire media outlet, GTFOH.

    1. @jerome dupree look how desperately they want to convince people that the Democrats are just as bad or worse. Bad news: the Democratic party isn’t a cult.

      They are a disorganized mess of corrupt and judgmental hypocrites who specialize in snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, true, but they aren’t a seditious cult of violent criminals accusing their enemies of everything they do and nakedly stealing everything they can from Americans to enrich themselves, from tax money that deserves to go to the people to the elections themselves. Republicans are far worse.

  3. The fox news website basically reads like The Onion, and the GQP wonders why no one takes them seriously anymore.

    1. @WilliamOccamensis You’re as unreasonable as the partisan freaks in the Fox News comment section.
      These networks don’t care about anything but their bottom line. They cultivate and feed on hate and division.

    1. Catherine Hendrickson Now THAT is the way to comment on here… and all over social media.

    2. Did you see where your beloved CNN caught funding fake net neutrality comments ? Fake news leader .. or plain liberal liars

  4. As far as I am concerned they were doing this for years just that 1/6 put a slimmy orange bow on it

  5. Dignity, Ideas? They LACK basic Ethics, Humanity and are in support of Sedition, Insurrection and Lawlessness!

    1. The socialist Dems are responsible for the deaths of dozens of people and burning of our cities that terrorized our communities all summer. All over some thug who overdosed

    2. @Brandon can’t you trolls come up with some new lies? You just recycle the same warmed over Fauxitis crap ad nauseum.

  6. So miss lindsey has determined that the gop cannot grow without being profoundly corrupt and about 40% of the electorate is just fine with that.

    1. That’s who and what they are.
      Gov if Texas, gov of Florida, gov of Georgia, cruz, hawley, green, gaetz, johnson, jordan

  7. They also lack integrity, empathy and courage.

    They’ve got the greedy treasonist narcissism down perfectly though. They are perfect at that.

  8. The incriminating photos or videos Trump has on Graham must be really something

  9. Cheney is like that cop, that refuses the dirty money, like everyone else, and that makes them uncomfortable, because it points out, just what they are.

  10. David Jolly, and others like him, keep nailing it that the GQP is without a single redeeming quality anymore. They have no platform and no willingness to even try to govern. They want power for power’s sake and that is it, PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. David Jolly Nailed it! That is the most accurate public description of what’s really going on I’ve heard.

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