Former RNC Chairman Calls Trump ‘P.T. Barnum On Steroids’ | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. The media is a part of it, they have an interest in keeping the pot boiling. Those msm hosts are paid millions to keep the neo-liberalism alive and maintain the fear levels at fever pitch.

    2. @Kevin Lee
      Nope, the cowards are the masked American “police” I saw beating and spraying mace in the face of a navy vet a few days ago.

    3. Jim Battersbee Sorry brother Jim. I am on your side. Same team. It was a friendly fire. May God bless you and your family brother

    1. @geofo60 Geof Harris but, but, but he was chosen, he told us so, and he wouldn’t lie, would he?

    2. Not true. If Putin tells him to do it, he will. Think about it, he’s silent when he knows that Putin placed a bounty on American troop’s heads: he could care less if soldiers die.

    3. @Kay your right Kay, been wackadoo since jim jones, jim swaggart, and before PTL…I think you can be faithful, but I draw the line at exposing innocents to lethal contagion.

  1. ….close Michael but Donald is the Geek in the sideshow who bites the heads off of live chickens. A previous incarnation I presume.

  2. just trump being a narcissistic fascist…him acing that cognitive test surely made him believe all he does is just making america great again…

  3. I don’t know why they don’t protest just down the road from the Federal buildings, then they cant touch them.

    1. Their taxes pay for those buildings, they have a right to be outside. It’s the goons who have absolutely no right to be there; they are outlaws – it’s the goons who have to leave, not US citizens.

    2. Exactly!!!! You guys have gotta be smarter!!! He’s setting you up for failure!!! Don’t play his games! Think like when you were a kid and the bully was always pushing you around! When you had enough, what did you do????? Do that now!!!!

    3. @Judith L I get the reasoning but why not take it away from their hands. Stop playing their game and start playing your own.

    4. Can you say…..paid for by Donald VonTwitler. That’s why. And probably a few stubborn in your face protesters.

  4. michael steele are you reaching out to BLM and other protest organizers? Please do. Please. more important than voicing on MSNBC ~ preaching to the choir!

    1. Be smarter in how and where we protest is what he’s saying and I agree. Americans tend to cut off their nose despite their face.

  5. P.T. Barnum was a master showman who created affordable entertainment. Trump has never created anything but tears.

  6. I agree media and democrats need to stop showing trumps circus acts. Tell what he isn’t doing for the American people. Get smart media

    1. But then it would be Faux and Friends “Framing” the Narrative and what they mentioned right at the end was that the Protesters were playing into Trump’s hands by becoming violent in response to the Stormtroopers, instead of peacefully Protesting, if it’s not covered by the media Trump can do as he pleases (like arresting Reporters for filming what is happening and yes that’s already been taken to Court) #TrumpVirus

  7. It’s going to get worse, no job, no money, no food ,no car repossessed ,no house getting evicted, no peace of mind, no justice, no peace…

    1. 😢. I remember when he “won” the presidency I said to myself, “I see a very dark future for our country. He’ll have the people he wants in government positions to protect him so he can do what he wants.” And what has happened??😢

    2. @N S Indeed. He’s literally gutted most government agencies and replaced them with loyalists. GOP complains about government ineptitude, but THEY caused it. Defunding EPA, CDC, etc and replacing their agency heads with loyalists that are anti-government. It’s madness.

  8. It’s certain that Don the Con is supplying the anarchists too. It’s theater for his morons.

  9. The Republicans making the “Lincoln Project” ads are doing a better job then the Democrats of revealing what Trump is.

    1. @Derry Taylor So, the thing with the long-terms consequences of the politics and hatred and division is you end up with a political constituency primed to hate whomever a demagogue points at. You know, a demagogue like Trump. Trump is the end result of decades of hated and division — the othering of gays, of blacks, of the educated, of anyone who could be declared different. He is the politics of hatred and division at near to its point of nadir. Yes, near to, because as bad as Trump has been, the politics of hatred and division has a worse point, and that’s called purges.

    2. @Kimberly Galanti – Agreed. I clicked (tapped) “Ignore” when their first video showed up in my recommended list. But, then clicked “Undo” and watched it just to give them a chance. Good stuff, and well produced.

    3. @JC Democrats are too nice. We’ve always been this way (at least as far as I can remember going back to the 60’s). Michelle Obama’s dictum is commendable “when they go low, we go high” but sometimes the situation calls for a food fight, or worse. THIS is one of those situations. We need to show zero mercy (as much as I hate to see that). We are dealing with Knuckle Dragging Neanderthals (sorry to the Neanderthals for bringing them into this). It’s time to fight dirty.

    4. @Aaron Winegar – The Lincoln Project is great at playing tRump’s game. We’re already experiencing the ‘long-term consequences’ of tRump’s psychosis so the faster we get the a**hole out of office, the better for the nation.

  10. Claire McCaskell telling media about media screwing peaceful protestors by showing only Violent footage.. she nailed it! 👍

    1. I agree. We have been saying every day on these boards for weeks. People ONLY talk about riots and looting. They never talk about the 1000s of peaceful protests that have happened around the globe, but particularly in the US. Ones where NO arrests happen. Where NO riots happen. Where NO looting happens. But peaceful protests don’t get as many hits.

  11. No one yet have the brain and guts legally to stop him despite him breaking so much laws. Impeach Barr might do it.

  12. “There are a lot more people who likes what Trump’s doing than what we want to accept or want to acknowledge.”
    This is the truth.

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