Former science table head calls for mask mandates in Ontario | ‘We don’t have a lot of alternatives’


  1. If you want fascism, the best bet is to impose mandates. Give all of your life to your government and their corporate partners. Average citizens do not deserve any rights. All your actions must be dictated to you.

    1. Covid meant staggering sums of free money to anyone who asked so I’m sure millions of Canadians are hoping for the free money to ckme back by keeping the con up.

    2. Distraction from selling arms to Ukraine which Interpol says are going to criminals on streets of Europe a minor ww3 hiccup.

  2. Alright, fine. If masks work, anybody that WANTS to wear one… it. They will be protected right? This guy won’t be taking part in that stupidness again.

  3. federal employees, store employees and staff in high impact areas are still wearing masks, Ive personally seen them do it but my company will not be re-instating this and I dont think a lot of others will..why you ask? If that comes back theyll have to let staff start working from home again…and that aint happening the profits cover all.

  4. How about better HVAC systems, ventilations air systems bam. Problem solved, better air quality everyone will be healthier for it.

    Sounds like an air quality issue.

    Have you tried that?

    But that would shift the burden of cost from the person to business. and limit the amount of rules they could enforce.

    Outdoor/indoor what’s the difference?

  5. it’s times like this I truly, truly wish we should see the ‘dislikes’ ratio again. I can still tell it’s gotta be brutal.

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