Former Sec. Of Defense Gates On Trump’s Use Of The Military | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. Trump’s Enema wil arrive about 10pm on November 03, 2020. He won’t be near a camera. Good thing!

    1. @Montesa Well, then… since you are posting the same pap on every thread, what is YOUR solution, since you seem to be so above it all and arrogant about it?

    2. @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 Dim Bulb, Learn 2 Know When To Stop! Nobody wants to read all that run on garbage. Seriously? Hate to burst your bubble, but… It’s not brilliant, it’s BORING.

    3. @R. McBride – I’m sorry, is there anything you don’t understand? maybe I can help you

  1. What we’ve learned so far from Bolton’s book is that obstruction of justice is not the exception in Trump’s White House, it’s the #1 rule. And apparently, it only gets worse from there. Asking countries like Russia, China and Ukraine for quid pro quos to help him get reelected seems to be the #2 rule.

    Trump unwittingly admitted to obstruction of justice in his May 2017 interview with Lester Holt. In the interview, Trump said he fired James Comey because he wouldn’t shutdown the Russia investigation. I say unwittingly because Trump doesn’t believe he obstructed justice, because he doesn’t actually believe in justice to begin with. And he certainly doesn’t believe in law & order.

    1. @R. McBride So… he’s a Republican and you believe him? Why,perhaps because you like what he said? How typical of the liberal mind.

    2. @David Eby WE are Republicans, Dim Bulb. Or were until we just couldn’t take it any more. I believe him because I know Gates and know he is an honorable, intelligent, thoughtful and experienced man.

      I believe Bolton because he is much too sly a fox to catch himself out with statements he can’t back up.

      When are you going to figure out that even those people – appointees of Trump – members of staff and cabinet, lifelong staunch Republicans – allies – are alarmed and offput by him????

      There is something monumentally wrong with the man and his administration. It’s in NEON LIGHTS over the White House. How long are you going to hang on to the lie before you finally admit you were dead wrong???

  2. We “won” the cold war, yet now spend more on defense while OUR COUNTRY FALLS APART. Not much point in all this money into DEFENSE if the place we’re DEFENDING is a WRECK.

    1. @magicae 37 So discard the once living 120,000 who Trump has allowed to die, by his incompetence, ignorance, ego, and greed.
      It’s a contradiction to be an anti abortionist, an not care about those who are living, already born??????

  3. Anybody else notice Trump didnt use military on the Michigan protesters that were white and playing into his “Hoax” thing!

    1. Why do you have an opinion on every video irregardless of time of day? Hmmm 🤔 Not an actual person perhaps? Cover blown… wonder what shift your moniker is on…

    2. Lars Jones Why do you have an opinion on every video irregardless of time of day? Hmmm 🤔 Not an actual person perhaps? Cover blown… wonder what shift your moniker is on…

    1. @TigerJ Houston Dementia Joe says China is not a problem! Also you ain’t black if you don’t vote for Dementia Joe he says!

    2. @Logan McLean you have to BE ELECTED to get REELECTED. Everybody knows that bunkers was INSTALLED by the corrupt/racist electoral college. 😜

  4. t’rump likes to project strength.
    When in reality he’s too weak to lift a glass of water or waddle down a ramp without a walker.
    Oh, he also has to wear an adult diaper to prevent his boom boom’s from leaking out of his suit! 💩

    1. @Tech ti Haven’t your ever asked yourself – honestly – why so many people are against Trump? It’s not just the average guy on the street or Democrats or whomever. One after another, senior government and military officials, many of whom were appointed BY TRUMP, have come out loudly against him. World leaders think Trump is a buffoon and a joke and don’t bother to hide it. My grammar school kids think he’s a joke and a disgrace.
      Are you going to tell us that the entire world is out of step except you and Donald Trump? Time to wake up, Bud.

    2. R. McBride Hello from Australia. Myself and ALL the people I know think Trump is a POS. We are all educated sensible thinking people. VOTE BLUE!

    3. @David Ryan David, Hello from Arizona! We are or were lifelong Republicans, but we now consider ourselves Independents. We just couldn’t take it any more. You can count on the fact that we will be voting a straight Democratic ticket in November, just to get as many of those cretins as possible out of office.

    4. R. McBride Good job! I have never taken an interest in American politics until now. I know very little about Biden or his policies but anybody is better than Trump.

    1. Bunkers is in way over his fat head. His narcissism has gotten himself into too many conflicts. And it’s members of his own party, that have the most damaging anti-t’rump adds out there. The Lincoln Project is ripping this criminal thug a new
      .a$$hole, everyday. His REINSTALLATION is looking doubtful. And he NEVER had a legitimate change, of winning an election in the first place.

    1. @Tech ti Uh… you like your ridiculous post so much that you are going to cut and paste it to every thread? Bud, that is so pathetic.

  5. Man I had to laugh, when I read about Putin preventing Trump from intervening in Venezuela. He told him that Venezuela’s opposition leader was like Hillary. And the trick worked. Putin makes fun of Trump and he doesn’t notice.

  6. Betrayal is in Trump’s DNA. Trump won’t hesitate to betray anyone or anything if he believes he can personally benefit from it in any way.

    Trump tried to rewrite his father’s will in 1990 to strengthen his position as the only person to inherit his father’s estate. But Fred Trump foiled the attempt, as he feared his son could strip his estate and use it to rescue his own failing businesses, The Times reported, citing depositions and other documents it obtained.

    Trump had sent his father a document that would make him the sole executor of the estate and protect his portion of his inheritance from creditors and his impending divorce settlement.

    Despite his father’s will having already been written by a top real estate lawyer, Trump had his own lawyers draft a new copy and sent it to his father in December 1990. Trump sent his father the 12-page document and asked him to sign it immediately. Fred Trump, then 85 and terminally ill, was in the hospital, had not seen the document before, and saw the move as an attempt to go behind his back.

    He showed the document to his daughter Maryanne Trump Barry, a federal judge at the time. She recalled in her deposition that he told her, “This doesn’t pass the smell test,” The Times reported.

    Then Fred Trump had lawyers draft new documents stripping his son of sole control of the estate. Notes from those lawyers show that Fred Trump’s instructions were to “protect assets from DJT, Donald’s creditors.”

    Sworn depositions made by unnamed members of the Trump family during a dispute over Donald Trump’s nieces’ and nephews’ inheritance were obtained by The Times. Those depositions showed that Fred Trump believed the document his son wanted him to sign would put his vast business empire at risk.

    Had his father signed the document, which he did not, it also would have given Trump sole control over his dying father’s estate..

    Fred Trump was, according to the sworn Trump family testimonies obtained by The Times, angered by his son’s attempt to rewrite his own will without his prior knowledge or consent.

    If Trump would do this to his own father and siblings, what do you think he would do to the country and the American people?
    If Trump’s own father and siblings couldn’t trust him, why on earth should the American people trust him?

    1. America was for sale the day he became president. I wouldn’t put it past him if that he loses the election, and he will… he’ll hold America the beautiful hostage with Putins help.

    2. @Sherri Zeno I could not conclude Trump committed a crime!- Robert Mueller! GET OVER IT LITTLE BABY!

    3. Why do you have an opinion on every video irregardless of time of day? Hmmm 🤔 Not an actual person perhaps? Cover blown

  7. Incriminating =
    I wonder how these farmers feel about their product being exchange for complicit favor of omission regarding concentration camps from our Enemy?

  8. Let’s get Don the Con and Criminal family out of the White House as soon as possible, But definitely no longer then November, Vote Blue or America were completely through ! 🤬

    1. Bud do you have a fetish that we don’t know about because calling everyone a little baby is kind of weird


  10. TRUMP: “If we stop testing right now, we’d have very few cases.”

    That’s Republican LEADERSHIP for you.

    1. Why do you have an opinion on every video irregardless of time of day? Hmmm 🤔 Not an actual person perhaps? Cover blown… wonder what shift your moniker is on…

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