Former Sergeant At Arms: 'There Was A Freaking Failure' Of Capitol Law Enforcement | MTP Daily 1

Former Sergeant At Arms: ‘There Was A Freaking Failure’ Of Capitol Law Enforcement | MTP Daily


"Friends of mine & people I've hired: I don't have an explanation of their failure," the former Sergeant at Arms says as law enforcement attempts to retake the Capitol grounds from protesters. "But there was a freaking failure." Aired on 01/06/2021.
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Former Sergeant At Arms: 'There Was A Freaking Failure' Of Capitol Law Enforcement | MTP Daily


    1. I am from Netherlands Amsterdam, and followed this. Ofcourse this was coming, Trump himself told so!!!!! And that was exactly the point whre you needed to stop him!

    1. @Salesad Mieze
      Serious troll

      Only right wing Trump nuts came out today which is great !
      now all their faces are on camera and they can all be charged. Excellent

    1. My thoughts are exactly. .. but I no suprises because trump lied to them that trump is a law and order president

    1. @Squashed8Ball dude, 40% of the population think Democrats run a pedophile ring…..lets take what we can get.

    2. @Brian J Trump and Epstiens “funhouse” is still up and can be reaserched and it’s people on both sides.

    3. They just barely voted for Blue, which is still scary. Just wait, they will have to recount it three more times, verify signatures, have the republicans lose every recount, then have the republicans file lawsuit after lawsuit that they will lose, all while they have press conferences in the back alley of “Some Place Total Landscaping”, and still the republicans will claim they won.

  1. Arrest each and everyone of them, so they can lose their jobs, see if Trump will send them money like they sent him!!!

    1. @The Truth Is Out 777 The fact that they were posing in the Congress chambers without hiding their faces, means they’re too stupid to be Antifa. Clearly, Trump supporters They’ll all get arrested.

  2. He should be arrested, he did NOT try to quell the baying crowd, which by the way he’s been orchestrating for days.

    1. @Eavy Muturuh years actually he started the fraud stuff back in 2016 to spread distrust to make it easier for this

    2. To hold a rally in dc, reciting his lies, telling them the vote was stolen, on the same day the votes were to be heard – he is responsible for this, as are the republicans objecting to the most scrutinized election I can ever recall – with every legal case to overturn the results being dismissed on lack of evidence – when Barr himself said there was no election fraud – when the head of cyber security was fired for saying it was the most secure election ever (and then after being fired and replaced by an incompetent xpotus loyalist US had one of the biggest cyber incursions by Russia)

      Now dems have the house and the senate, move to impeach and remove – election tampering, and inciting insurrection

    1. Can someone help me understand 2 things, 1 how can the most powerful man in the world, can’t prove voter fraud??
      2 how the heck did common people break into what is suppose to be a secured building with the VP in it?? They didn’t have guns and bombs, what would happen if a terrorist group did this??? It’s clear there was no protection.

    2. @Ryan True what a sad pathetic loser you are. is this how you act when something doesn’t go your way? you obviously don’t know the meaning of the word communism but that’s hardly surprising considering you back trump who doesn’t know the meaning of many words. you lost in probably the most scrutinized election in american history. you don’t have a leg to stand on and you’re making yourself look very foolish. what trump is doing is much closer to communism than democracy.

    1. . They broke windows. They climbed walls. Nobody opened the door.
      Please don’t disparage the Capitol Police. There are always a few problems, but most of them do their jobs well and put themselves at risk, along with the Secret Service officers who were forced to take Trump for a ride when he had covid.

    2. Nobody let anybody in. Anarchists smashed windows, climbed walls, aimed guns at people.
      Please don’t disparage the Capitol Police. Most, like the Secret Service officers who were put at risk when a covid-infected Trump demanded a joyride, are faithful to our Constitution.
      Put the blame where it belongs. Trump, and everyone who put their own political fortunes above our democracy and the good of all of our people, have blood on their hands.

    3. Let’s not disparage the Capitol Police. Most, like the Secret Service officers who were put at risk when a covid-infected Trump demanded a joyride, are faithful to our Constitution.

      Put the blame where it belongs. Trump, and everyone who put their own political fortunes above our democracy and the good of all of our people, have blood on their hands.

    4. Let’s examine all the video surveillance to see if it’s true. If so, prosecute them to the full extent of the law!

    1. Are you kidding? They brought their gear, they are just wearing the red hats instead of their uniform. Or maybe that is their real uniform??? Asking for a few million friends.

    1. Anyone who still supports THAT BABY, bully, booger picker, WATER DRINKING WITH BOTH HANDS( LIKE A BABY) IS AS STUPID AS THIS COMMENT IS.

    2. Trump needs to be removed immediately and all those moronic Republicans do too! We have procedures to remove the president and we have procedures to remove senators and congressmen legislators whatever they have got to go immediately

    3. Yes. Sadly. If the Republican Party allows this, it is time to shut the whole party down. America comes before political party.

    1. He is far too dangerous to be left alive after he leaves office. He is a threat to national security. The incident today proves it. He has conducted treasonous acts, and may be executed for his crimes.

    1. @Jared Robbins Yes they were trying to protect America from domestic enemies. You will respect what they did one day.

    2. @AA ZZ they are trying to steal this election from Biden, so no, no one will or should ever respect what they did today. There was at least one bomb planted in the building they brought armed weapons onto public property and incited a panic. That’s what terrorist do. They were told to go home and they refused they were told of a curfew and disobeyed. These are rooting hoodlums, destroying democracy one snowflake tear at a time.

    1. @Shaka4836 And if I’m told, Stop, freeze, put your hands up, get on the ground! Thats exactly what I’m going to do. I’m not going to run, fight or anything other! I can press charges, sue if wrongly accused after. I can’t even imagine being a cop these days, trying to help, with all this going on…wouldn’t even do it.

    2. @Sick Willy it is racist if these people would have been black they would have been murdered get woke stupid!!

    1. @MyKingdomForanRV good question. For the most part i think a good part of them have a new perspective of the danger that is trump. Then again they should of already been aware naturally of the type of person that is trump.

  3. So when it’s white people with guns and bullet proof vests the Police handle them with kid gloves yet when it’s BLM with just signs and yelling they show up in riot gear and trucks. Then they ask “How could this happen”

  4. Foreign assassins will be thrilled to learn how lax the security is around the American Capitol.

    1. @A Trimble That is a different matter. All those responsible for the lack of planning and security today and lack of professional conduct and appropriate action must be held accountable, including being prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    2. Just put a red hat on and stroll in. And take a selfie with the guards on the way through. But look white….

  5. Just a disgusting scene today. We all should be ashamed of our so called leadership. Shedding tears for democracy.

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