1. @M Hall Don’t you just love the way Marjorie Taylor Greene was welcomed on stage by Nick Fuentes, and then later the way Trump had Fuentes over for dinner? So nice how the GQP embraces Nazis… isn’t it?

  1. The plaintiff suffers another Bigly loss. You can try and run from being open and transparent with the American people but you can’t hide. Americans deserve accountability.

  2. When accountability finally catches up to trump, it better be of the size that he is deserving.
    If it is, it will be the most tremendously historic accountability ever.
    It will be the largest accountability witnessed by the World, *_PERIOD !_*

    1. @Rumi900  really trumps endorsement record was 234 wins 32 losses how do you figure that, the good things is we control the house and we can block all bidens frivolous bills he tries to pass or should o say we can stop him from passing away all your grandchildren money.

    2. @toxic wastetoidjust takes practice buddy got to get the little brain stronger jr then you can handle more then a 1 on 1 conversation… 😂

    3. @Richard The Lion Hearted Trump doesn’t have a cult or make his products in China. Talk about TDS and misinformation. 🤣😂🤣🙄🙄

  3. Just get the report to the DOJ so they can make the tough decisions!!!
    I’m sure we haven’t heard everything!!!

    1. @John B denial still. Or is it just ignorance! I use facts. Like u said “facts don’t care about your feelings – or opinions. Especially ignorant ones. Typical MAGAt troll.

    2. @KT M tell me what I said that isn’t a fact then. I’ll wait. Oh way you won’t because you can’t. Keep crying little one. This is priceless. 😂😂😂

    3. @GEORGE BUTLER the democratic swamp will, like the Russian collusion delusion and the fake impeachments and the big sham, etc

  4. Watching the former failed president do his pathetic perp walk will be the beginning of the healing of this nation.

    1. In true Trump fashion, it will be the slowest, most pathetic, most indignant perp walk in the history of perp walks. 🤣😂

    2. Amen but we still have over sixty million so called American human beings out there that enabled that lunatic narcissist.

    3. Biden’s Laptop Matters! Ever hear of that? Of course not, the mainstream media called it Russian disinformation, but Joe, his son and brother are about to get a reality check, and then you will know who the real crooks are! The facts are there! Impeach Biden!

    1. That statement made by the lady judge says it all. Trump will be ,unfortunately,exonerated of all crimes! Wait till Trump.presents his cases to trumper Clarence Thomas,his election Denying wife,and the 5 other teumper judges at the Scamming Supreme court. This nonsense will go on and on until a republicon new president,perhaps.Desamtis,pardons trump for all his Crimes. The fact that doj hasn’t even acted on stolen documents that would have had us already doing time, says Trump will delay enough to get exonerated.

    2. Yeah, caught that. It appears that the highest court in the land is not only above ethics rules but also above the law. Senator Whitehouse and Rep Johnson are working on legislation to fix that. Let’s hope they’re successful.

    3. @John Brattan You keep chasing that fool of the day award, and who knows, you might get fool of the week. 🍾🥂

    4. @John Brattan The answer to all of your dumb questions is the courts. The courts have long standing ethical rules, with little variation. Very old rules, some of which were inherited from the english system and are thus centuries old. Who rules? The courts once again, since it is their function to do so. You are setting things up for an “I don’t agree with this ethical code” argument. That’s nice. One rando on the internet doesn’t get to decide in the face of centuries of legal thought, tradition, and practice.

    1. @Anthony King I wouldn’t call it taking over, I’d call screwing things up, 2024 will be a blue wave because of republican’s inability to think straight, as of their slight edge all they plan to do is act like school kids on drugs with no plans to fix our economy they only have plans to make people feel miserable

    2. @Anthony King Chances are strong that the J-6 investigations will get switched to the Senate before the end of the year. All the J-6 evidence uncovered has been requested by the DOJ.
      The investigation into the stolen documents found in Mar-o-Lardo will go forward under federal authority.

  5. The USA can regain a great deal of respect on the world stage by pursuing justice to it’s conclusion. No more “He’s just trump being trump.”

    1. @Bioniq Bob that’s cute. Unfortunately I don’t have any cash on me to reward your hard work. I don’t run a charity clinic. Sorry my friend.

    1. You can’t make sense out of what Jordan says most of the time. He talks so fast and jumbles his words together. Plus he talks nonsense with so many twists and turns. I have to record what he says and slow it down to figure out he is full of crap. I would be interested in what he would say under a DOJ oath to tell the truth.. Since he doesn’t take his oath of office serious.

    2. Jim Jordan talks to the tDump all the time, the morning, sometimes in the evening, sometimes in the afternoon…lol

    3. While he’s at it ,have Jimmy Jordan explain why he didn’t report the molestation at OSU while he was wrestling coach.🤔

    1. @J D no that would be the Republicans on their wasted time and money in the past on Hillary and their wasted time in the future on Hunter Biden.

  6. This should not be called the Mar-a-Lago case. It should be called the NARA Stolen Documents case.

    Those documents NEVER belonged to the President. They belong to “we the people” and must be properly handled by NARA and everyone allowed security clearances within the Law. The documents were stolen from NARA/Washington when they weren’t properly returned before the President left office since he was fired by the voters.

    It is as if a manager of a bank steals money from the bank he manages. He has clearance to handle the money in certain circumstances. However, he can’t just take the money out without documentation and justification! He can’t steal the money, take it home, refuse to give it back when subpoenaed for it and say it is his money now because he was allowed to handle it while he was still the manager!!!

    1. Trump is a one man crime wave and the Republican Party is protecting him. Republicans are traitors and enemies of America plain and simple.

  7. The most useful prosecution would be the easily provable concealment, which would prevent him from ever holding office again. Let’s get that one finalized then deal with the others.

  8. If the committee makes a criminal referral wouldn’t there be a better chance that the evidence collected remains relevant and with people who can do something with it?

  9. Some of the empty document folders were clearly marked, return to the department that they came from, so there is no excuse for those documents to be missing from those file folders and/or in the possession of anyone! Don’t pass go and grift $200.00.

  10. Thank GOD the judge rejected the “executive privilege” claims, because he LOST his “executive privilege” when he was FIRED and left the White House on January,20th,2021. He may still be considered the CEO of the company that bears his family name, but the hold is tenuous,at best.

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