Former Trump Admin. Official: GOP Is Biggest Threat To America’s National Security 1

Former Trump Admin. Official: GOP Is Biggest Threat To America’s National Security


Donald Trump allegedly wanting to stage a military, post-election coup, which alarmed America’s top generals according to a new book, is discussed by Rep. Eric Swalwell, and Co-Founder of Renew America Miles Taylor. 
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    1. So true!!! They all knew it. Including this General but have they said anything?? absolutely NO.. I am so tried of these people now said all these things when they already knew that jerk was an US Hitler and didn’t do anything

    2. @Scott I If he really stood up to him, he should have exposed all the wrong doing, not just went out silently

    1. @Joseph zacharias “that you wish death upon someone you don’t even know. ”

      Oh, but I know you. Seen you at the Trump rallies and on Jan 6th. Have been watch you for years.

    2. @Eli Montoya Then dont talk about it. You are the ones who are spewing propaganda. CNN even admitted it.

    3. @Debra Johnson Once again, state your proof. Go back, gather your demonstrable evidence, and try, yet again. Your false “news” stories and talking points don’t count as evidence. Can you understand that basic concept of logic?

  1. “They lack the courage to speak up.” Yes, but I wouldn’t doubt he has some dirt on these puppets.

    1. @J Yi Rudy swapped the Italian mobsters for the Russians, getting an in there. The Russian mob may have made tempting offers to Putin to help in the humiliation of America. Lay off us, we’ll help you.
      “Moscow Mitch” may be working with China.
      That in itself would give Russia something against him.
      Trump is the tool.
      Everyone has always believed the Russians have recorded every thing that goes on in their hotels etc.
      By arranging loans through the German bank, the Russians “bought the rights” to franchise the same in every one of trump’s venues.
      If you have ever played golf on one of his courses, attended a charity event scammed by one of his venues, or been inside one of his casinos or hotels, you have been data mined right down to your DNA.
      If you made any contacts you would not want your wife, family, church, or employer to know about…. Oops, you have been “honey trapped” or, there are probably terms for worst things.
      Then the contacts you made would be followed to others, extending that network infinitely.

      Carter Paige (?) caught someone’s attention. That tied his Washington buddy in knots.

      You can see why so many on the reicht are nervous about surveillance. They have had brushes against it too often to not fear it.
      In an attempt to draw attention from themselves, they scream ” the democrats do that, watch them, not us!”
      The conservatives against whom there is little or no evidence of evil doing have most often cut themselves loose from the floundering floats of the reicht.
      Most decent and intelligent human beings have no desire to rub up to the likes of trump and Mitch.
      The stench of moral decay and imminent extinction penetrates their party.
      It is amazing how many possibly potentially decent souls cling to them, oblivious, lulled into whatever they are asked.
      It is a bit like seeing the results of grooming by pimps who “take care of” their livestock,
      as long as the stock is useful. And who do not even notice when they kick it under the bus.

    2. They all have dirt on one another. I have said it for years. That is why no one ever speak up. I use to tell my mom that it seems like they have all been in the same room naked and they are afraid to tell about a illegal or immoral action of one for fear that one of their “nakedmensmen” or a surrogate will tell that or something worse on the tattler. UGH. CIRCLE OF EVIL.

    3. @Erich Nussbaum Totally agree. They want the power and prestige of political office so they will either actively speak out to support Trumps agenda or refuse to speak against him. Its an ecosystem of Trump, corrupt politicians, media like Fox who want to hold onto the Trump audience and Trump supporters. They all feed into each other. If Trump disappeared tomorrow the rest of the ecosystem will still be there.

    1. Could it be all the lies djt and the gop told…..or the willingness of RACIST MAGATS to follow anyone who fuels their pathological hatred?

    2. Because we got dupe it was sold a bunch of Lies
      The main number one LIE how to make the big deals

    1. @allIwishis 2 that would be me, too. (Gen X). And the younger generations lump us in with Boomers (which really annoys me). So my peers are not Boomers, or Millennials. I am a proud victim of the mid 70’s & 80’s,

    2. @Art Helm yes team with me I’m definitely proud victim of the 70s and 80s and definitely would go back there if I had the chance

    1. The only Dictator was installed on Jan 20. His fellow conspirators are doing everything they can to hold the position for decades to come. Beware the response to such a clear and present danger to the freedom and liberty all US citizens deserve.

    2. @Phillip Gouthier Agreed. The question every Freedom and Liberty loving citizen should be asking is, who is actually controlling the farce that is the Biden Administration?

    3. The first thing a a party does before a Coup is consolidate media and the flow of information. Who’s currently got a stranglehold on that? . Smh. Some people don’t learn history good and stuff

  2. Indeed, many people in Europe saw this already in 2016! Is was overly clear. But the USA stuck it’s head in the sand… still does.

    1. @Doug Buse I’m not at all talking about that am I? I don’t care about Trump, I didn’t mention anything to do with Trump. Why do *you* feel the need to bring Trump into a conversation that literally has nothing to do with him? I could care less about a conversation that has nothing to do with what I’m saying. Like I’m going to thank you for telling me the obvious, or going to side with you or w/e because you at me about something that has absolutely nothing to do with my comment by any stretch of a *normal* persons imagination? I could care less about that lame, childish bs. The “Adults in charge” need to grow the F up* and get over themselves. “Children in charge” is more like it.

    2. True, I am European and at the start of the Trump admin, once I made a comment with 1933 involved and even mentioned the beginning of Fascism. It was obvious that most viewers had no any idea what I was talking about.

    3. @MrTact1 Historical insight indeed is scarce. That’s why many people are inclined to repeat the mistakes others made before us.

    4. @Aperture Alpha if they hate America then why the heck stay? Go where you think it’s better

  3. He gave all the symptoms. Including at one point stating that the Constitution was interfering with his objectives.

    1. @Bringer of Change You comparing the two and think they are equal is a sign that you shouldnt do political commentary

  4. It is mind boggling that it took a insurrection on 1/6/2021 for the media to awaken to
    the existential threat that D.J. Chump poses. Chump and his entire clan of fascists shills
    need to go to prison, so our nation can start to heal from the damage he is still causing.

    1. @Common Sense Uhhhh….5 people didn’t die that day?…Really?
      O.k., let’s shorten it to 4?…(kidding).
      Any way…If you think no one died, and, it was a peaceful demonstration, why did so many of your alleged “peaceful protesters” get hauled off to jail, you poor, easily mislead shmuck?
      Some, are still being hunted down by the F.B.I.(?)…If they all haven’t been rounded up yet.
      Nope, lil Mr. “Common Sense”, you are beyond reasoning with if you think that was “peaceful”, and, it’s you who’s the moron, not me.
      So, how’s about you get with your shrink, , insist he test you on your reasoning, and cognitive recognition skills, and, get back with me.
      You’re an f’n nutcase if you actually believe what you’ve just posted.

    2. @Rhetoric You are a foreign bot or just a foreign troll its not MSM its MSNBC! Stop
      trying to destroy our Democracy with your “Rhetoric.”

    3. Gas is up and climbing inflation is skyrocketing, the middle east is heading for war China is gearing up for war. Illegal immigration is out of control and our country is in chaos with defunding police and Trump was the problem? Then why are things getting worse? When dems are in control.

    4. @pete crespi Gas going up, inflation, the Middle East, China gearing up for war is beyond control of the President.
      As far as illegal immigration is concerned, the U.S. needs as many of those hard working immigrants as is possible.
      They boost the economy wether you like it, or, not.
      The one thing that you didn’t mention that Biden can control, namely, rising Covid cases, he’s blown away Trumps handling of that issue.

    1. he came close to it, and if he ever gets reelected or if the GQP wins 2022 or 2024, it still may come true!

    2. @Sylvia Maples You realize that Trump offered evangelical leaders POWER is exchange for their homage. The bargain made was earthly dominion for worshipping him… and the “Christian” leaders enthusiastically accepted. It’s like they’ve never heard their own stories, like the Sermon on the Mount!

    3. @Discreet Anonymus The coup attempt is not over. The Big Lie is the propaganda op he hopes will bamboozle enough American fascists to destroy our democracy.

    1. @Rhetoric can you give me an example where a Democrat is as greedy and money hungry as any republican. Let’s start with Mitch Moscow Mitch McConnell he was the most broke congressman when he went to the Senate and now he’s a richest how did that happen why don’t you ask him and quit lying you’re all greedy bunch of SOB’s and you know it and you have no souls

    2. the left are the ones with sold their soul to the devil. They support genocide of babies and using covid19 as germ warfare.

    3. @Rhetoric The facts are facts. Your free association of random thoughts on unrelated topics does not make a compelling case however.

    4. @Armando Mercado Ha, such a fragile ego. They really did a job on your brains in the govt. schools…you can’t even tell what is up and what is down.

    1. What else should the GQP do? All they do is to lower taxes on the rich and that’s it. If you’re not rich there’s no reason to vote for them. If the right-wing conservatives wann stay in the game they have no other choice as to embrace fascism. That’s the only thing that still makes people curious about the retrumplicans. Besides, if the majority of citizens reject right-wing conservatives, then those same right-wing conservatives will have to make sure they get rid of that same majority. No matter how. It’s their only chance.

    2. The extreme liberal left and Antifa are the biggest threat. Just look at places like Portland and Chicago. Now imagine if that was everywhere.

    3. @Raj Singh but its the right showing up with guns at state Capitol building, pushing an election fraud lie, and they’re the ones trying to overthrow the government to make trump the king And you say its the left that is bad. Funny.

    4. @mk i went over 20 years not owing taxes and getting a tax refund and now thanks to trump for the past 3 years i owed taxes.

  5. Never forget that Hitler lost 6 elections, he was imprisoned for a failed coup, and he *still* took power.

    1. @Andy Lord If time travel were possible and I could shoot baby Hitler, I would. To Denise, dementia moves far too slowly. I’m rooting for more tell-all books. He fills his depends every time one comes out and I’m hoping he’ll stroke out. Merrick Garland probably secretly hopes the same thing as the DOJ continues to build their sedition case against him.

    2. @Andy Lord I wish it on him. He needs to be taken out of the game. And he deserves every bit of pain coming to him. So do his family. He’s evil and caused many deaths through mishandling a pandemic. He would have caused more deaths if he could have, to BLM protestors, “leakers”, members of Congress, his own VP….

    3. @Ellen Spear I agree with you 100%, but people need to also consider the fact that his election & the support he still has, doesn’t reflect very well on Dems either. That Trump – some fool & scammer off TV was preferred over the Dem candidate..?
      *That’s still, quite worrying* .

    4. @Andy Lord Why wouldnt you wish it on him? You think he is innocent and doesnt deserve it? What rock did you live under?

    1. Corrupt billionaires and millionaires like DeVos(education), Ross(commerce), Perdue(big AG), Carson(HUD), Azar(HHS), Mnuchin(treasury). They ALL benefitted from the $2 TRILLION tax breaks for the rich. Who would stop the gravy train?

    2. @Mike Cooper Trump 2024! He can run again. A president won 2 non consecutive terms before over 100 years ago and it can happen again. The Democrat witch hunt trials always end up in acquittal.

    3. @Don Grant And the Democrats are nothing but globalist sellouts. They care more about illegals for potentially getting votes and power in the future. Nothing patriotic about being a Democrat.

  6. And not that Trump was my ad! Talking about, “join me to fight big tech!” Nah… you are in your own, big homie!

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