Former Trump adviser says DeSantis’ Ukraine comments ‘clearly’ cater to the MAGA wing of GOP

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, a potential 2024 presidential nominee, is facing backlash from the GOP after he characterized the war in Ukraine as a "territorial dispute" between two countries. Former Trump adviser Alyssa Farah Griffin and CNN senior political analyst Ron Brownstein discuss. #CNN #News


  1. Signs that he’s walking the same path Trump walked…but back then the voters of this nation did not have the learning curve the have developed since…message: he’s bound to fail.

    1. ​@v.s.o.poodah You better care, we all seen what Trump, the GOP and Trump’s cult can do and it’s not pretty.

    2. @AfroSamurai215 I cannot control what those crazy people are doing in office on a fed level I worry about local my business that’s growing and my twins on the way oh and my wife too

    3. @AfroSamurai215 Yes we have seen it, please take us back to those days. Ill take mean tweets over 5 dollar gas, 7 dollar eggs and ww3

  2. Fun fact: DeSantis was not a Navy pilot as implied in his “TopGov” ad. He was an Assistant Urinalysis Coordinator. He handled pee cups. Basically the waterboy for urinals lol

  3. I thought Ron went to an ivy school… Seems more and more like he got his degree in the state he governs.

    1. @Dan Wright – I can almost guarantee floridians are much more concerned about protecting this land than some outside one. They will support ron all the way.

    2. @kelperdude @kelper. We had to be shown this. We couldn’t just be told what their plans are for the world. Dark now. New world ahead . Stay strong and happy .

    3. DeSantis is a YALE AND HARVARD graduate. Also served in the Navy and Naval Reserves. Congressman and twice elected Gov of the 3rd most populated state!

  4. DeSatan may do quite well in Bath Salts Land Florida, but he’s going to have a hell of a time finding popularity on a national stage.

    1. @Jackie Who cares about effective policies when you have media talking points. Show us on the doll where desantis touched your Democracy

  5. Trump didn’t say positive things about Putins actions to please his base, his supporters never considered a position on Putin until Trump said it. Then and only then, they had their position on Putin and his actions. Thats not going to work for mini-me.

  6. I support desantis as Florida Governor – and I want to keep him here! He clearly doesn’t know Jack about foreign policy. He’s good in managing one tropical touristic state – but that’s not enough…. Not defeating Russia via Ukraine would be a disaster for USA – a disaster that may as well destroy this country because that would be a sign of weakness and China will notice that and that’ll be the end of USA

  7. Trump’s need to do Putin’s bidding was to get his loans renewed. Does DeSantis owe money to Putin as well? Very likely. By the way, having a multi-billion-dollar mortgage does not make you a billionaire. Trump is not stupid. He’s just not working for the United States. He’s just trying to keep himself out of the poor house. And legally operated Bank on the planet is allowed to loan him money cuz he’s bankrupt. So that leaves rich guys associated with Putin or MBS.

  8. What you are not calculating is anti war message resonates with us left wingers that dont like Biden. If Trump and DeSantis campaign on anti our involvement they get my vote and I wrote in Bernie the last two elections here in PA.

  9. I don’t like Desantis but he is totally right in what he said about the US involvement in Ukraine war

  10. News reporter looks like Ashley Judd in that movie double jeopardy. Respectful compliment 🙏🏽👑

  11. It is difficult for the US to understand that the banking and infrastructure crisis in the US is not a priority. The main thing is to send money to Ukraine.

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