1. @Elizabeth Stanley I have always voted Republican…..Trump is a disgrace to our country and the most corrupt president in history. Foreign leaders laugh at Trump he is so stupid He is a Putin/Xi/Kin Jong-Un wannabe……he wants to be the modern-day Hitler. MAGAts are usually woefully uneducated and fall for Trump BS

    2. @B Bodziak He is going to solve all our problems once again, but without dealing with all the bogus impeachments investigations and witch hunts. Remember how great everything was going before Trump had to lead us and the world out of the pandemic with ventilators therapeutics and the medical miracle? He understands how corrupt WA is now and how corrupt our media is. He knows who to trust and it’s not the establishment on either side that does not care about we the people…only their power and fortune.

    1. And boxes of classified documents for his billion dollar presidential library. And lots of kick back money from giving the richest corporations and banks and wall street a trillion dollars. Too big to fail. They didn’t need bail outs.

    2. @Crystal F much more. He’s a billionaire. JPMORGAN gave him his mansion on Martha’s Vineyard. He gave them $63 billion of your money. The rest gets kicked back as book deals. No author gets $20 million up front to write a book. Not even close.

  1. TFG made a lot of campaign promises in 2016, too. But he didn’t keep any of them. If the GOP doesn’t endorse him, he hasn’t got a chance.

    1. Come now, let’s be realistic. There was one campaign promise he made in 2016 that he kept. “I would like to promise and pledge to all of my voters and supporters and to all of the people of the United States that I will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election, if I win,”. Fact Check: True.

  2. His announcement is to achieve 2 things: Donations and Possible Protection from Prosecution. He will get Donations, but not Immunity from Prosecution.

    1. @B Bodziak Read what Christian Williams posted. It’s a little further up the thread.
      You lived through the Trump years so I don’t know why you are playing dumb.

    2. @deebee The burden is not on Trump to prove he’s innocent as he is innocent until proven guilty. He has been spied on sabotaged investigated setup lied about and had his home ransacked. He’s been dealing with a fishing expedition in search of a crime. No America should have to go through what Trump has had to go through … just for wanting to make America great.

    3. @Elizabeth Stanley Hey, I am BEYOND pleased that Trump is running. It guarantees the GOP won’t control the WH until 2029 at the earliest.

    4. @B Bodziak But you fail to recognize that we still have two years to go with this disastrous administration and things will only get much MUCH worse giving Trump a landslide victory. Also hopefully we will have election integrity by then going back to election day not election month.

    1. Joe Berta which pretty much proves even a clown will beat a senile old man who talks to the dead who doesn’t have a virus to protect him.

  3. They’ll speak out against him like they did before 2016. Then once they realize their base is still dumb as hell they’ll sigh and get behind him again. I hope I’m wrong.

    1. All Republicans is a friend of Putin , Russia is very corrupt country if they win , the corrupt also come to the USA👏👏👏

    2. I hope you are wrong too, but sadly… When are people going to realize they are going to get exactly what they DID NOT want if Trump and the GOP are in charge again? This time they better say goodbye to their Medicare and SS. They almost took the ACA away and they were stunned, this time…. But then we are talking about Trumpers so there is no hope there. DeSantis is going to be as bad plus he is smarter.

    3. Other Republicans are terrified of Donald Trump, because they know how vicious he can be when he wants to win, which is always.

  4. As a former Trump supporter, I agree, we need to move on. So many of my Republican friends feel the same way. I do not believe that poll of 49%

    1. I have heard a few former Trump supporters say they made a mistake voting for him. I admire that – it is hard to state you made a mistake and harder to learn from it.
      You do not specifically state this is the same for you, however, you do understand we need to move past this. That is the most important thing at this moment.
      People that learn from their mistakes are growing and showing a wisdom that isn’t easily won.
      Many more will just stand where they are and refuse to learn. You will not be among them.

      I am very happy to hear you think about the 49%

    2. @Useless Cause I wonder if civics was even taught or the nature of the donor’s ownership of congress and the courts.

    3. @D Thomas Civics is a required course in all USA schools. I know they start in Elementary, in Middle School they must remember their Rights and Supreme Court rulings, such as when minorities and women received the Right to vote. They cover the original way the President and VP was determined by who had the most votes (Pres) and the VP was the runner up. No one ran with a VP. They cover lobbying, if that is what you mean by donor’s ownership of Congress. I think it is safe to say both major parties have a lot of “special incentives” to vote a certain way.

    1. If Trump gets back into President he will finish killing off this country. If people are stupid enough to vote Trump back as President then it’s goodbye to SS and SSI and that is 70 million people that could lose their benefits, better think twice!

    1. @Fender Blue that’s Hunter and Joe!! Trump has never had a drink! Stop making things up you know reflect democrats. Like crack

    2. Because u want someone to read what others wrote for him? That’s the sign of dumbness to start w ur diagnosis. I’ll charge the highest free to be ur therapist. Xoxoxoxo!

    3. @ShiftyeyesNV haha no Joe is not music to my ears…maybe a slow dance haha but he’s not a narcissist man child that lies and puffs up numbers to make himself feel special and loved. He doesnt marry his mistresses and have more affairs with women he needs to pay off…so no, not music…just the better human being than Trump.

    4. @Brian E might want to read the news today! Biden is being linked to human smuggling and money laundering? Your selective outrage is comical!

  5. I remember when Romney ran for President, thinking he wasn’t good enough for the job. That was just 10 years ago. Fast forward to now, and it feels like he’s one of the very few who can actually run for president. Pretty sad how far the GOP has fallen. A once respected party is now a disgrace to American politics.

    1. @Cha Chi Since the Biden administration can’t even answer this question, let’s hand over power. Let “Q” rule. Of course, the deep state in the United States has always been the same as the Chinese Communist Party, relying on violent suppression to rule Americans.

    2. GOP has gotten way better, and democrats went extreme left. This has go t me voting for republicans now, and not voting for democrats anymore. My perspective is moderate. May times when you pit yourself to one side, you cannot see what the other side is truly like. If you stay neutral, it’s much easy to see.

  6. This guy doesn’t even sound so vital that he’d make it to an inaugural speech. Bet all those people in the crowd paid $59 each to wait for 8 hours to hear him say all that stuff too.

    1. @Deborah Freedman Were you there? You have no factual information so just make it up as you go, right. Typical Anti-Trumper.

    2. @L. Diaz Did it occur to you that they were trying to enter a secure area? It’s the security’s job to keep them from going where they aren’t supposed to go.

  7. Funny thing. With his country club in Scotland, he requested a grant from the government to build a seawall citing climate change as the primary reason he needed the money.

    He always has an angle.

    1. Clyde C McElroy And Hunter Biden got Money from a business in Ukraine after his daddy threatened their Government, what is your point?

    2. @gatroy13 Not the OP, but I believe the point is two fold: 1) Self proclaimed billionaire asking for money from the government to protect his golf course in Scotland (not completely outlandish of a thing, but still), and 2) Trump spent time in his speech on Tuesday mocking the idea of climate change, specifically saying how “they” claim the sea levels will rise 1/8 of an in inch in 300 years, basically saying “who cares”. Meanwhile, he has ALREADY asked for money to protect one of his properties citing the EXACT reason (rising sea levels due to climate change) as for why he needs the money. So, was he lying about his need for the money from the government because climate change isn’t an issue, or was he lying about climate change not being an issue since it has already endangered his Scotland golf course?

      I believe that’s the point.

    3. @gatroy13 my point is that Hunter Biden didn’t say money doesn’t exist and then took money.

      Don the con believes in climate change if he can get money out of it, then doesn’t believe in it when it’s politically advantageous.

      But you knew what my point was, you’re just trying to deflect. There will be plenty of investigation into Hunter Biden and you can get your rocks off.

      But this was a discussion about Donald Trump and climate change. Understand now?

  8. i like the part in his speech where trump said “we had decades of peace, DECADES of peace uner him. The longest time of any president” LMAO

    1. @UberLummox Cover of NY Times, and very popular!! Trump is ahead, but they will soon realize trump can’t win. Again…..your party has no one. Hillary, Pelosi, Biden, Fetterman……all will probably be dead before the next election. P.S. I don’t live in Florida. Everyone is talking about DeSantis. Stroll over to other news sites and see for yourself. Ignorance is a choice!

    1. He’s awesome! And, as much as people with TDS thinks he lies, they better take a look at those they worship, e cause real politicians are thieves.

    1. Wow what a brilliant analogy. That’s exactly what it’s like . How astute thanks for adding so much to the conversation.

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