Former Trump insiders react to Jan. 6 hearing on Trump inaction

Former Trump insiders react to Jan. 6 hearing on Trump inaction 1


  1. I love how Republicans can just say, “I just couldn’t believe Trump could do this” when the writing was on the wall in 2016. Stop paying these hypocritical clowns. They deserve a prison cell for helping Trump get to where he is.

    1. @Saffron Wetter When you talk and write like that, you really should be bothered. Because it’s embarrassing for you. It’s like arguing with a 10-year old. I feel bad calling a 10 year-old an idiot.

    1. You and me both, and I’m watching as an outsider. I posted many, many things trying to warn you once I read ’14 Characteristics of Facism’. Trump had hit 13 of them by 2015. Got the full deck now…

    2. @Billy Batts Are you sad you were duped or what? I mean, if you’re sad just say so, no need to be rude.

    3. He was a joke back on his little reality show….thenhe decided to run as a spoof and folks thought that was real……amazing

  2. I’m so happy I was never duped by Trump. I feel sorry for people that were. But it happens. I hope more people just put down their loyalty and love of this monster and get out of the cult.

    1. you are watching one side of the story. It would all fall apart under scrutiny. This isnt legitimate, and history will tell the story as such.

  3. Every former Trump White House Employee – “I watched him create 10 horrendous calamities per day. I stood beside him. I worked for him. After every horrible action and comment, I raised a Trump flag and smiled. When January 6th happened, I decided that this would look bad on me, so I finally left. I was willing to overlook 10,000 horrendous actions. But #10,001 became magically too much.”

    1. Better this boundary than the one Germany gave Hitler, or the one Russians give Putler!

    2. I know! And when they say— “I resigned because i was so outraged!” Hmmmm—- but the administration was going to be over anyway on January 20—so they already had their plans established for the future. Therefore their resignations have NO MEANING WHATSOEVER!

  4. Yes, let us feign outrage after enabling him for four years. At least Grisham is admitting she was duped, but still…

  5. Are we really praising these people for doing the bare minimum of drawing the line at insurrection? These people stood beside him while he tore this country apart for years.

    1. @Keoki Ciervo Even if their tenure was almost over, having asked to stay through the term to make sure safeguards in place meant you also had to defend the insurrection on Jan6. not something that can be defensible, so they made their choices to leave… which i commend them for.

  6. No one was “duped” he showed you EXACTLY who he was time and time again. People overlooked it because they thought it was beneficial to their own agenda

  7. I love where Liz Chenney commended the role women played in showing courage and telling the truth.

  8. the night he was ‘elected’ i was so stunned and all i could say is YOU CAN’T DO THIS! how could someone so unfit become the president? didnt sleep that night at all and i never called him PRESIDENT!! i thank god every day he was voted out!!

  9. We all knew DT was going to slam down, that he wasn’t going to go peacefully. What is shocking is that all of these people didn’t see it coming until it happened and when it happened the best they could do was, maybe, resign. Only 1 1/2 years later do a few come forward willingly. SMH

    1. And now you see what staying in power is and what it isn’t all about… when you have it you’re tough and when you don’t, you are a wimp…

    2. @Gibby Cash Il keep you in my prayers do aswell and have faith, the diference between ,whos gonna be ok with whatver comes, and those who will be desparate not knowing what to do , stays in youre persoanl conection, to the holy spirit, wich is being built , true often prayers and bible study! if you dont have a bible ,get one asap, theres nothing more important for you than to get youre sword and shield against evil! the bible is not a book, the bible is gods word! its literaly everything worthy and meanigfull: faith, wisdom, love ,shelter,forgiveness, joy, meaning, asurence,security,-its literaly gods private chanel to the siner, true faithful prayers, and bible study, the siner stays in conetion to god, wich abolished him of all sins and second death, true faith in jesuses! no one will be in heavens , due to his deeds, or because he is a sevenbth day adventist! only by faith in jesuses hrist, and consistency in prayers!

  10. Hearing Trump say on camera“ I can’t say this election is over” after everything that happened the day before at the capital was WILD! 😳

    1. @Hajos Armandio-Liviu …. The claims you make!!!, can we see the evidence you have to support them ???

    2. Do you…Ryan Michael, deny the laptop or it’s contents? Is that excusable? Please elaborate. I am asking a serious question.

  11. We are all seeing very clearly what went down Jan. 6. Had the Republican Party spoken out against Trump following Jan 6 coup attempt and voted to Impeach Trump they could have mitigated the damage to this country and to their party. They made the decision to stand by him and we all watched that too.

  12. It is always dangerous when any politician has such a mesmerizing effect on his fans. I’ve NEVER been “all in” on anybody. I’m a D, but I’ve blasted Clinton, Obama, and Biden when they disappointed me. Undying devotion always ends up getting abused.

  13. “This is all because of Donald Trump” reminds me of the “It was all because of Hitler” quotes. These people were the Goebbels and fellow travelers who allowed him to gain power.
    Blood is on their hands.

  14. “I was duped by him” Really ?!?! No-one who’s lived in america at any time over the last 30 years has any illusions about who Donald Trump who he was and IS !

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