1. This 2 year campaigning must stop. WHY ARE YOU PUNISHING US? We must put a 1 year limit on political campaigns and announcements. We The People need a break

    1. @D.A. Oh Trump challenged a corrupt govt. Thank God we’re not Russia because Democrats would have killed him or jailed him. But in America trump challenged the system. He’s been slandered but nothing more

    2. @D.A. Oh Trump hasn’t been guilty of any crime. Literally nothing. 6 years and millions in trying but nothing has come from it. Trump’s the cleanest politician in US history

    3. @D.A. Oh I can name about 60 charges Democrats want but won’t charge because they’ll be sued and proven idiots for trying. No charges, no trials, nothing. Democrats are all talk and mostly slander.

    1. Americans are spending all their money and have to choose between EATING OR HEATING, MAKE AMERICA ENERGY INDEPENDENT AGAIN, it’s going to be great, ypu don’t have to like Trump but you will like having extra money in your bank account, DRILL BABY DRILL, NUCLEAR MAGA

    1. Sure….how long do you think you would have stayed out of jail if you had taken a bunch of classified docs at home…..The DOJ is a messed up as the rest of the system…

    2. DOJ or Merrick Garland don’t seem to interested… In my opinion they will not do anything to Trump . I hope I’m wrong !

    3. @Renee Santiago what are you so scared. America has more weapons than the rest of the world and yet they still crapping their pants. Wusses

  2. Journalists should always introduce Mulvaney as the author of “If Trump Loses, He will Concede Gracefully.”

    1. @imperial_glass I can’t believe I watched it. After I yelled at the TV about what a liar he is I had to shut it off. That man may make me stroke out one day.

    2. @I wish I was wrong but I’m not yeah man, if only there were some liberal comics as good as Larry the cable guy. Oh wait, there’s too many to name. Maybe the problem is you?

    3. Also, Mulvaney contributed to the misinformation about how vote counting occurred in states like Pennsylvania, in the month or so after Election Day. He’s very much complicit not only in the Trump Admin but also promotion of the Big Lie. Then he was shocked–SHOCKED–that Trump fomented violence to overturn the results.

    4. @tommy tomtom no, u don’t get it. Stop you’d typical leftist behavior. Projecting. If u think “global warming” is going to kill is or that men claiming to be women really r. Or that trump wasn’t 1000 times better than president Biden. U don’t get it. And u don’t.

  3. We agree with Mick Mulvaney about next generation of leadership. Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, Larry Hogan, Brian Kemp, Charlie Baker, Rob Portman, and more…
    They’re younger and better than Trump. We think Mitt Romney should reconsider to run again. Trump already had his opportunity. He is terrible. We don’t want him again.

    1. @mike I never get over enjoying the fact that Fat Donnie lost to a guy campaigning from his basement. How stupid and incompetent did he have to be to lose to a guy who didn’t hold rallies? Answer: more stupid and incompetent even than George W. Bush.

    2. @mike Great. Better get your drunken “boat parade” going, and be sure to notify “bikers for tRump” AKA Hep-C on wheels.

    1. @Glyn david Trump is not smarter than Biden and even if Punxsutawney Phil was the current democratic president Trump would still not be smarter than the president.

      Trump was the Moron-in-Chief while president and always will be.

    2. @Glyn david IDK< Biden seems to be doing pretty good to me. To begin with Biden has returned sanity, expertise, ethics and honesty to the White House plus he has: > Replaced the daily Lies and tweets of the previous administration with daily press briefings;
      > Brought in a Cabinet and staff of seasoned experts with experience and expertise;
      > Implemented an effective vaccination program; – – – remember when he first said he would have 100 million folks vaccinated in his first 100 days and after 4 years of incompetence from Trump and his administration this sounded like a pipe dream;
      > He had the Covid-19 relief bill passed;
      > Got the HR 1319, American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 passed which provides relief to address the continued impact of COVID-19 on the economy, public health, state and local governments, individuals, and businesses;
      > Jobs are again being created with jobless claims hitting a pandemic low;
      > Schools are re-openeing for in-person learning;
      > He has begun mending our relationship with NATO and other allies around the world; – – – as you may or may not know, before Trump was president, in 2016 we were were spending more on defense than the next 8 countries combined and six of them were trusted allies.
      now after Trump we were spending more on defense than the next next 10 countries combined and whether we still had any truly reliable allies was questionable.
      > We have rejoined the Paris Agreement to address the existential threat facing the world that Trump labeled a HOAX;
      > Introduced an got passed an Infrastructure plan to help rebuild America; – – – remember the Trump administration’s saying they were going to introduce an infrastructure plan SOON for 4 years and never did.
      > Is well on his way to rebuilding the State Department developing a foreign policy that had been crippled by Trump and his incompetent administration.
      > He brought and end to American troops being in Afghanistan.
      > He restored Bears Ears and Grand Staircaase-Escalante monuments reversing Trump’s opening of much of these areas to mining and other development.
      > Biden-Harris Administration, added 6.4 million jobs in 2021.
      > Made good on his promise to nominare and have confirmed a black woman for the SCOTUS.
      > Introduced a new Indo-Pacific Economic Framework to correct Trump’s error of handing the whole Pacific Rim to China on a silver platter when Trump pulled the USA out of the TPP.
      > Resuscitated the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue between the USA, Japan, Australia and India to promote a free and open Indo-Pacific.
      > He passed the CHIPS Act, the long-awaited bill aimed at boosting US semiconductor production.
      > He passed the PACT Act, a bill that expands health care benefits for veterans who were exposed to toxic burn pits while serving overseas.
      > He passed the Inflation Reduction Act, that among other great benefits, lowers prescription-drug costs by allowing Medicare to negotiate for lower prices, caps out-of-pocket costs at $2,000 a year for seniors and other Medicare recipients and penalizes drug corporations that raise their prices above the inflation rate.
      And there have been many more accomplishments and I look forward to more as America returns to its role as a World Leader.

  4. When #45 does anything normal like staying on script he’s treated like Einstein. He’s blown past all normalcy or any semblance of how a decent person should behave.

    1. His real issue is that “staying on script” will lose him followers, and will not change the minds of those who have already abandoned him.

  5. Thankyou Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia and many others for defending American democracy and keeping the MAGA-NAZI’s out; but as the founders of the American democracy stated vigilance is needed to keep it secure.

  6. If only Manson would of said he was running for President? He’d be free walking the streets today.

  7. Mick got it right. I was one of those of voted against Trump and not for Joe Biden, and I know many who did.

  8. “Anyone investigated by the FBI is not qualified to be president of the United States.”
    How rich with irony this is, in light of last night’s announcement.
    Apparently he’s sticking with the common GOP slogan …”Rules for thee but not for me”

  9. Mulvaney was right when he said that the fact Trump NEVER called Mike pence after the Jan 6 insurrection was unforgivable

  10. I’m kind of surprised that there is no law saying that a person under active criminal investigation can’t run for president

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