Former Trump WH official reveals DOJ has reached out to other WH employees

Former Trump WH official reveals DOJ has reached out to other WH employees 1


  1. Civics Lessons returning to the class room should be a STRONG recommendation the Judge(s) in these case(s) make in their Judicial Reprts and Sentencing!
    Some people will never understand how his misconduct wasn’t just “breaking traditional norms” otherwise.

    1. Which means they have nothing. If Hutchinson is your best witness then you’ve got nothing. Hurting people’s feelings isn’t a crime

    2. @Shawn O’Connor since when have you known the DOJ to announce the name of every person it questions in an investigation?

  2. So it’s much better for a criminal to hurry up and run for office to get the law off your back? In what universe does that make sense?

  3. I am sick of the repeated statements that trump needs to be indicted before he announces he is a candidate! He is a suspect and just announcing something will not make him innocent.

  4. It’s frustrating knowing that just being an announced candidate for the presidency places some obstacles and protections on the individual when that should be the opposite. As a candidate the runner should become a target for the DOJ and any investigating departments opening them up to inquiry. Vetting candidates should be a heavier burden considering what the winning outcome leads to.

  5. It’s more than a bit disingenuous to have Griffin on your CNN staff, considering that she is a contributor to the entire Trump grift. She certainly can provide an inside’s view, but at what cost?

  6. I don’t know why these political “commentators” are worried about the precedent of indicting an ex-president when the Supreme Court isn’t worried about upholding precedent.

    1. @Steven Leonard precedent is important, but I would argue precedent set by the Supreme Court is somewhat similar to an executive order. If Trumps court made a ruling, does that mean it can never be overturned?
      It should be up to the legislature to decide laws but democrats and republicans refuse to do their job and INTENTIONALLY use the court to avoid criticism. That’s why Roe was overturned..

    2. @Expletive Deleted are you …. like r3t46d3d or just completely oblivious? Lol this isn’t a debate on slavery. Sure yes whatever you said since those factoids have less than no relation to the abortion v slavery comparison being argued here.

      Loool I’m well aware that black kings were the chief creators of African slavery. Don’t know what you think the point I was trying to make was.

  7. I remember Liz rattling off a number of members from the House and Senate. I think the DOJ should speak to them regarding their actions.

  8. *This is what actually happened. This video is not for kids, it’s shocking…* ALLTIME.ML
    Mr Dunn – respect to you.

  9. It’s amazing how simple and black and white the law is when it comes to poor and middle class Americans and so complex and nuanced the law is for the wealthy and powerful.
    Never has the two tiered “justice” system been so obvious.

    1. It’s like that in every country in the world sadly.
      Then there’s the tax system. One way for us, paying the most tax, another way for the rich who pay little tax.

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