Former U.S. Advisor Details The Level Of Corruption In Afghanistan 1

Former U.S. Advisor Details The Level Of Corruption In Afghanistan


Former advisor to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Sarah Chayes, details her time in Afghanistan and watching the fall of the Taliban in 2001 as a reporter for NPR.

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Former U.S. Advisor Details The Level Of Corruption In Afghanistan


  1. “Corruption” is a nice way of putting it. Traitors and terrorists in leadership positions in Afghanistan has always been “the order of day”. Can a leopard change its spots? Neither can those traitors and terrorists.

    1. @MY2 Cent Not a lie regarding some Officers but the “we” part in accepting certain Leaders, no!

    2. @SMS absolutely correct and not one of those failed promises you laid out will be acknowledged by these 45 fan boys beyond their typical gaslighting, deflecting, projecting, what about ism, I know you are but what am I type bs etc etc…

  2. PSA: Please don’t feed my doppleganger your outrage. Report him for spam, harassment, or impersonation, but giving him your outrage, is exactly why he is here. You’re literally trying to reason with a bigot. It will never work.

  3. Corruption, War Lords , No democracy their choice now they can have it all back without foreign money and lives.

  4. Corruption in Afghanistan ?? I can ALMOST understand and accept corruption as a part of life in 3 rd world nations …….we have more corruption in US politics from members of Congress , and in the last admin , from those who don;t need their next dollar …

  5. There was no way for this to end any other way. The question was do it now and get it over with or do it in another 5 years and lose hundreds of more American soldiers in a pointless war. Trump said he’d get us out but didn’t have the balls. Biden has done the right thing – the best you could do with a horrible situation that George W. Bush got us in to.

  6. It’s never mattered who runs a “government” in Kabul; at the local level in Afghanistan, it’s always the same warlord and his extended “family” that run things.

  7. So trillion dollars to the government for their personal spending. Yup, time to cash out our investments. Bring our soldiers back.

    1. @gamr it’s happening as we speak. US citizens should have theirs already. The sad part was that US allies should have had their approved by May 2021 when Pompeo agreed to withdrawal troops and allies in an agreement with the Taliban, but I guess Trumps DHS didn’t make the applications and process a priority.

    2. @Victor Ramirez from what I have understood, the tRump administration prevented visas from going forward because hos base screamed ” bloody murder” about immigrants! Ain’t that shatty!

    3. @gamr yeah, that’s what messed this whole thing and the results are showing. The same ppl that didn’t want to allow the visas are asking why we are not protecting the allies.

  8. Brave woman telling like it is.
    I wasn’t aware of the level of govt corruption in Afghanistan. That provides a whole new outlook.

  9. “We forgot to tell our own citizens that we made a deal to safely get our troops out by May 1st and they would be left alone in enemy territory.”

  10. The foreign policy in so many places seems to be founded on corruption so there is mothing but money and military to support the regimes propped up. There seems to be no higher ideals playing a role.

  11. Perhaps the Afghans are so tired of the 21 years US occupancy without economic development, poverty and corruption are rampant thus lots of people loves the Taliban , believing that change might be possible under their rule.

    And thats maybe the reason why its military didnt take action or defend its position against the Taliban.

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