Former U.S. Ambassador To Afghanistan: U.S. 'Gave Up' On Afghan Government 1

Former U.S. Ambassador To Afghanistan: U.S. ‘Gave Up’ On Afghan Government


Former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan Ryan Crocker said the Biden administration has failed to protect the country from the Taliban. 

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Former U.S. Ambassador To Afghanistan: U.S. 'Gave Up' On Afghan Government


    1. @Jg Rsb you mean the outcome everyone including him warned was going to happen if the US pulled out for the last 2 decades?

    2. @Jg Rsb We’ve been in Afghanistan longer than some people in this comment section have been alive. If we maybe, maybe focused all our efforts there during the “War on Terror”, we might have been able to keep things stable.

      But instead, even our alleged primary objective took a back seat Iraq, and Afghanistan, which played a role in breaking the Soviet Union, might get claim another victim.

      We got Bin Laden. We are well past the point of needing to cut our loses.

    1. The opposite actually. If we had stayed the only rationale would have been a permanent war footing and empire building. The fact remains that the war has lost all reason to continue, and if the Afghan people don’t want the Taliban they were given two decades of American muscle to build and prepare. The fact is they never wanted the US there, and now that we are leaving they can’t imagine us not being there. IT’s an impossible situation.

  1. Aw, did we give up on Afghanistan? It looks more like the Afghan Government (and military) gave up on Afghanistan.

    1. From day one, the leader of the “new” Afghan governments biggest talking point wasn’t how much help they needed, or what kind. Instead it was that the US shouldn’t be there. They should have left then.

    2. As a none American I agree. A lot of blame is put on the US, and sure, the US isn´t without faults, but it is not the US that should secure for the freedom of the people, the people must be ready to fight for themselves. Voices say that the leaders and military is very corrupt, they have taken the money they could, and some afghan soldiers told that they haven´t got salary for many months. I feel very sorry for the ordinary Afghan people, but not for the leaders.

  2. The Afghan army outnumbers the Taliban 10 to 1 and are technologically superior in every way. If the Afghan forces screw this up, then ‘Talibanistan’ it is. Western, neocon, world-police, forever wars MUST END! 🥱

    Edit: I feel for the citizenry 🙈

  3. After twenty years the Afghan government should’ve had in place loyal Afghans ready to fight for their country. The US I’m sure would supply them with whatever they needed. If they don’t wanna fight for it they don’t deserve it, enough Americans have died for them. Almost the same happened in Iraq, they at least had 400,000 soldiers to fight, but as soon as America left they fell apart. They went back to their so called day jobs. Didn’t want to fight for freedom

    1. @dingusmgee educating liberals they have 30,000 men willing to fight the Taliban. It isn’t enough if they have taken 2/3rds of the country. They need help

    2. @Ricardo Velchi wrong. Most of the Afghan military supports the Taliban. As does the Afghan citizens.
      They don’t want shopping malls, gender neutral sports and woke schools.
      They don’t look at the world the same way.
      They’re not going to trade family dirt farms for factory jobs or destruction of the family unit for day care and public assistance.
      Most of those people have lived in those mountain valleys for many generations and they reject Western ideas like wokeism and gender identity. They don’t want to live life like Americans. They see themselves as free. And us captives. To them, we are the evil empire seeking to destroy them and their way of life. And in truth, they are absolutely right. We just tell ourselves it’s for thier own good.

    3. @dingusmgee educating liberals 30,000 that’s what they have. I didn’t make it up. As far as the other stuff don’t care. If they want to live like that they got it

    4. @Ricardo Velchi no , I mean those people live thier lives with little to no government intrusion.

      They don’t get told where to go to school or how to live thier lives. What to teach thier children or how to raise their families.

      They may go years and years without ever seeing a public official.

      They prefer it that way.

  4. Give a man a fish every day to feed his family. Teach a man how to fish to feed his family. What if he doesn’t learn how to fish? Or doesn’t want to?

  5. It’s sad for the loss of lives, but sometimes the building has to come down in order to be rebuilt. Better and stronger.

  6. Afganistan have to take care of their Security they have to fight for their own Country just like other countries have to.

  7. So… can those of us who warned of the inevitability of this outcome at the outset now say “I told you so”?
    I mean seriously, this was ALWAYS going to be the outcome, too bad we didn’t save thousands of lives and billions and billions of dollars by not doing it in the first place.

    1. it’s not billions the cost is in trillions.

      I did the math once and it came out to something like 30,000 dollars per American man woman and child. That’s including Iraq.

  8. No, it’s a route, specifically of Afghan “national” army forces. The reason the taliban can hold territory they take is because they’re the only motivated indigenous force in the country. The Afghanistan “national” army was composed of- excuse me, “soldiers” who didn’t believe in fighting for the country that is really a zebra-striping of tribes who hate each others’ guts.

  9. US “gave up” on the Afghan government? After all of these years, they should have been relying on something other than us. It was time! It was time to leave years ago. We armed them. We trained them. Members of the US military FREAKING DIED FOR THEM. On a different topic, get ready to pay out the wazoo for lithium batteries.

    1. 🙋I’M IGNORANT, HOPE you can help me? What is the story bout the lithium batteries? 🗣❗THANKS❗👏👋 :-)!

  10. If they can’t protect their own people after 20 years of support, there’s not much hope for them. It’s too bad we can’t get all of the educated children out, they’ll be cannon fodder for the Taliban in their war against knowledge. If you ever needed a reason to hate religion, this is it.

  11. buddy after 20 years of support if a government collapses when another country leaves you didnt really have much of a government there did you

  12. I’ve seen Republican administrations f things up for decades and then get voted out and leave a mess for the incoming Democratic administration to clean up.

  13. Trump “negotiated with the Taliban rather than the Afghan government”! Another corruption to add to DJT’s ineptitude and dishonesty.

  14. There was never an Afghan government, just a gang getting their paws on the billions in US aid. The ambassador couldn’t even look straight because he knows, but he did hand it to Biden.

  15. Yes, good thing we “gave up” on the Afghan government because now it shows they never cared to take care of themselves. We are not baby sitting them forever. They’re on their own.

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