1. Guys, this is peace keeping military operation by russia as same as USA did in middle east.
      Mark my words, nothing will happen to us.
      Dont let the media deceives you.

    2. CIA and NSA use Radiowave manipulation like the frey effect on Americans which causes Havana Syndrome, mental illnesses, cancers, and heart attacks if you love your family you’ll find out what it is.

    1. @Roger B btw … do you prefer the American Shock and awe form of military …destroy all water / electricity / communications / hospitals ??? …yes by the book ..civilian population ( sheep ) are not target

    2. All able bodied Ukrainian men should go home and fight for their country. Jewish men would do the same thing without a blink.

  1. I have been struck over the last day by the pride, loyalty and more than anything, the immense dignity of the Ukrainian people. My heart absolutely breaks for what is happening to these noble people. We hold Ukraine in our hearts and minds right now.

    1. @Дмитрий Иванов Nice Whataboutism. Not gonna lie, my country’s done a lot of shady wrong stuff, that doesn’t mean it was right then, and doesn’t mean it’s right when yours does it either.

    2. @Paul Norman Russia is attacking Ukraine with the same tactics Hitler did, who are you saying are the Nazis? Or are all peoples who don’t want to be ruled by Russia Nazis?

    3. @lonestarst8 ‘I come like a their in the night’s and ‘no man knows the day and the hours. Approximate quotes because it’s been a while.

  2. I feel that it’s important to mention that Poroshenko is not just the former president but, also a billionaire. He has the resources to escape Ukraine and live out the rest of his life in comfort but, he stays and fights for his country and his people. This is what leadership looks like

    1. @nigel nuj please you don’t think a billionaire can get out. I have friends there their families can’t get trains out. Save your sympathy

  3. Wow this is what bravery looks like. The fact that he is down there fighting along with his people shows how courageous he is! Praying for the people of Ukraine.

  4. I am 50 years old and I am thinking of joining the Ukrainians as a soldier. I hope for the final victory of Ukraine. Slava Ukraine <3

    1. @Ben Matthew’s you should just not. You’re not ready to make arguments, do some research, take some notes, but this time use actual books… from the non-fiction section.
      Your biased emotional misinformation is what’s wrong with this country.

    1. @slylockdefox246 considering Afghan president ran away, very patriotic.
      Usa uk and russia double crossed them.

  5. “We are not standing in line for food and banks, but we stand in lines for wapens and to give blood”. Very brave people. Survivors.

    1. Not brave enough to stop begging us for help.
      Russia fights for freedom of oppressed, westerners fight for enslavement, neo-colonialism and white supremacy.
      If you stand with Russia you stand with FREEDOM

    2. @ima moose it’s unfortunate that Ukraine doesn’t have any resources the US needs they would have helped we give them Aid and US buys 100,000 barrels of oil from Russia everyday and they bought them today.

    3. The world is Praying…USA. is praying and will continue to support our friends. We Stand with your country and Wr Are Praying 🙏

  6. This man is a true badass! His thanks for the anti-tank missiles and saying every shot they’ve taken has destroyed a tank. He is an inspiration. Ukranians are an incredibly strong and battle hardened people. One thing is for certain is Ukraine will inflict a huge toll on the Russians.

    1. sorry for the Ukrainian soldiers, they are not defending their homeland, but a bunch of freaks for which Putin sent

  7. I am in Awe of Ukraine. Absolutely in Awe.

    This guy is a billionaire. He doesn’t need to be there. He joined a battalion of basically random people who walked into a calling station asking for guns and here they are, a fully formed military unit doing actual damage to an evil empire.

    To the cynics who think this is just another war – they are missing something really important. This is the kind of courage that makes everyone around it better and stronger somehow.

    This is the grit with which the good revolutions of our past have been fought. This energy, this devotion, this commitment. This is the kind of awe that inspires for generations – and it’s the iron from which a powerful and free people can be formed, and prosper for centuries after.

    I would be blessed to have 10% of the mettle these people have shown.

    1. perhaps ironically, all the division Russia caused in western nations is crumbling due to the actions of, well, Russia.
      Right wing news sources are reporting very much, at least in written articles on the abuses of the Russian military towards its army. They’re reporting on mobile crematoriums the devastation of mothers, young soldiers who were conscripted and lied to…A fortnight ago, that wouldn’t have happened.

    2. @sealyoness dude that’s clearly a Russian troll, you can’t change its mind when it has absent of one, just ignore it, it’s only here to distract and mislead.

    1. @LcsInarev this billionaire is on the ground with arms. He could have left. He is a hero like anyone else who fights. Sorry… 🤷🏾‍♀️

  8. Such a huge and brave heart this man has for his people n his country..may God be with them in these difficult times..🙏

  9. I didn’t expect to feel like crying but when he got to the end and talked about the long line my eyes welled up with tears.

  10. A
    “A free people, with a great European future”. We Americans should do EVERYTHING we can to make sure that stays true

  11. May God stretch his hands to cover every Ukrainian in this World. May God stand with you to defeat your opponents, wish peace for you all

  12. Wheres putin? Hiding behind the desk in a safe house. Respect for this man, its like back in the old days when the king would storm into battle with his men

  13. Man this inspires me so much. Seeing this fearless people protecting their country against such an enemy. Slava Ukraini!

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