1. Another good piece fits right in. Slowly the loop is tightening. Theres no avoiding the truth. Indict and convict, then punish.

    1. I bet you say this every time a new trump story comes out but are quiet every time they find no evidence and the charges are dropped.

    2. @allbrosdjay it’s mind numbing they just can’t seem to learn their lesson
      But ya know the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result

    1. @Bioniq Bob 👈. I just point the finger for when I scroll back it’s easier to find. But you can use that little 1st grade meme if you want 😂🤣😂

    1. @Kurt Allen “Your wrong, it is a crime.”

      do you know what the statute is so I can look at it?

    2. @John Doe With the overwhelming majority of crimes, defendants must act intentionally—or at least recklessly—in order to be guilty. Statutes that require intentional acts fall under the category of either “general intent” or “specific intent.”

    3. @Kurt Allen “With the overwhelming majority of crimes, defendants must act intentionally—or at least recklessly—in order to be guilty. ”

      right.. intent itself is not a crime…

      what crime did trump commit, regarding his “intent”?

      in other words, if there is no crime, there cannot be intent. are you suggesting they are looking at intent of an imaginary crime????

  2. This will be a good way to see if we have two justice systems. One for the rich and one for everyone else

    1. Not rich, but members of “the club”. Rich people still can get investigated, but not the members of “the club”

    2. @John Doe Nope it’s not left vs right either. I am positive it’s bigger then that and a means to divide more. We have, left vs right, Rich vs poor, Black vs white and more when there should be a us vs them meaning the elite vs everyone else. The problem is some people don’t realize that they are being manipulated, we all have been at some point, so some people believe the “enemy” are other people based on the above classes as well as others not the man behind the curtain. When we go out in public most people aren’t running away looking for someone to hate, when tragedy strikes people come out in mass to help, no one has been caught refusing to help someone because they are brown, white, poor, rich, old, young, straight, gay, a Trump supporter or a Biden supporter, or any of the other mess because they shouldn’t matter of course.

    3. @John Doe It seems I misunderstood what you meant perhaps. I was talking about in the aftermath of tragedies like after hurricanes and such.
      I realize there are groups that are attacking people and antifa and blm beat people in the streets or while they were protecting a business even among many others. However I didn’t think they were one in the same with Dems as in dem supporters because I didn’t think most people on the left supported either of those groups. That’s why I think it’s more good vs evil then political parties.

    1. The irony in your statement is astounding, as this is exactly how people feel about the entire election process, nobody is allowed to investigate so many assume ill intent.

  3. If people aren’t held accountable it will be a national tragedy. Whats the point of having laws if some people can completely flout them without consequence? Beyond unacceptable.

  4. Any publicly elected officials discharging their duties in secrecy is a slap in the face of transparency and a problem.

    1. @Lucky Charms if they did lock them up but don’t puss out cause it’s your golden cow

    2. @Nunya Bizznus Don’t forget there are several Republicans in the same situation with stock trades.

  5. I am shocked that those people still walk freely after committed such illegal acts. What more evidents do we need to put those people behind the bars?

  6. The Democracy that citizens claim to hold so dear is on the verge of collapse. Republican or Democrat who tries to overthrow government should be held accountable. Those traitors are simply going about their day as if it never happened.

    1. @victor abrams By your definition, yelling at your parents is an insurrection. So I suggest your definition needs some work kiddo. Try again.

    2. @Crispin Fornoff no, it is not. and it’s not my definition. google the word “insurrection.” and why are you so scared to admit that that’s what it was? do you actually think it was just a normal tourist visit?

    3. @victor abrams I think it was a riot. By definition. Something that apparently wasn’t a problem when it happened hundreds of times the year before. But since you think a kid yelling at his parents is an insurrection, there’s no helping cultists like you.

    1. @Lynn Carol I don’t think anybody can see your post but I’m interested in knowing if you’re insisting that CNN is as stupid as the entire world is.

    It is going to get crowded down here in Traitors’ Paradise!!”
    Benedict Arnold.

  8. If they didn’t know it was illegal they wouldn’t have cared who knew what they were doing.

    1. If they didn’t know it was illegal, they have no one to blame but themselves. Ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking it.

    2. @Earnest Lee Saddened No, you’re supposed to pay attention to the Proud Boys indictments and realize that drumpf was grifting you, like he grifted Atlantic City. Are you glad you were grifted by President Golgothan?

    1. @Aaron Pincus Claims you’re not “Triggered” but you frantically respond to my comment after only SECONDS of it being posted🤣.
      I love when you lunatics are so far gone you refuse to even type out Trump’s name correctly. As if “tRump” is some sad petty self victory you desperately need. 😂

    1. In another CNN video today, Bob Woodward was asked which way Merrick Garland is leaning. He said, “I can’t answer that question”. We are in trouble with Merrick Garland as A.G.

    2. @Paul Whitcomb Then Garland should be replaced ASAP!! What in the world is he waiting for?!

    3. Well, it is and it isn’t …How would we all have liked a rushed political hatchet job turned into a circus that would have strengthened the GQP midterm and the persecuted Orange One who would have cried and cried “Foul Democrat witch , hunt fake news deep steaks , only I can fix it man, cam woman tv ” and the Zombie Magot’s go ” Yum yum yummy …. Where do I send my money ?

  9. It is so legal, democratic, and above-board, that they thought telling anyone would result in arrests. Yeah, so honest lol.

  10. WE have NOT moved on. Yes, there are other things on our minds but we, rational good Americans, can have more than one thought in our heads that matters . . .


  11. Isn’t telling member of their conspiracy, to stay quiet about what they did, proof they knew it was an illegal conspiracy? It sounds like consciousness of guilt to me.

  12. I fear that the lack of moral courage of our democracy to defend itself from its enemies, by prosecuting and incarcerating them if convicted, means that this is merely a dress rehearsal for its eventual downfall.

  13. Now we know why Trump was so angry at Pence! Because this actually could have caused doubt and it actually could’ve worked😯

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