Former WH aide lists congressional members who asked for pardon | USA TODAY


  1. In the 1930s, she directed the Nazi propaganda films Triumph des Willens (“Triumph of the Will”) and Olympia, resulting in worldwide attention and acclaim. The films are widely considered two of the most effective and technically innovative propaganda films ever made. Her involvement in Triumph des Willens, however, significantly damaged her career and reputation after World War II. Adolf Hitler was in close collaboration with Riefenstahl during the production of at least three important Nazi films, and they formed a friendly relationship.[5][6] CNN MSNBC ABC CBS CNN MSNBC ABC CBS CNN MSNBC

    1. @O O I’m still trying to figure out with the dude who owns Fox News (Murdoch), flipped and decided to show the Jan 6th hearings on Fox. Almost like he has a hidden agenda or something lol

    2. @Christina Watkins Leni Riefenstahl. What it has to do with the subject at hand, I couldn’t tell you.

  2. And these people still walk free. Other countries would be dusting off the guillotine , we just give them do overs

  3. The left may disagree with Liz’s beliefs in politics, but it’s hard not to respect what she’s doing. She sees the bigger picture, in that a dictatorship was almost established on Jan 6th. One thing the left and Liz do have in common, is the love we have for our great country and the democracy that lives here 💙🇺🇲

  4. Asking for a pardon betrays consciousness of guilt. Traitors should be hanged. No exceptions.

  5. You only ask for a pardon if you’re in danger of going to prison. Says a lot about the Trump gang.

  6. Think Trump should consider an old saying, “Rattlesnakes don’t commit suicide”. Blame gate fixing to start when these underlings start realizing they could be charged.

  7. It’s not mentioned much but to “accept” a pardon is an admission of guilt. Can’t plead the fifth if you take a pardon and you better not get caught lying under oath….

  8. The Current and Future Republican Enemies Of Democracy identified by the 6 Jan., Committee deserve a date in Criminal Court with Lady Justice.

  9. Matt Gaetz: “I’d like a pardon”
    White House: “Can you be more specific, which of your felonies?” LOL

  10. as if they knew how fair and unbiased the jan 6 committee was… the jan 6 committee’s adherence to rule of law and due process is outstanding! maybe when the republicans take over, they can adhere the same high standards!!! (sarcasm).

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