Fort Berthold reservation in North Dakota faces opioid crisis | USA TODAY 1

Fort Berthold reservation in North Dakota faces opioid crisis | USA TODAY


A drug pipeline from Mexico visits major city hubs before heading to the Fort Berthold reservation in North Dakota, a target for drug traffickers.


In the past few years, DEA agents say the danger has intensified as traffickers began cutting drugs with the opioid fentanyl, America's most potent killer

Often, fentanyl is pressed into counterfeit pills dyed to mimic prescription pain tablets. An estimated 80%-90% of the reservation's counterfeit pills originate from Michigan, mainly Detroit and its suburbs, according to Angela von Trytek, who oversees DEA operations in North Dakota.

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  2. It’s the fentanyl that’s killing people. This opioid epidemic has done nothing but cause more harm than good because pain patients can’t get their proper pain medication and benzodiazepines they medically need. The deadly fentanyl or carfentanil is still being sold

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