Four Dead, 159 Unaccounted For After Florida Condo Collapse | MSNBC 1

Four Dead, 159 Unaccounted For After Florida Condo Collapse | MSNBC


A massive search and rescue operation continued Friday morning after a high-rise condo building partially collapsed near Miami Beach, leaving at least four people dead, 10 injured and 159 unaccounted for, officials said.

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Four Dead, 159 Unaccounted For After Florida Condo Collapse | MSNBC


    1. I’m sure that will help But donations of clothing and food to those who lost everything would be better

    1. Bingo! I relate this thought to the financial crash as well as a real estate broker. Republicans tried to roll back the restrictions Obama put into play. If I’ve learned anything in my 45 years it’s that humans are predictable, selfish, and greedy.

    2. @Weston W, yes, communism is bad if you value freedom.

      Greed can be bad, but it also can be good. For instance, greed is a driving factor to produce new technology and medicines that makes all of our lives better. Just compare the innovative between America and China. Also greed drives the free market which has gotten more people out of poverty than any other human idea in history. Greed makes us strive to produce things more efficiently at a lower cost including the things necessary for life like food. So yeah, greed isn’t so bad.

    3. @Pete The entire world is laughing at the depravity and hypocrisy of the Republicans in the US!! You dare accuse the democrats of everything a Republican stands for – racism, bigotry,
      greed, immorality, amorality, stupidity and backwardness. The entire world knows that the Republicans in the US are a scourge on the nation.. Don’t bother replying, I have blocked you. I won’t get to read your drivel. 159 people are missing and you dare display your depravity and nastiness here while people are mourning for their loved ones!!

  1. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families that are mourning a loved one, or waiting to hear news on missing loved ones.
    Thank you for the update

    1. @mike briganti What are you talking about? Is this currently happening there? I thought this is a video on a building collapse in Florida? Are your ears just as stopped up as this fellow who has repeatedly commented on here about Biden and the lack of a FEMA response?

      Or are you focusing on me because you can’t have your crap president in office causing more mayhem? Or are you a racist? Or maybe just ignorant?

    2. @veeva65 he’s mad his orange cult leader isn’t allowed to show up and throw rolls of paper towels at the survivors.

  2. Omg this is so sad and heartbreaking!!! GB all the Families, Friends that lived there give them peace and comfort during this tragic time Lord RIP to our Brothers and Sisters that have passed on.

  3. That is so sad but thats what you get with deregulation.. standards aren’t up to code and buildings collapse

    1. @Super Scary Russian Bot how many skyscrapers have collapsed in New York, Chicago. LA or anywhere in the USA ever? Maybe it’s a huge sink-hole , investigation will tell

    2. @Super Scary Russian Bot i never mentioned engineering or architecture, we’ll see soon enough what caused this tragedy

    3. @Jaak Savat, yes we are improving but we still don’t know everything. Just look at the Millennium Tower disaster in San Francisco. It’s a new construction under the most heavy regulations. But obviously, the engineers missed something even in this modern age. It’s not just in buildings. Engineers miss things all the time in every field. We just make the news when we really screw up.

      You didn’t mention engineering but that’s what you’re talking about.

    4. @Jaak Savat, by saying all disasters are a result of “shortcuts and corruption” is saying engineers know everything because you can’t prevent a disaster without foresight.

    5. @Super Scary Russian Bot i didn’t point the finger at any person, besides deregulation and possible consequences thereof, which only the investigation will reveal. Bye bye

  4. My friend lives in this building and survived. He walked out of his door and his hallway was gone. It sheared off his hallway 10 feet from his door. He was scooped off his balcony by a firetruck ladder. After talking to him he said he eerily predicted this even though he thought it could never happen at this scale. He noticed cracks in the parking garage growing. It was on every floor in similar spots. Not drastic, but noticeable. He said he read those cracks like a book by where and how they were forming. He has been convinced for a while that the garage was sinking. He is a 30-year Mason foreman and recognized the cracks as cracks that form when a structure sinks more than a building it is attached to. He joked with his wife the garage is going to fall off of this building and pull the rest of it down one day. Crazy….

    1. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr Did you watch the video? Biden DID instruct FEMA to provide assistance.

    2. @1776 SAR SUSAN CONSTANT there is more important things to think about like the ppl who are stuck or dead instead of a couple who where no good for nothing my heart goes out to the families of the ppl who passed away and those who are still missing

    3. @Cathy Hughes I will give you permission to reply to me if you promise to turn on your grammar and spellcheck, normally I wouldn’t converse with an ignoramus such as yourself.

  5. the way that building Fail straight down if the leg was kicked from under it And it crumbled to the ground Within minutes When I saw it I thought it was an empty building being demolished it was heartbreaking to find out it was a resident

  6. A tragic result of unbridled greed, power hungry officials, deregulation & infrastructure neglect. Florida voted corruption in & can vote it out. Will they or will more die?

  7. Our hearts go out to the families of those who lost their loved ones. Together we stand in hope for those who are yet unaccounted for..

    1. @Super Scary Russian Bot Regulations might have included inspections that would have condemned the building.

    2. @Allison, might have? Shouldn’t we wait for the cause of the collapse before we start casting blame?

    3. T. R. Campbell – “Be careful about involving politics” you say, then proceed to try to pin it on Democrats. This is not the fault if Democrats, you fool!

    4. @J Groovy i’m not trying to pin anything on anybody. There were several people that had started to get involved with political discussions in regard to this tragedy. I stated we should keep away from politics because we might not like what we find. I was just cautioning against getting into politics. This is my job to advise politicians and this is why I am paid a handsome retainer. I think about things that others don’t.

    5. @J Groovy To continue with this topic, after all the dust has settled there should be a scholarly investigation involving construction engineers, forensic engineers, geologist and others in an attempt to determine exactly what happened.
      Sadly, during times like this some in the progressive social media immediately begin jumping to political conclusions. I was cautioned him that we should stay away from this because we might not like what we find. You should not jump to conclusions either. Keep an open mind.

  8. This reminds me of 911 when the World Trade Center was destroyed by terrorists and so many lives were lost. My prayers and thoughts goes out to all that’s affected by tragedy. May God bless more people will be found alive.

  9. When your elected leadership is nothing more than an enabler for shoddy construction practices and no oversight.

    1. I was wondering if this. building was constructed by a tRump or De Santis company or owned by either of them?

  10. Where’s Governor DeSantis? He’s still talking about defunding colleges? Will he repurpose those funds into infrastructure since none of Florida’s senators seem to be interested in funding through Congress?

    1. You mean DeSatan. He doesent care. That man has no soul. He is all about money. The root of all evil. And he is Evil!

  11. No doubt their had to be corners cut building that, sinking a building 2 inches over 30 years does not make a 40 year old building demolish itself.

  12. Can you spell “law-suit”? What a horrible mess! My condolences to all those families and friends

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