Four Iranians Indicted For Plotting To Capture Brooklyn Journalist 1

Four Iranians Indicted For Plotting To Capture Brooklyn Journalist

A New York federal court has unsealed an indictment against four Iranians involving allegations in a kidnapping plot against a Brooklyn Journalist. NBC’s Pete Williams reports.

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Four Iranians Indicted For Plotting To Capture Brooklyn Journalist


  1. These people must go to jail. Iran must keep their long reach out of America. Freedom of the Press is essential for any democracy. She must be fully protected. Scram..

    1. @grin chi I agree with John Smith. Nuke them both. They cause more strife on this planet than they are worth.

  2. Great that this woman is safe and the men captured by police.
    See the difference inbetween the lady in Iran and the same one in the free world….

  3. She is brave. There are a lot of places she will not ever be able to go. But she is an American now, so keep being brave. Just play it how it go.

    1. @T. R. Campbell Have you always been a coward that you need a gun? She does not need a gun, nor do you. Most be a child to be bragging about having a gun. Seriously, grow a spine.

    2. @T. R. Campbell YOU are not confused YOU are a moron boasting about the guns YOU own.Guns are not the answer and never will be the answer

    3. @Karen Rumney A certain Saudi Citizen who was also an American citizen got murdered over in Turkey so being a US citizen does NOT protect you

    4. Too many americans say send the immigrant home. It has become a big island not a big country in a world of other countries. Ignorance rules on the island.

    1. They did use their power to make a large portion of the American population censor all news media except the 3 *rump fascist “news” channels.

    2. @Elvenkind We must remember the warnings given to us by WikiLeaks following the disaster that occurred within our DNC during the Hillary/Bernie primary. We all recall that WikiLeaks was given very damaging information about Hillary and her longtime advisor, John Podesta. John owned a Russian oil company that suddenly went broke shortly after Hillary lost to Trump. Hmmmmm . It was then that she threw a lamp and John. I was in the same hotel with my clients that night and a hotel staff was all a-buzz about the broken lamp.
      Several DNC staffers and a high-ranking Democrats were very upset at the way Bernie was being treated by the DNC and gave WikiLeaks this damaging information. It was shortly after that that WikiLeaks warned the American people about a compliant media being in bed with the corrupt and entrenched political class as well as the globalists You likely have an off button on your TV clicker. Use it.

    3. @Elvenkind Giving additional thought to your post, I forgot to ask, what are the three fascist channels that you were referring to? Please advise. Thank you very much.

  4. If you’re outraged by this story, just remember that Trump, his allies, and supporters believe that journalists are the _”enemy of the people.”_

    1. I don’t choose right now to continue to be alive (and most likely, this is the same as you). I already chose. She didn’t choose to be born among that nation. We wouldn’t choose.

    2. I mean we do say “I’m only human” in order to communicate that we make errors sometimes, or are overly lazy/self-indulgent. Trump grew up here. With the same colloquialisms (ones such as “I’m only human”. I’m not a fan of Trump btw). Trump is basing his anti-journalism on the notion that he Perhaps Might Be Living In The Same Nation Where They Say “I’m Only Human”. That’s my theory. It’s not SOOOOOOO super advanced that only Britney spears can understand, but you still have to be Somebody to get it

    3. It’s not even really paranoia for trump to say he’s anti-journalism. You’re accusing him of being alive.

      Nobody’s going to pitchfork him for that. We gotta use everything we know about what a group of people can do in order to write something (concerning trump directly or not) which will result in what you want to happen to trump 100% happen to him

  5. If they were to bring her back to Iran…there would be no trial. Everybody knows what would happen to her!

  6. It’s a good thing we have a real leader again. If the false leader we just went through was still in, she probably wouldn’t be alive now.

    1. lol. How is inflation, illegal immigration, and the huge cyber attacks going? “Real leader” Funny joke

    1. Well America got their ideas for Guantanamo, Bagram and Abu Ghraib from countries like Iran, so fairs fair

  7. Thank dump for encouraging violence against the free press, and doing NOTHING in the murder of Kashoggi

  8. Just like BSM and the Saudis.

    All good; guess US wouldn’t say anything if Iran just buys some guns.

  9. Imagine if Trump were still president.. He would cheer on the demise of any journalist, just like he did with the Khashoggie murder.

  10. They should be found guilty Espionage and trying to potentially kidnapped his woman golden to prison for life in America

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