Fourth wave a ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated,’ says doctor | COVID-19 in Canada

Infectious disease epidemiologist Dr. Zahid Butt says the rising COVID-19 numbers in Ontario show the pandemic is among the unvaccinated.

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    1. @Nova Scotian look at Israel and UK, fully vaxed and spiking “cases” throughout summer…doesn’t take a genius to figure it out just an open mind

    1. @CovidPassport ForSlaves Except not all 38 million have had it, so you have to use current numbers of deaths vs cases. That being said, up to about age 59, it is better than 99% – if u even believe this is what they say it is.

    2. More individuals died from heart related issues in the province of Ontario in2019 than all the individuals who supposedly died from covid in the past year and a half . But you don’t hear anything about that. 🤮

    3. ​@roof pizza You CAN say they didn’t die in a plane crash though. What a horrible strawman argument lmao. Both flying and covid are extremely low risk of death. Shows your intelligence level to even make that analogy.

    1. @roof pizza
      Endpoints News, & Bloomberg broke the story.

      They will be discussing why they quit.

      As if anyone would trust roof pizza, over health care experts from the FDA, Endpoint News, & Bloomberg.

  1. Herd immunity threshold were achieved based on Tam. It’s a very weird push to vaccinate every adult and child. Vaccines don’t even prevent transmission.

    1. A set percentage of cases are hospitalized. That is what matters and has to be modeled and planned for. It is just a shortcut to communicating about the numbers. Why do you maniacs view the world like its some stupid conspiracy that only you, internet geniuses of paranoia can understand. Pretending the world is stupid and evil is just another way of signalling your intelligence, your self-righteousness. Stay in your basement then if you are so damned determined to make this epidemic last as long as possible.

    1. @Dave Dismantled PPC is the best option we got, check out their platform we could use your vote if it represents your beliefs and ideals as well.

  2. If everyone except 1 person was full vaxed.
    . And the case count was 1000.. they would say that the unvaxinated are the ones getting covid

    1. Fired is harsh …. They let the CEO go after two hard years of work with a measly 400 thousand dollar severance package .. I should be so fired.

  3. “4th wave” arrives in Canada and Israel at the same time, have they accidentally pressed the same button ?

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