Fourth wave of COVID-19 will be ‘wildcard’ in federal election: Nanos

Nik Nanos says there's 'never a good time' to call an election, and the Liberals will need to explain the timing of the campaign.

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    1. Haven’t seen them yet on youtube? Justin is sinking millions (of our money) into anti conservative ads so far.

    2. @FalkunRazkull don’t worry the budget will balance itself. Harper had a 16 billion dollar deficit, ol blackface has a 1.6 Trillion dollar deficit.

    1. @SteelCom wow how intolerant of you why do liberals say they are tolerant when you guys act like this

    2. @centralScrutinizer yeah and cuts to education, allowing the Americans to further dominate our nation.

    3. @centralScrutinizer lol wretard 🚨… it’s scary cuz u r the average voter! Our forefathers had the right idea in limiting who can vote..! This is pure chaos & theft!

    1. Uh, they can look at a graph. Me too. I guess you don’t know what a wave is. Hint: representing the number of infection increases over time, it looks wavelike.

    1. @RAINRDY If you read the Bible or any other religious book, you will find lots of common sense there as it was written and added for generations.

    2. My opinion is, and I’m entitled to it. That they have an end goal which is pre-planned. You know those maze games. Going from start to finish and finding the path with many dead ends? Get one and start at the finish and go to the start. There are no dead ends. They work backwards. It leads credence to the conspiracy theories becoming true every time.

    3. @Edmonton Rails While there may be some truth to the last part of what you said, you otherwise clearly have no idea what you’re talking about, and are just spouting nonsense.

  1. Since when do covid and voting have to do with one another. We need a different criminal in there immediately!

    1. @John Michael Henderson lol, wait, so if the guys you don’t like win, it’s fraud? Ooooooooook there buddy.

  2. Calling a snap election now is simple opportunism from the LPC. It’s a grab for power and such political practices shouldn’t be tolerated

    1. Sure. Also remember all the things they’ve said would happen, but which never did? Bias is unavoidable, but a narrow perspective is not.

  3. It’s only important too have this election if we are guaranteed trudeau wont be prime minister anymore

  4. I will be formally declining a ballot in this election.
    Not one party is worthy to lead this country.

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