1. @4rustin Your opinion is one thing but you can’t say things that aren’t true. They told you for months the election was stolen on tv but anytime they have to present that evidence in court the story changes. Then they go right back to peddling lies. Dominion got fed up and said either stop lying or you present the evidence under oath. And if you can’t we need to be compensated. If they are telling the truth and have evidence they would have nothing to worry about. Free speech gives you the right to say what you want without being thrown in Jail. It’s not for people to position opinions as facts.

    1. Man, I’m old enough to remember when Lou Dobbs was a respected business journalist.

    1. @Bob aloo care to explain why every judge who heard the case said that there was no evidence of fraud and why every state in question has said that they have no evidence of widespread fraud?

    2. @Brett Phillips judges found No voter fraud? Oh , glad that’s all cleared up. Now I can rest at ease knowing everything is legit and can fully put my faith in trusting the system. For a minute there I thought I was gonna have to go to one of them re-edujumacation camps!!

    3. @Bob aloo that’s a nice way of avoiding the question. Every judge who heard the case said that they heard all of the evidence presented and are throwing the case out because it’s laughable. Every state has said that they have seen zero evidence of widespread fraud. Would you like to explain this?

    1. For a good reason, destroying that voting machine company through a continuous narrative make them an easy target. Trump is getting sued because he had the biggest microphone of them all and it’s all on tape.

    2. @BossBassing who did cnn pull off the air 4 years ago? Fox News had to issue a retraction about their dominion coverage considering it was all lies, they had to issue retractions on a lot of stuff honestly, tucker Carlson went to court where his attorneys argued his content couldn’t be taken seriously. Hannity had to pull back on Seth rich lies because he got sued. Seems like a pattern for faux news

    1. @J ham And Ivanka Trump’s 30 CHINESE PATENTS AND TRADEMARKS President Daddy got her – Right? And Trump letting MSB off the Hook COMPLETELY for Dismembering Jamal Kashoggi while MSB rented out an ENTIRE FLOOR of Trump Tower last year for a King’s Ransom$$$… Let’s get TO THE BOTTOM OF THESE, eh???

    2. @Cosmosaic 👈wan wan wan im still butthurt that pos lost wan wan
      👶 🍼

      Thats all i hear 🤷‍♂️

    1. @J G You know vengeance only destroys you. I guess there will be a lot of destroyed liberals by the end of four years. Bullies always die a slow death. But they do fade away. Get it???

    2. OMG I hope “Judge” Jeanine goes, too. I said a couple of months ago to my Trump/Fox loving husband that she should be fired. It made him mad, but it would be sweet justice if she is!

    3. @Chris Jones Oh I am sure she will. Did you ever see the SNL skit with Colin Jost and Michael Che . if not you gotta watch its so so funny

  1. Can we just have a news source thats not owned and controlled by one of the top 10 richest people in the usa

    1. @Chris Davis they are pretty one sided, they wont cover anything against the left, which should be herd even if its a clear fact and not BS.

    2. They are all over YouTube and they won’t hold back when it comes to telling you what the Reptilians from Mars are doing to your pets with 5G space laser beams from the other side of flat Earth.

    3. @Tavat Or I just learned it was fake by using my own brain which you don’t seem to have. My brain is wrinkly while yours is smooth

    1. …the origin of that saying is a dooms day cult who followed their leader to their death….that’s the whole point, it’s not just kool-aid, it’s poison.

    1. @KEEP CALM and PLAY SOCCER IN YOUR PAJAMAS censorship has killed journalism anyway. So have liberals who force your pathologies down everyone else’s throats. We are ended back into the dark ages of journalism. When free thinkers are imprisoned. Sounds like we are becoming NAZI Germany thanks to liberal intolerance and bigotry.

    2. @Beautiful One. you have no reason to think the United States will be anything like Venezuela. And obviously you have no idea what happened to lead to their economic downfall. Good luck believing Fox News nonsense.

    1. @Burn The Witch Love it when Sociopathic Fox / Trump supporters pretend they care about people…🤣🤣🤣😂🤣

  2. That’s the way you do it. Dominion may just save the country, no one else seems willing to call these MF out. Loud Applause!

    1. Think this one is being brought by Smartmatic, but I’m in complete agreement. I hope this one brings them to their knees.

    2. Wait and of course Fox didn’t ever notice- ahh what their employees were doing? I know right, it’s weird that a corporation of course based on money (it is America after all-and Capitalism) may be what rights a sinking ship- by forcing Guiliani and other to in court- under oath- make statements.

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