1. @Crazy Life
      Trump can read but most of the time chooses not to because he has a short attention span do to his malignant narcissism. He would rather be heard than read someone else’s words and this is known because several people in Trump’s cabinet say he doesn’t listen very well and talks over them to drown them out. Why does he do this? He thinks he’s the only one who has the answers to everything, again do to his malignant narcissism.

  1. We are being “led” by a president that has to take a test for dementia… and then brags about it. God help us.

    1. @DK crate dude…Trump is no fucking better…we’re looking at the befuddlement election. At least with Biden, I know my healthcare is safe.

    2. @JoMama123451234 They are not innocent – but no rational person can just blame them for everything. At some point politicians and voters have to take personal responsibility for what they believe. Anybody who just swallows whatever they are told – no matter the source – deserves what they get

  2. Haha celebrity game show host President doofus loves patting himself on the back. Pathetic excuse for a human being.

  3. So Donald Trump passed his dementia test!

    I’m glad all those hours of revision paid off for him!

  4. I’m watching this and my son laughed at how easy the questions were. I don’t push any politics on him and he still came up with the idea that this president doesn’t act like a president.

  5. Scary thought: The President of the United States thought this test was hard. That is scary and really sad.

  6. “Never Interfere With an Enemy While He’s in the Process of Destroying Himself”
    — Napoleon

    1. @Auld Teuchter Being senile is now called a speech impediment hahaaha, sleepy Joe wouldn’t even be able to answer half of the questions on that test

    2. @Auld Teuchter Read what the guy wrote bellow, that’s 30% of liberals, crazy nutjobs… Trump will not be a 2 term president, unfortunately he will be reelected but assassinated by the left wing mob.

  7. Lol and he called German chancellor Merkel, “stupid.” she has a doctorate in quantum chemistry.

    1. @Joseph Tay ​ I think what @M Hartung means to say is that intelligence comes in multiple forms (i.e. Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences), thus someone could, for example, be able to read a book in a few minutes then recite it word for word from memory. Their savant quality comes at a cost though, because their autism doesn’t allow them to make any practical use of the information being committed to memory, thus they can still be seen as “stupid.”
      And yet, we’re not talking about an undergraduate degree..you need to spend years working on a dissertation. Being able to juggle your financial and living responsibilities, social life, family, all while studying and rubbing shoulders with other PhD students and professors…to get a PhD you’d need to utilize every type of intelligence there is, so I find it unlikely that any PhD graduates lack intelligence.

    2. @Anthony Italiano Could that PhD likely replace the timing chain on a car or truck? Build a house? Break a horse? Run a trot line? Intelligence is a very relative word according to the arena it is placed. Unfortunately today intelligence and success are measured by wealth and how little one has to do for themselves in many cases. When thrust out of their comfort zone , such pseudo intellectual prats couldn’t find their own asses with a bell attached to it.

    1. He was smart enough to become the most powerful man in the world. The markets have been stronger than ever with him in office.

  8. Maybe because he’s never passed a test before that wasn’t paid for, or somebody else sat for him!!! He’s a fool.

    1. Really hard questions to my 8 month baby. i want to send my baby to america, seems he has chance to become your next president

  9. I bet they gave him a toy table with round,square, triangle holes. Gave him round,square, triangle pegs.

  10. “It’s a very simple tool.”

    Pretty much describing the current occupant of the White House.

  11. “The last 5 questions are VERY HARD”
    “One of them is counting backwards from 100 by 7” LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I’m not sticking up for Trump but if you’re bad in math, this is not an easy task. I gave my 71 year old wife this test and she flunked on this question. She also did not fair well on memorizing five words. She got four. Then five minutes later you’re supposed to have them repeat those five word again and my wife only got 3 of the five. I’ve downloaded five versions of this test. Each one is a little different so that one could no memorize this test.

  12. “Why did they feel it was necessary for the president to take this test?” Cause there’s gotta be an explanation as to why a man this stupid running an entire country.

    1. OMG. And another nation heard from.
      I dont want my President to fail a compentcy exam and in his position he should have 1. Biden gets confused so much they don’t want him outta his basement. Hahaja
      Biden’s embarrassing. To himself and his family. Can’t have a conversation with Joe because his mind takes a nap. Fact.
      He wont do better om jobs. He’ll sure as Christ made little green apple gonna raise all our taxes to keep him in the lifestyle. Hope y’all are prepared to pay for the NEW GREEN DEAL! YEAH! CLIMATE CHANG! YEAY!!!$
      Please. All you self proclaimed scientists out there. Listen up. The world ISN’T going to end in 10 yrs or 2 yrs. The earth will continue to have hurricanes tornadoes volcanos earthquakes and tsunamis with the occasional meteor shower every 5, 0000 yrs since the earth was formed. With ppl on it or not. When the world does end, you wont have a damn say about it!!! Get over it. False nonsence as ALWAYS.

    2. @Kris Rice , Joe has a speech impediment. He stutters. When he pauses, it’s part of the technique to deal with the stutter.

  13. Wallace should have said to trump: “Now, this one’s a snake and this one’s a crocodile , but can you tell what this one is with the long wavy nose?”

  14. What everyone is missing is that he is “bragging” that the doctors “were surprised” that he did so well.

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