Fox News Implements Vaccine Passports While Waging War Against Vaccines On Air 1

Fox News Implements Vaccine Passports While Waging War Against Vaccines On Air


“It would be nice for the most influential mouthpiece for the entire conservative movement in the U.S. to stop actively undermining the health of its viewers,” says Chris Hayes.
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    1. @Jim River because I’m sure you watch the full fox news to accurately say that getting fix news from CNN or MSNBC

  1. In the course of a lethal pandemic complying with vaccination policies is a matter of life or death.

  2. It boggles the mind that people listen to Tucker Carlson when it is widely known that his lawyers claimed that no reasonable person would take him seriously, when he was being sued

    1. @Shirley Mclean It’s also really important you accurately state why that case was dismissed. It was the opinion of the Judge (independent of the lawyers) that she was in fact expressing an opinion based on an accurate summation of a published article. And that the viewers would not be confused, because they could follow the source materials and determine this for themselves.

      In Tuckers case, there are no source materials, there are no articles – he was the origin of the misinformation he was spreading. So their only argument was – “it’s entertainment”.

      In otherwords, Maddow could legitimately say people would not be confused, because there is a paper trail with source material and reported evidence. Tucker could not, because he lied and made it up.

      So yes, it’s possible for both sides to have similar arguments, and be coming from completely different origins of truth. Again – there IS a difference here.

    2. Tell these Trump cult Anti-vaxx Anti-maskers (aka *Malicious, Unpatriotic, Hypocrites* ), “I agree with your “freedom” to catch Covid! – But I’m *Pro-Life & Pro-Health* for all Americans! So, it’s against my “Religious Freedom,” & very UNPATRIOTIC, to risk spreading a deadly, preventable disease: Which has killed 600,000+ Americans.

      It’s also against my “(religious) values” & “freedom” to risk killing children & babies who can’t yet be vaccinated!”

    3. @Shirley Mclean Were people dying because Maddow said that OAN was Russian propaganda? There is a BIG difference. Defamation of a competitor is one thing. Misinformation that leads to death and personal injury is another. It’s pretty obvious that FOX is worried about incoming lawsuits thus the vaccine “wokeness” by Hannity and others in recent days.

    4. omg, Rachel Maddow using the Tucker Carlson defense was just being pointed out because it’s relevant to this thread. I don’t think anyone alleged that Rachel’s false claim cost any lives. It is just worth pointing out the hypocrisy. She used the word “literally” and then in court claimed it was just her opinion

    1. Oh dear – “profits.” Another well-educated knowing aware man telling us what to do. If you had read a book or two you would know this 5th Grade word.

    2. @Leonie Romanes Did you mean “prophets”?
      And the scripture goes like this: “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Therefore by their fruits you will know them.” – Matthew 7:15-20

    1. Psychologically they’re trying to tell us something, but the brainwashing has overpowered their true intentions. Smh

    1. @mary johnson MAGAts will be disappointed to learn that Ted Bundy was executed and thereby disqualified to run for President. (And I am only half kidding.) Guess they’ll have to make do with Tucker Carlson.

    2. @ben roy Dems and GOP will self destruct. Y’all have become toxic. Fox, CNN and all the disingenuous media is tiring. Don’t get vaxxed, don’t mask up – go forth and breathe deep. Overpopulation is real. I don’t understand why everyone is trying to fight this.

    3. @ben roy Vaccines are not 100% effective dude. The vaccinated have more protection than the unvaccinated.

    4. @Alan Behrens In the UK 40% of our people in hospital from covid are “fully vaccinated” You can watch our goverment announce it on a live tv broadcast to the nation. Never heard of a “vaccine” that doesnt create more than a 60% immunity. Care to explain this?

  3. Fox News implemented a vaccination passport so that vaccinated employees no longer are required to complete a daily health screening

    1. Didn’t you listen to the video?
      All Fox employees must have the
      ‘Clear pass’. They’re Fox employees.

    2. @Jennifer Lehnherr A gross error. The ones who already had the disease are not vaccinated, and they don’t need to be. The others are. In any case they are not arguing that NOBODY should be vaccinated, and they never have.

    3. @Larry Zorch uh yes they do.. heard of the delta variant??? didn’t think so.. as long as people don’t get vaccinated whether they’ve had earlier form of covid or not, the longer we have to fight and lose people….also they have argued for months that people don’t need to be vaccinated.. where have you been??? I would love to see class action lawsuits for those tens of thousands of people who have lost loved ones thanks to faux news misinformation… maybe hundreds of thousands

  4. Imagine a leader you knew caught the plague, took the vaccine, got well, and then tells YOU not to? It would be crazy to follow that guy. Right?

    1. Lol & would they Swear that’s a True Fact & pls Revoke there News Media Lic it’s so Stupid imo.

    2. @Old Glaseye The problem is that those nitwits live among us, so when they get sick they spread it to sensible people. (The vaccines aren’t 100% effective and no one has ever claimed they are.) That means there’s a reservoir of the virus that can keep breeding and mutating until we end up with something that is resistant to the vaccine and the whole thing starts over again.

      Honestly, the best thing they could do would be to follow up on that “the South will rise again” promise they keep making. The Republicans, Qfolk, flat earthers, and climate change deniers want to all move down to the hot, mosquito-ridden parts of the country that still think the slaveowners were maybe on to something and then cut ties with us? Go with our blessing! The blue states generate 3x the GDP and devote a chunk of it to subsidizing the low taxes of the red states. Let them take the health care costs of their obesity and heart disease, their racism, and their Bible-thumping science denial off our hands. We can implement decent health care, infrastructure reform, renewable energy, and all the other positive aspects of a modern society.

      And yes: Not all Republicans are climate change deniers, Qfolk, etc, but essentially all climate change deniers, Qfolk etc are Republican.

    1. @Mark Berryhill Per the CDC, of everyone who have received at least one dose of the vaccine “nearly two thirds were White (59%), 9% were Black, 16% were Hispanic, 6% were Asian, 1% were American Indian or Alaska Native, and <1% were Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, while 8% reported multiple or other race.”

    2. @Mark Berryhill shhhh. I’m hoping they send their un-used vaccines to Australia and the Pacific.

  5. The rest of the world has difficulty to believe Fox News still hasn’t been dragged into court, let alone closed down.

    1. Fox News is a cancer upon America, dividing our nation. If Covid comes back with a vengeance in 2020, Fox will be largely to blame.

    2. @Amor Phix A gross mischaracterization. Carlson was expressing an opinion, IOW engaging in Free Speech.

  6. The next Q lie will be “ the reason the Blue states are higher is because Biden withheld vaccines from red states”

    1. @Romeo The KKK are all Trumplicans today. It was no surprise that they chanted “Russia is our friend!” at their Charlottesville tiki disaster. You’re all a bunch of Confederate traitors.

    2. @Jo Spinner
      For real!! I been telling trolls they need a new script. They’re still on Hillary’s e mails and it’s 2021!!

  7. It’s overeducated commentators/talking heads leading under-educated people with convincing-sounding rhetoric

    1. @Omicron-Omicron-Alpha-Yellow-Daystar-2-7-Enable Thanks, meant half million as 500k was the first total of Federal Income Compensation Act aka social security.

    2. @Imani FM You’re absolutely right about that. Carlson barely graduated with his BA in History, and Hannity dropped out of _two_ different universities.

    3. @dlee t oh my goodness, so well said.. I have been saying that all the gerrymandering and new laws against voting won’t help at all with all the white non educated cultists dying off b/c they listened to dear leader and not scientists

    1. @Zachery Eckard care to explain your superior knowledge on evoution in relation to this topic? I would suggest you do not understand what a variant is.

    2. Perhaps it’s eventually self-limiting—-once all the unvaxxed die off. Darwin Awards for them all.

    3. @A McDonald Good luck with all that freedom you’re going to have for eternity. I’m sure glad my parents “complied” by having me vaccinated against smallpox and polio and gave me the MMR shots. Geez

    4. @Stew country songs Stew yep echo and foxtrot variant will disfigure you especially if you took the jab.

    5. @The Enlightened One omg. People dying oh no. Like that doesn’t happen every day. Smh

  8. It’s amazing to me how Americans seem to live in a total vacuum where the rest of the world does not exist.

    1. Yes, they seem to think that because they can’t see the rest of the world (or don’t care to), the rest of the world can’t see them. These days, the US is a global menace, a petri dish of new and more destructive variants. Soon we will all talk about the Tennessee variant, the Republican variant I, II, III aso.

    2. It’s because we live in an educational vacuum, science is mocked in many states, critical thinking skills in may places are non existent.

  9. Honestly everyone who gets covid now should be suing a class action lawsuit against Fox, Newsmax and all those crappy outlets. Thats the only way we can stop them. Hit them in their wallets.

    1. LOLZ!!! Essentially you are arguing, “We were stupid enough to believer Fox (which we don’t watch or listen to), and we got sick. THEREFORE it’s their fault!!” Face it: you are neuron-depleted.

    2. I have been saying this for months.. hundreds of thousands of deaths could have been prevented had faux news been honest with people.. and you could actually start with cheeto in chief… he should be sued as well, took an oath to protect… yeah, I know.. he only swears true allegiance to one person

    1. @Oppressed Speaker of truth so more ratings means it’s more true? Critical thinking is NOT a tool in your box, is it?

    2. @Oppressed Speaker of truth Tucker and his lawyers openly admit in open court that tucker carlson is not a journalist, He plays a character, is under no obligation to tell the truth and no intelligent reasonable person would ever take him seriously. Thats the words of tucker and his lawyers.I know you must feel completely embarressed and stupid that you actually believed ANYTHING that tucker carlson says, especially when he said no intelligent reasonable person would ever take him seriously. Im sorry i had to do that to you but it needed to be done.Go lick your wounds and never watch or comment about tucker ever again.

    3. @FreakyZed well I mean, thats obvious. They’ve banned critical thinking in Red states. Its been deemed too dangerous to think “wokeness”.

    4. It is rumoured that Moscow Mitch and Tucker both had experimental heart removal surgery in the last couple of years. It was a success! They now appear human but it’s just a facade.

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