Fox News Staffers 'Disturbed' By The Influence Of Their Channel 1

Fox News Staffers ‘Disturbed’ By The Influence Of Their Channel


"That's why so many sources at Fox started to leak to me in the Trump years," says CNN's Brian Stelter. "They were disturbed that they were setting the agenda for the president."

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  1. I had to pause the video at “Donald Trump is a political genius”. Took me 5 minutes to quit laughing.

    1. Just like the “EVIL GENIUS” of HITLER. It has already cost hundreds of thousands American lives!

  2. If they’re disturbed, how do they think the rest of us feel. Fox is the worst thing to ever happen to America.

    1. and because fox is banned in the uk they are making a new fox type far right tv channel for the uk

    2. @Ray Bin Rush receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom from the spoiled brat and minime DeSantis wanting to lower the American flag to half staff at his death shows how far we have fallen.

    1. That’s when the victim & whataboutism comes out full whine, it wasn’t my fault cause the Dems did this & that, Dems didn’t betray their country, cause they lost an election, you don’t come back from being a traitor & the Republicans have a chit load of them

    1. @Jason Thompson Biden voted for the Iraq war. He gave Bush & Cheney the green light to go to war. Shame on Biden. He’s a war monger.

    2. @tony collinsworth After watching Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson and The Five for years on end one can come to that conclusion.
      These opinion hosts are twisting the meaning of words so the left and the right cannot talk to each other any longer. Socialism becomes Kleptocracy, fighting Climate Change is some control freaks taking your freedom away, the US is not a Democracy, that kind of stuff. They don’t want exchange of ideas, they want an agitated mob.

    3. @AT 1984 Actually, I’m no fan of the pro war section of the Democratic Party. So, they don’t get a pass from me either.

    4. @AT 1984 he did. Right after another republican lie. That all your people are capable of doing is lie.

    5. @Harold Moore Biden is lying to you every day. There were 8 elected Republicans who opposed the Iraq war. Why didn’t Biden join them? Why didn’t he join members of his own party who opposed the invasion of Iraq. Did Biden personally profited from the war?

  3. In case you think Fox isn’t literally propaganda, the founder, Roger Ailes, worked with many republican administrations like the Reagan and BUsh Sr. Admins. He wanted a network that was different and would help them.

    1. @René Olguín I don’t know?
      What will CNN tell me.
      Russia Russia Russia
      Racist racist racist

    2. Rupert Murdoch is the founder of FOX. He tried to run the Government by proxy in Australia, when that didn’t work so well, he went to Britain, his reporters were caught doing illegal stuff, so off to the USA to play the game again. In the type of political environment America has, he had the manure to grow his weeds. The a Republicans were happy to support him and get the former guy in power.

    3. @CJ K Most of the media is owned by a handful of billionaires. How could their interests be aligned with the Democrats, who supposedly want to turn the US into a socialist country? I fail to see how socialism benefits the ultra-rich.

  4. Everybody who got arrested on Jan 6th should be asked by the courts wat news station they watch.

    1. Joel Carlson What started as sarcasm and what you thought was trolling has become your personality and mentality.

    2. @Ford Prefect Trump really wounded you didn’t he? Do you suppose Joe Biden taught Hunter Biden to use the N-word.

    3. @Brandy Courvoisier Love the comments….
      But truth be told, E&J VSOP is far better and far less expensive.
      65 and I’ve been an affecianado for 45 years.
      It took a blind taste test with my MILLIONAIRE A- Driver to show me the error of my ways.
      Blue Label and usually $9.99 a small bottle on special.
      Great Taste and made to sip and savor.
      Enjoy and keep up the great comments!

    1. No kidding, look at the Russia collusion lie, Russia bounty on troops lie, “nice folks on both sides” lie, Trump calling troops loser lie, and so on.

    2. @ThatWeatherman4 I’d say you should follow through with the riff.
      Highly applicable!
      ‘Caught in a Landslide
      Oh we escape our reality…’

  5. I wonder if Fox News will cover Trump’s trials, and make it seem like he’s selling Girl Scout cookies.

    1. Asheron Windspear. No, alcoholism is a serious problem. The sane people who were forced to live this dog and pony show need a high. Eat chocolate, perhaps little chocolate men with trump’s face on them. Just chomp off his head every time he make a stupid statement. I would say ‘lies’ but diabetes is also serious. LOL

    2. I just want to know how FAUX News will tie Hunter Biden into the Tr**p trial. Hunter must have been involved somehow. He must be the one who signed off on the alleged false valuations of Tr**p’s holdings for tax/loan purposes. lol

    3. @Cindy Pomerleau I was just trying to give them some new ideas. Faux news seems to be running out of things to talk about since Tr**p left office. lol

  6. So for decades Faux asked politicians to go further to the reich than than next guy. And so what happened? A few upstart networks went further to the reich than Faux and got market share. Go figure.

    1. I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to pause for a moment
      and give thanks for the great contributions of the *Democrat*
      community to our society. I love driving down the streets and seeing
      the American flag waving so proudly in every yard. Their peaceful
      and generous nature make them ideal neighbors, lending testimony to
      their exceptional family values and parenting skills unrivaled by any
      other culture. You can witness this by their strict adherence to our local
      and Federal laws. Their commitment to academic excellence enriches
      our schools and serves as an example to all who hope to achieve
      prominence as a people. Just watching their *Special* kind of Science
      change our society is simply amazing. I mean, who ever thought there
      are 187 Genders? Real estate values are fueled by the mix of
      *Democrat Americans* into an area due to their caring and respectful
      nature of these communities, an example of all they have achieved
      through their enthusiasm for self improvement by hard work and a
      self-reliant can-do nature. Without their industrious and creative
      drive, we would undoubtedly be poorer as a nation. *Well, except for*
      *the Racist, Violent, Junkie, Self Entitled, Christian Hating, White*
      *People Hating, Jew Hating Bigoted part I mean.*

    2. UFO’s, Hunter Biden, the boarder and cancel culture are literally the only things they report on because those are the only things their audience wants to hear about.

    1. @CJ K Analysis and fair persuasion, indeed biased. But ABC is actual MSM, fox and cnn aren’t. Other MSM outlets include reuters, AP, UPI, Stars & Stripes, and the Christian Science Monitor – you can’t go wrong with them as long as you stay off the funny pages

    2. @Sue Howie I would they lead the way in paying people in civil court or out of court for fake news. A few trumpers made hundreds of millions of CNN for the fake news.

    3. @CJ K Pro Republican vs. pro Democrat bits are a bad measure.
      Republicans try to push voter suppression laws, pretend Trump won an election that he certifyably lost, and obstruct any legislation in the senate. There’s just not much pro Republican fact out there.
      But there are segments criticizing Democrats, reporting Democratic infighting etc on those channels, not just praise of the dear leader.

    4. FAUX News has already said, in court, that no reasonable person should take them seriously, even their Prime Time shows. They should have to show a disclaimer every 10 minutes on the air that says ” WARNING: THIS IS AN OPINION SHOW AND SHOULD IN NO WAY BE TAKEN AS NEWS OR AS PRESENTING ANY KIND OF FACTS”.

    1. They’ve all been cultified and don’t realize it. I hope they deprogram themselves before they get real-life
      arrested or worse. I don’t think the police will be so lenient when they aren’t surprised.

    2. There’s a big awakening coming…
      Just wait until the koolaid wears off and the truth is no longer avoidable!

    1. No, the free world just needs to adopt Canada’s single sentence CRTC regulation that requires news outlets to tell the truth.

    2. @Hardcastle I think you’ll find it’s Antifa who wear the black clothes, and being they don’t on-mass support either party’s policies, the only ones comparable to the brown shirts would be the Proud Boys or the Oath Keepers, because, after-all, fascism is far right if you were to check the dictionary.

    1. @Jerry Stephenson I found it in less than a minute.
      Most trusted televised News sources in the US…..
      Not hard….look it up.
      It’s in a language you can comprehend….ON GOOGLE.

    2. @Big Smoke Guitar still you did not name the source. Tell me the key words you typed in. Most Trusted News site gave a lot of statistics about trust of various news sources, ABC being rated the highest and CNN rating higher than FOX, but the statistic you claimed, CNN has paid out more than FOX, was not included

    3. @Big Smoke Guitar indeed the site you mentioned was not about fake news stories it was a piece on people’s perception of the trustworthiness of different sources.

    4. Absolutely, his future grandchildren in eras to come will know their grandfather & the spineless GOP did everything they could to destroy democracy & betrayed their country for Russia, fools actually thought they could succeed all were jailed for treason, that’s the future of GOP hopefully

    1. @Y Hh – When you consider the alternative in election 2020 can anyone blame ’em lol?
      We would have voted for literally ANYONE that didn’t have any of 45’s tainted DNA.
      I supported Bernie in the primary, but like big Joe just fine these days, considering he brought an end to 45’s reign of error, and is working 24-7 reversing our march into fascism.
      Evidently to over 81.2 million of us ANYTHING was 100% better than dealing w 4 more yrs of Putin’s clown puppet!

  7. If Fox News told me it was raining outside I would still have to go to the front door and see for myself.

    1. …and you would find a sunny day with dry sidewalks. Fox News: “The illegal Mexican sun and Marxist sidewalks lie about the downpour that Democrats just caused moments ago outside your front door. ‘The rain was definitely there!’ says Trump, who heard this from Hannity moments ago.”

  8. Warning: Internet “news” business panders to your bias for views. Critical thinking is required.

    1. @Asheron Windspear – I find more rage in their comments. They try to tell me the Democrats are racist, and I point out all the Fox News comments with account icons of Hitler and the confederate flag. Smh.

  9. When Reagan ensured news could lie as ‘entertainment’, the basis of informational integrity died.

    1. @Colin Thisaname When I got to your “stop the steal” that ending my reading further. Nonsense.

    2. @Ray Bin You don’t even know it can’t apply to cable. First amendment. Research that.

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