Fox News, Stephen Miller Fan Anti-Refugee Flames Amid Afghanistan Crisis

“Thousands of Afghans are trying to get out of the country and come here to the U.S to escape the horror they expect will soon come. But here in the U.S., the usual figures on the right are already spewing their gross, hate-filled takes,” says Mehdi Hasan.
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  1. We’ve welcomed refugees of all colors and heritage since the beginning. It’s literally what makes America America.

    1. @Big Daddy 507 I was rather under the impression that America’s customs etc were forged by Literally All Of Mankind, and people of every ethnicity, every religion – and None – and of all kinds of political leanings, even if they’ve largely been replaced today by slightly-Left, Centre-Right, and Extreme-Crazytown-Far-Far-Right bands of political ideologies.

      The greatest irony of Americans like you having hissy fits about who and what a ‘real’ American is, or ‘should’ be, is that when literally every last American of any colour or creed or politician view ever sets foot outside America, you are all – ALL – equally regarded as just An American, or, often, Some Yank.

      Nobody divides you as much as yourselves, led by your intolerant Right.

    2. Wow, you’re stupid. Unless you want the rest of the country to be the next Detroit, & Atlanta, please do your research before pretending to know what you’re talking about.

    3. @Buckler and the worst culture rap music that consists of shooting, staying illiterate, & killing the cops.

    4. I don’t know how many countries are sending troops to Afghanistan, but do we really need to accept people who have not helped the military? For example, Afghans who cooperated with the Japanese government were not recognized as refugees because Japan only provided humanitarian assistance and did not conduct military operations. Those who cooperated with the U.S. military are still understandable, but there is no need to accept those who helped with infrastructure support. It is unlikely that any harm will come to them.

  2. It’s hilarious that Fox News is disabling comments on Afghanistan because they don’t want anyone pointing out that Trump released 5000 top Taliban leaders and fighters in exchange for a cease fire to help his re-election campaign.

  3. Miller should’ve kept his mouth shut….. FOX News Drama Causing Kings&Queens and this is no compliment…..

    1. What if, regardless of party, we all just said F it
      and decided to go our own ways.
      What would you say then?

    2. @Peter Bills
      Thank you for asking. I’d say that attitude is on the one hand immoral and on the other short-sighted and self-damaging.
      It’s also very untypical of Americans, who are generally generous and far-sighted.

    3. @BlaQ Bay17 what are you talking about.. President Biden is not talking about January 6 he been talking about the coronervirus/delter virus the infrastructure bill .. the Democrats are handling January 6 and the people of Afghanistan there Amy failed them by running away and there president did do the work to keep them safe that why they will suffer .

    1. @BlaQ Bay17 Who made the “peace” deal with the Taliban promising a May 1st departure for the US leaving our the Afghanistan leadership from the agreement? Hint…. Pompeo arranged it for the ex-president…. Not to mention, the leader of the Taliban was sprung from prison be the ex-president in 2018…….

    1. @Van Gogo I know. That’s why my strong reaction- a real chill sensation- surprises me. But it happens every time.

    1. Amoronicans might benefit from a “new” (Taliban) common enemy. That way they’ll stop hating each other for a while.

    2. Sometimes even the most courageous of cultures encounter the Boogeyman after realizing that Santa isn’t real.

  4. How is it possible Stephen Miller is not in prison, among other things on charges of crimes against humanity?

    1. perhaps ironically, so do the Afghanis. It used to be said that they were the first Jews. Later on Hitler came along and said they are the true Aryans. They happily took the title of both.

    2. @takecare A home sapiens sapiens evolved in the eastern Caucasus and spread east and west and south. We are all the same within a statistical genetic envelope. Race does not exist yet here we live in a world of de-evolved hominids. We might have to study coexistence of two hominid species. Causal objectivity says that they don’t interbreed. IQ does not mix with m…ons.
      The mini Goebbels is a gamma feeding on other gamma. There is no reason to let them participate in politics. Democracy works best at IQ 130+.

  5. Miller only needs a black cap with a skull badge. Like Strangelove, he clearly finds it a struggle to stop his right arm rising stiffly into the air.

    1. @thom wessels I’ll take a wild guess that you’ve never said a single word against many tens of thousands of illegal (mostly) white Europeans in America, or the many, many, many thousands of my fellow Irish illegally over there.

      I’d say it’s curious why people like You never, EVER criticize illegal white immigrants from contemporary western nations, as you demonize Latinos and others fleeing war, strife, gangs, crime and, oh yeah, death elsewhere, but even from 8,000km away, I can see your sort Very clearly, pal.

    2. This is all about globalism, which is the ultimate extension of imperialism, and the end stage of capitalism.

    3. @edward cunha Thanks for ongoing proof of what I’ve said for years: the
      worst racists are the ones who cry RACISSS! Since you are confused about
      what I just said, that would be YOU, KingFish! I’ll guess you don’t possess
      the man balls to debate me about that because, well, you don’t have any
      man balls. You racists are so easy.

  6. These aren’t just random people . They saved mine and plenty of other soldiers lives. They are our brothers in arms just a shame for all in power to leave them

    1. Yup, they risked their lives and that of their families…to assist us in our missions. We DO owe them, I relied heavily on my interpreters.

    2. @ken kesler Hopefully, the military/vets will go against this rhetoric and fully support these Afghans.

    3. ​@Robbie DeMoss They are leaving many you have guys who have applied for years and have been denied with no reason given. Our goverment is the bad guy here . broken promises thas americas motto. hey can you help us out we will take care of you . hey about that thing we cant do it right now . means they are gonna die for helping us . THEY ARE BEING LEFT BEHIND

    1. @Tucker Ford Well she had them correctly — but to few believed
      what was starring them in the face — people wanting to be blind .

    2. @Tucker Ford she could have used the Hans and Franz saying. “Hear me now but believe me later”

  7. I knew it. Fox and GOP would scream outraged that Afghan translators are being left behind, then pivoting to outrage because to many Muslims are entering the country.

  8. When Trump abandonned the Kurds, not a peep… But Biden gets the rap as he simply acts in accordance with Trump’s deal… If the big orange was in the white house right now, it would be WAY worse and no one would care, ESPECIALLY on Fox News.

  9. 0:45 Ingram’s “Who promised them? Did you?” illustrates her total failure to grasp that citizens in a democracy elect leaders who will make difficult decisions on their behalf.

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