1. Fox: It’s been a horrible week: 🤦‍♂️
    Smartmatic & Fox’s shareholders: You ain’t seen nothing yet 😆

  2. The single best thing that could happen to our nation would be watching Fox ” News ” be held accountable for there lies and the dissolution of the company.

    1. When I see stuff like this I sometimes picture it literally. Like what if I legit sued the crap out of someone? How would I collect my crap from them? If they don’t pay up can I get a lien? Does not paying up go their credit report?

  3. Sadly Fox will probably be fine, but Dominion is also suing Newsmax and OAN, and hopefully sues them out of existence.

  4. So… Maybe the money from the first suit can help pay for future fees for other suits, and how they handle it.

    1. @Mike Bond Depends on how corrupt the case is tbh. Never heard of Smartmatic, so I did some reading. They have in fact been involved in several scandals in the last 2 decades. So where as Dominion actually had a good reputation, Smartmatic’s is dirt.

  5. Here’s hoping that Smartmatic does it better than Dominion and doesn’t settle like Dominion did and instead gets a court order to hold Fox responsible and admit their election lies on air for a whole year every single day , and not just as a recording but live.

    1. They are a company worth 50 million, and got a settlement worth 787.5 million. Sounds like a good day to me.

    2. @Jeff Misch They would be susceptible to shareholders suing them if they had not taken the deal, even if you have 100% evidence there is always the 10% risk in trails you just get a trump appointed judge.

    1. @Brenden Sue for what you ask?
      What about not paying for their admission tickets for their tourist stroll?
      You clearly haven’t been burdened by an overabundance of education, have you?

  6. How about various individuals who were maligned such as those falsely accused poll workers, couldn’t they also suit particularly now that they see the potential money available. There must be lawyers looking for cases. Someone among them might not settle and will want to take the case to trial – at least I hope so.

  7. So disappointed they were not forced to retract their lies it should have been part of the settlement because they would of accepted it because anything rather than Murdoc going to court

    1. the fine is not the biggest penalty that threatened these liars, now it is necessary to control these media so that after paying the fine they do not again start to earn by lie

  8. Its really astounding that a public retraction wasn’t part of the settlement. It makes it just about the money.

  9. I understand that Smartmatic also sued Giuliani and individual Fox presenters as co-defendants whereas Dominion sued Sidney Powell in a separate lawsuit that hasn’t come to be tried yet.
    How will the number of defendants influence the speed of the trial and the possible outcomes?

  10. I think that three-quarters of a billion dollars speaks louder than any admission or apology could ever do.

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