Fox News Sunday 9/11/16 Full: Hillary Deplorable Comment, Newt Gingrich, Russia & Putin

Fox News Sunday 9/11/16 Full: Hillary Deplorable Comment, Newt Gingrich, Russia & Putin 1


Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace 9/11/16 full episode: Russia & Putin, Newt Gingrich, Hillary Clinton insults Donald Trump Supporters and calls them deplorables.

Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace – September 11, 2016 – Full Episode

8 Comments on "Fox News Sunday 9/11/16 Full: Hillary Deplorable Comment, Newt Gingrich, Russia & Putin"

  1. 1st

  2. That Wallace guy is out to lunch.


  4. Chris Wallace you’re nuts! You media people are always beating the drum
    against Russia! What makes you think they care? They don’t have to “create
    doubt or flex muscles” it’s an INSIDE job, and likely this is just more of
    your fear-mongering; hackers come from everywhere…have you considered the
    Saudi’s? Has it occurred to your pea brain that this is just another PLOY
    by the Democrats to Rigg the election like they did in 2008 and BLAME it on
    someone else? They’re really good at slinging it at everyone but
    themselves. I, and many like me, have lost all respect for the Democratic
    Party, and it’s mud slinging media.

  5. this is a whole lotta bullshit.

  6. I used to be her greatest fan before I even immigrated in this country. But
    nowadays however I just find it harder and harder to defend her and I’ve
    realized it’s because she’s kind of disgusting. Her arrogance and
    condescension just shines through her mannerisms and her speech. She
    reminds me of the politicians in the country where I came from and for me
    to say that is really really bad.

  7. Misty AngelTears | September 12, 2016 at 11:06 PM | Reply

    Russia has NOTHING to do with this!! And it is deplorable that you
    mainstream media ‘paid-to-speak puppets’ think that we, the People, are so
    ignorant to believe your lies!! We don’t believe them any more than we
    would believe something, ANYTHING, coming out of that lying, manipulative,
    deceiving, power & money hungry succubus, that all she cares about is
    herself, at ALL costs, and will (and HAS) throw even victims under the bus
    just to advance herself forward!!!
    She is inept and unable to keep America safe, nor does she even care to!!!
    Ask about Benghazi, or the men and women of the NSA!!! She doesn’t even
    have military support… That says A LOT in itself!!! She is being funded
    by Saudi Arabia!!!
    And lets not talk about her comment about Trump supporters, and how this
    cretin ‘tried’ to justify it… FYI… There is NO justification in her
    words, no matter how you try and twist them!!! ALL of America heard her…
    And even those of us that don’t fall into any of the slots she deemed
    necessary to try and place on Trump’s supporters… I am, along with so
    many others, greatly offended that she felt the need to attack US for
    voting for him!!! Why would we vote for a vile, putrid, back-stabbing,
    self-gratifying, wicked liar like her??? She wants to bring in 3x the
    muslim immigrants, but the Obama/Clinton ‘plan’ just told 28 WOMEN with
    CHILDREN, that NEVER committed a crime, or were a security threat, that
    THEY have to leave back to Mexico/Soth America… But I guess you all want
    to keep that quiet, right?? She is still putting on that fake act that she
    gives a damn about the Mexican community… And oh… The hotsauce comment
    in her purse… Really??? What a joke!!! She can’t speak without coughing,
    but she’s adding hotsauce to things?? Does she REALLY think the black
    community is that ignorant that they can’t see right through her??? That
    they don’t know about Soros, and HER rascist bigotry, NOT Trumps, whom BTW,
    has Jesse Jackson, the American Muslim Association, and other community
    leaders backing him, because they KNOW that he is the real deal!!! He has
    REAL plans to rebuild America, starting from the inner cities, and bringing
    our jobs back from overseas… And that scares some people… But that
    doesn’t scare THE People, of the US of A!!!
    Our eyes are open, and for those that aren’t open yet, they are getting
    So either be a REAL journalist… Or keep being a puppet. But you all
    aren’t fooling ANYONE!!!!

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