Fox News Tells Employees To Report Vaccination Status While Hosts Promote Disinformation 1

Fox News Tells Employees To Report Vaccination Status While Hosts Promote Disinformation


In this edition of "The Absolute Worst," Joy Reid critiques the fact that Fox News told employees to report their vaccination status, while prominent hosts promote anti-vaccination and anti-mask disinformation.

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  1. Rupert Murdocks’s sons and grandkids all moved back to Australia, because Australia has the strictest COVID protocols on the planet.

    1. You nailed that one, friend. Hadn’t thought of that. What a bunch of hypocrites. We need more passionate news hosts like joy Reid to give the Ingrahams, *uckers and Handyteasers (ok that one was a reach) a run for their money. Never hold back Joy – fight fire with fire, I say. Maybe for once we’ll get a little respect from the hate-filled alt-right using vitriol in kind.

    2. …ya also got box jellyfish, Taipan, black widow spider and more funny wildlife. Maybe mother nature fixes it for us 😎

  2. I wonder how many governors have stock in the company that makes Regeneron? Could they be profiting off our sickness?

    1. @Baby Teano DeSantis just made it free for all citizens in his state, by using state funds to ‘purchase’ it so it can be given ‘free’. Makes you wonder why.

    2. @Totally Accurate Botan Simulator … Desantis’s largest donor has millions invested in Regeneron. Farron Cousins from Ring of Fire just did a report on this. I forgot what the guys name is but he donated millions to a super pac supporting Desantis.

    3. @Totally Accurate Botan Simulator “Free” ????? Gasp! That’s godless communism! Florida is all Red now! No white and blue.

    1. @neb wow. Is that the new whatabout popular with the sheep? No longer concerned about the bad virus coming from the border v/sb good old American virus which does not hurt anyone?

    2. @Baby Teano Yup….that’s what he’s…it’s…doing, over and over again to get attention or just stir up hate like his fuhrer.

    3. @neb You do realize how YouTube videos work, right? The big clue of the video you’re about to watch is in the title.

    4. @Mr. X without governmental control and ownership of property and resources, it wouldn’t be communism. I wouldn’t support governmental control of much. My intended point is that if ‘public servants’ had to live like the masses, we would all be living ‘high on the hog.’ I believe the people should control the property, resources and the government. I want democracy. ✌️💜🌈

  3. i love joy reid. she speaks so clearly and to the point. i love the irony that she clearly states. she is a star

    1. I just love to see what her next hair style is. Somebody needs to have an interview with her hair stylist kudos

  4. This news anchor “the reidout” is one of the best and 100% correct about fox and desantis opening up these clinics but it’s for his donors to make money selling their regeneron and Gregg Abbott’s remdesevir so they are scum politicians making money on people’s lives getting sick.

  5. And they don’t care about killing their viewers with misinformation, yet they protect their own. Nice.

    1. Cori Bush thugs criminals felons murderers released by the Marxist DA with funding from comrade Harris inciting insurrection for q8 months now

    2. GOP politicians too. Every congressman and Senator has gotten the vaccine that they rail against. Just incredible..

    3. @Thomas Brown its called freedom as the Marxist elites with gestopo Fauci and communist CDC wi give you a the science facts and information except natural immunity asymptomatic no booster to ma k e Americans slaves to government control with corruption

    4. @Alicia Washington Влад, замените неисправного бота, пожалуйста.

    1. MSNBC should be focus on the goings on in Afghanistan. They said psaki and biden went back on vacation?? Msnbc is running the vacation resort!!

    2. @neb I’m sorry, you came on a 3 minute spot about vaccine denial to tell everyone they should be talking about something else that they’re no doubt talking about in other spots? Why not try doing a YT search?

  6. FL governor doesn’t want people to give up their personal freedom by asking them to wear a face mask and get an experimental vaccine but it is perfectly okay to ask them to give up their personal freedom to take an experimental monoclonal antibody treatment. 🤔🤔🤔

    1. Right…They claim they don’t want the vaccine because its *experimental* but they’re find with this new treatment!? If would be funny if it wasn’t deadly!

  7. It’s money. Rand Paul invested in Regeneron. They’re trying to get money for him to contribute to the party and his campaigns.

    1. Actually, his wife bought stock in Remdesivir company in Februari 2020.. He failed to report it until recently. They profit from prolonging the pandemic.

  8. Yeah, DeJerkAss’s friend has 16.9 MILLION dollars of Stock in Regeneron Stock !! THIS IS WHY he is pushing Regeneron clinics… He donated 10 MILLION Dollars to DeJerkAss’s campaign fund !! How is that for MOTIVE !?? WHY isn’t this being reported on more ??????

  9. Mmmmmm….so why is it that this poor lady needlessly lays dying on a library floor in the ‘self proclaimed greatest country’ on Earth, ever, period? What ever happened the the ‘world’s greatest healthcare’? Absolutely, disgusting.

  10. I hope that pictures like this (as sad as it is) follow them every night, every day through their whole life.

  11. It is really a pity that Fox viewers are so stupid that they will never ever watch other channels (US or foreign) to discover what happens in the REAL world

    1. while most of us watch BBC, the other US news outlets and even, gasp, read the local paper, albeit online nowadays…

    2. But they do watch and they know what’s happening, they just don’t care. They’re not dumb like a lot of us thinks. They know what’s up, they just don’t care. Their hate just overrides their thinking.

  12. Why is FOX News disabling comments on their youtube videos? Not this one but, many others on youtube?

    1. Because they do not want those of us who try to bring light to their lies and propaganda to post. It might cause a quake in the brains of their followers. For instance I searched for places to comment on Fox today. It was harder to find a place to post facts and sane comments. But I found some. We all need to post facts on propagandist channels. It is our duty, I feel. Here is what I posted today:

      How much uglier does this have to get?

    2. Because they know what their propaganda is egging on their conservative viewers to do, and they dont want to be liable, and the think by not letting their viewers comment it might protect them in court one day soon

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