Frank Figliuzzi On Trump: He Relishes The Idea That People Are Appalled | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Frank Figliuzzi On Trump: He Relishes The Idea That People Are Appalled | Deadline | MSNBC


The number of former military officials rebuking Trump’s use of force against the protestors continues to grow. Aired on 06/05/2020.
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Frank Figliuzzi On Trump: He Relishes The Idea That People Are Appalled | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. Getting a kick out of their own disgusting behavior is the only way abysmally malicious people can live with themselves.


    2. @Whicker Boy she’s wonderful and says it like it is. We all admire her a true patriot unlike Kelly Ann and Kaleigh.

  2. Well Hitler was Elected …. People Forget that …..Then he blamed Jews and seized power …. Trump is blaming ANYONE of Color

    1. 9000ck the ancient story says 1/3 of the angels were cast out of heaven when Satan wanted to place his throne above God’s.

    2. And ALL democrats. Pence probably isn’t helping, if he’s an evangelical that believes all democrats are “demons”….

    3. It’s not being elected that gave Hitler power, it was the German legislature voting to give him dictatorial powers.

      That’s not going to happen here.

      He wod have to be reelected, gain a GOP super majority in both chambers, then get Constitution Amendments ratified by 2/3 of states.

      He’s done damage, sure, and wants to be a dictator, but that hasn’t happened, nor will it.

  3. He should be ashamed he has supporters who fly the Nazi flag in his name.

    1. @#j G BS “the democrats copied racism from the Muslims at the start of the slave trade” There were no Democrats in the 17th century, mush less Dems that were consorting with Muslims, what are you talking about? For the 999th time: TODAYS REPUBLICANS ARE YESTERDAYS DEMOCRATS, THEY SWITCHED AFTER THE CIVIL RIGHTS ACT! Everything you said Dems did, the Republicans are doing now.

    2. @#j G You’re a ridiculous ttds ttump ttroll who expects everybody to be as idiotic and as uninformed as you are.

    1. We have to the Constitutional right to protest. Trump is trying to that right away and we should all be protesting that

    2. First amendment, the right of assembly to petition the government. Funny how Trump is big on protecting his base’s second amendment rights but violates the constitutional rights of the rest of the country. Who is the terrorist, a peaceful protester or an AR-15 carrying thug dressed in mock battle fatigues playing “soldier”?

    3. @Anthony T. His definition of “great” seems to be white and dedicated to his presidency in perpetuity.

    1. Doug Martin : So, anyone who doesn’t want the democrat / liberal alternative is stupid and a troll ? Do you hear how ridiculous that sounds ?

  4. I guess Americans had to wait for it to happen to them in order to understand the rest of the world!

    1. And to understand how horrible it’s been when American administrations have supported oppressive regimes in other countries to support American corporate interests.
      Dwight D. Eisenhower (Republican) – installing the Shah of Iran.
      John F. Kennedy (Democrat) – Bay of Pigs attempt to overthrow Fidel Castro.
      Lyndon B. Johnson (Democrat) – beginnings of Vietnam War.
      Richard Nixon (Republican) – escalation of the Vietnam War and invasion of Cambodia.
      Jimmy Carter (Democrat) – Iran hostage crisis, although that was an aftereffect of Eisenhower’s (Republican) actions in Iran.
      George H.W. Bush (Republican) – pushed Iraq out of Kuwait (probably a needed action), but then invaded Panama.
      Bill Clinton (Democrat) – Serb/Bosnian conflict (probably a needed action), further issues with Iraq and Iran (likely inherited from his predecessors), but then began returning refugees from Cuba back to Fidel Castro.
      George “Dubya” Bush (Republican) – Disastrous failure to prevent Saudi Arabian terrorists from attacking inside the USA (9/11) while secretly escorting members of the Bin Laden family out of Washington DC, then invaded the wrong country allegedly “by mistake”.
      Barack Obama (Democrat) – cleaning up Bush’s mess in Iraq, but then launched airstrikes or military raids in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan.
      The USA has been addicted to war throughout most of its history. Time to get off of that deadly drug.

    1. @Sami Helen That’s what I’m worried about…. my high school history teacher told my class we’d probably see the end of democracy in America in our lifetimes and I thought he was just being overly dramatic. It’s been almost fifteen years and his words have been bouncing around in my mind a lot especially with Trump already trying to disavow mail-in voting.

    2. They really need to put a pillow over his fat face, C’mon, Melania, end bullying now!

    3. Seriously!!! At the same time though, he’s kind of digging his own political grave via Twitter, so maybe its better to let him keep digging.

    1. @TheChiefEng I am glad some Americans are smart enough to know that we are being played. Thank You, I ask you why are they beating a 70 year old white guy? is that to protect and serve or punish and enslave. These people who try to justify things by picking stupid insignificant details are enabling this kind of behavior from the police, but worse then that they do not see how Anti American these actions and their beliefs are…. thanks

    2. @TheChiefEng It will not change until we Americans change the people in our government and remove Trump. Then we can get laws and Bills passed to make real change instead of having the ideas that we
      try to turn into laws to help heal us will just stall in the Senate.

    3. Racism as a historically-specific ideology related to European colonizarion is not innate.
      Being suspicious of people who don’t look like you and your own family may well be. One role of parentling is to get children past that.

  5. Media should stop putting his face on air. Tell him he will have to pay from here on out.

    1. Maybe they are Erik Prince’s troops from blackwater. Wonder how much the administration is paying them

    2. they don’t have dog tags. They’re private security that was “deputized” by the DOJ.

    1. @Kimberly McLane and the republican Senate’s gerrymander that gives a minority’s chose the Presidency. Meanwhile, GOP’s Senate are “gerrymandering” the Justice system where they can!

    2. ylass : You do know gerrymandering does NOT affect a President or Senate election, right ? Those are statewide. AND, BOTH parties do it, not just republicans. It depends on who has the majority in that area or state. Maybe republicans just have a majority in more places. Ever thought of that instead of spewing nonsense ?

    3. @bob bobben
      “I have a tricky one. trump or gaetz? Who has the most punchable face?”
      Very tricky indeed. But just for my curiosity, do you know a trick for both?

    4. @Deborah Lawson
      “That is because they’re evil as well, or just plain disgracefully wimpy and weak!”
      Lose lose situation.

    5. Whicker Boy I see you spreading your hate all over the comments of this clip. You sound so angry and my guess is you have good reason to be. A lot of people are hurting right now. But you are directing your pain at the wrong people. The way to address your own pain is to assist in amplifying the voices of those with less power than you. Because when the least powerful among us are elevated, we are all elevated a little. Hiding behind a fake name and trolling people with hate filled commentary will NOT improve your own life or make your own pain any less . Nor will it convince anyone to change their mind. People are in enough pain. Im guessing that at some point in your life you had more empathy. Find it. I want your life to be better too but that cant happen unless you start channeling your pain into something more constructive. Please just try. Im rooting for you Whicker Boy!

  6. trump calls Mattis “the most over-rated general in the world”. This is an outrageous unremarkable assessment from a cowardly draft dodger who through brazen grift avoided serving in the Vietnam war not once but five separate times now posturing as Commander in Chief imposing military force on american protesters and playing golf on Memorial Day while those in the front line of ‘combat’ against the pandemic crisis bravely forge on risking their lives.

    1. Disgrace, a total disgrace, he is a con man in chief and has to go, this nonsense has to stop.

    2. Draft dodger Bunkerboy (Bonespurs sufferer)) isn’t qualified to bring his shine box to shine General Matthis’s boots !!

  7. American will have to walk Trump out of office. You’ll have to march protest until he’s gone. Take example on the peaceful Sudanese uprising…

    1. That fence trump is building wont be coming down anytime soon. After the election the people might have to tear it down….if we even have an fair election.

  8. Agolf Twitler is founding the US Dictatorship, right before our eyes. Republicans are NOT Americans.

    1. They appear to have a deep fondness for Russia, Moscow Mitch and Leningrad Lindsay, just saying.

  9. Why isn’t there a law that disqualifies presidents from getting reelected if they are impeached?

    1. Karen Byrd The process has happened four times, but only three completions. (Nitpicking, sorry). Since three of them were second term impeachments, this situation has only come up this one time.

    2. Robert Franz Akin to, but not the same as. Politics doesn’t enter into court trials much.

    3. Actually, a simple majority could have passed a resolution preventing him from campaigning for a second term, even if they did not convict and remove him.

    1. Msnbc interviewing Sharpton and Alcindor – the idiocy emanating from this broadcast is as damaging as high levels of radioactivity.
      Trump 2020.

  10. 1 to be investigated mitch McConnell
    2 Donald Trump
    3 bill barr
    4 trumps administration
    5 they should all be in prison

    1. @jennevaa Kelley now works for a corporation that builds the camps that hold kids at the border. He’s scum.

    1. Or maybe a sickeningly high % of his supporters confuse good leadership with a conduct disorder. What does that say about the larger American culture (the ways we size up someone’s worthiness of leadership…or even basic human dignity in general).

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